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Song of Solomon Bible Study Questions


Song of Solomon 1

Why does the bride has dark skin?
Her mother’s sons were angry with her and made her work their vineyard in the sun. But she has to neglect her own vineyard (v. 6).

Song of Solomon 2

How is the bride and groom described?
The bride is like a lily among thorns while the groom is described like an apple tree among the trees of the forest (v. 2-3) The church is the bride and Jesus Christ is the groom.The church must made herself ready by faithfully keeping God’s  commandments and do the first works.

Song of Solomon 3

What troubled the bride on the bed?
She sought for him while lying on the bed but couldn’t so she rise up to search for him and she did found him later. This is compared to our devotion for Christ. When we do not get close to God and seek him fervantly and diligently, we will find ourselves far away from him. To build a close relationship with God, you must spend time to pray, worship, read the  bible and do God’s commandments in the bible.

Song of Solomon 4

How does the groom describe the bride?
The groom compared the beauty and love of the bride with the animals, plants and pleasant things on earth.

Song of Solomon 5

What problem did the bride faced?
She longed to be with her groom and couldn’t bear that he is away from her.

Song of Solomon 6

How did the groom described the bride?
He praised her beauty and said the queens and concubines would praise her.

Song of Solomon 7

How did the bride respond to the groom’s praise of her beauty?
She is now ready to give her virginity to the groom.

Song of Solomon 8

What does the bride value the most?
The love of the groom to her is more valuable than anything else. She would giver everything she own including herself and her possessions to her lover.

What did the bride’s brothers want to do for their sister?
The brothers wanted to protetct the purity of their sister, the bride.

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