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Ruth Bible Study Questions


Ruth 1

Who are Elimelech’s wife and sons?
Elimelch’s wife is Naomi. He and Naomi had two sons including Maloh and Chilion (v. 2).

Why did Elimelech moved to Moab?
Elimelech moved to Moab because of the drought in Bethleem. He did not trust in God’s provision but trust in his own wisdom. He moved to Moab because he think he will find abundance there (v. 1).

Who did Elemelech’s sons married? Did they have children?

The older son, Mahlon married Orpah. The younger son, Chilion married Ruth. Both did not have any children (v.4-5).

Who died in Moab?
Naomi’s husband and her two sons (v. 3, 5).

Why did Naomi want to send away her daughter in laws?
Naomi decided to send her daughter in laws away because she think they will find happiness by marrying someone else in their hometowns. Naomi reasoned that if she has a husband, she will be too old to bear sons for them to marry. Even if she have sons, they would grow old by the time her sons grow up (v. 8-13).

Who persisted in staying back with Naomi?
Orpah bade her mother in law goodbye but Ruth persisted in staying back. Ruth wanted to go where Naomi go, stay where Naomi stay, Naomi’s people will be her people, Naomi’s God will be her God, amd die where Naomi die (v. 16-18).

What did Naomi tell the people in her hometown to call her? Why?
Naomi told the people in her homwtown to call her Mara because her life is full of bitterness. She went to Moabb in full but she has come back empty handed (v. 20-21).

Ruth 2

Who is Naomi’s relative?
Naomi had a relative called Boaz who is in good standing in Elimelech’s clan (v. 1).

Whose fields did Ruth went to glean?
Boaz (v. 3)

How did Boaz found out about Ruth?
Boaz learned about Ruth from the overseer of his harvesters. The overseer told him that gleaning behind the harvesters since morning and had just taken a short rest at the shelter (v. 6-7).

How did Boaz think of Ruth?
Boaz was impressed of Ruth because she is so brave to follow her mother in law to a land where the people she do not know (v. 11).

Was Boaz kind to Ruth?
Boaz was kind to Ruth. He encouraged her to stay with his harvesters and glean in is field. He told his men not to lay a hand on her. He let her drink from the water jars the men filled (v. 8-9). He even asked his men to pull out some stalks from the bundles for her and don’t rebuke her (v. 16). Boaz also invited her to mealtime. She kept some leftovers after eating all she want (v. 18).

What did Ruth brought back to her mother in law?
Ruth brought back the barley she gleaned, about 1 ephah and also the left over from the meal to her mother in law, Naomi (v. 17-18).

What was Naomi’s advice to Ruth?
Naomi instructed Ruth to stay close to the women of Boaz and glean the barley and wheat until the end of the harvest season (v. 23).

Ruth 3

What did Naomi instructed Ruth to do?
Naomi instructed Ruth to take a bath, put on perfume and dress in her best clothes. Ruth is to go down to the threshing floor where Boaz will lay after finished eating and drinking. She is to uncover his feet and lay down (v. 2-4).

What was Boaz’s reaction when he found Ruth lying at his feet?
Boaz was shocked to find Ruth lying at his feet in the middle of the night (v. 8).

Why can’t Boaz do all Ruth asked at the moment?
Because there is another closer relative, who can also be the guardian redeemer. Boaz promised to go to that closer relative in the morning and ask if he is willing to redeem her. If that closer relative does not want to redeem her, he promised he will do it (v. 12-13).

What did Boaz gave Ruth before sending her away?
Boaz poured 6 measures of barley into the shawl and placed it on her before sending her home (v. 15).

Ruth 4

Did the closer relative agree to redeem Ruth? Why?
No because he did not want to marry Ruth and maintain the name of Elimelech’s family property (v. 2-6).

How did Boaz make a deal with that closer relative to redeem Ruth?
The closer relative made a deal with Boaz by handing over his sandal to himas this used to be the method of legalizing transactions in Israel (v. 7-8).

Who was the son of Ruth and Boaz?
Obed. Obed was the father of Jesse, the father of David (v. 17).

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