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Judges Bible Study Questions


Judges 1

Which tribe did God instructed to go first to fight the Canaanites after the death of Joshua?
Judah (v. 1-2)

Which tribe helped the tribe of Judah to fight the Canaanites?
Simeon (v. 3)

Who did God deliver into the hands of Judah?
Canaanites and Perizzites (v. 4)

Who did they capture and what did they do to him?
They captured the king of Bezel. Adoni-Bezek, and cut off his thumbs and big toes (v. 5-6)

What did Adoni-Bezek felt convict of and regret?
Adoni-Bezek knew that God was paying him back for the 70 kings whom he cut off their thumbs and big toes and forced them to pick up scraps under his table (v. 7).

Who did Judah defeat at Hebron?
The tribe of Sheshai, Ahiman and Talmai (v. 10)

What did Caleb’s daughter asked for?
She wanted some water supply so Caleb gave her the upper and lower springs (v. 15).

Who are the descendants of Moses’ father in law? Where did they live?
The Kenites. They lived in the wilderness of Judah in the south of Arad along with the people of Judah (v. 16)

Who did the Judah unable to drive out from the plains?
Judah was unable to drive out the people from the plains because they are equipped with iron fitted chariots (v. 19).

Did the Benjamites drive out the Jebusites?
No, the Benjamites did not drive out the Jebusites in Jerusalem so they lived with them (v. 21).

Who captured Bethel? Who did the spies they sent met?
The tribe of Joseph. The spies they sent saw a man coming out of the city, whom they asked to show them the way into the city. The spies promised the man that his family will be spared in the war so the man showed them. Everyone in Bethel was killed except the man an dhis family. The man proceeded to build a city called Luz in the land of the Hittites (v. 22-26).

Did the Israelite drive out the Canaanites completely?
No. The israelite put the Canaanites into forced labor instead (v. 28).

Judges 2

Was the Israelite faithful to God after people from the generation of Joshua passed away?
No, the new generation grew up, not knowing God or what he had done for Israel and they worship idols (v. 10).

Why did the angel of the Lord traveled from Gilgal to Bokim?
The angel of the Lord traveled from Gilgal to Bokim to proclaim repentance to the Israelite. The israelite were convicted and repented after earing the angel’s message (v. 1-5).

What did God do when the israelite worship other gods?
God delivered the Israelite into the hands of the raiders, who plundered them. He let enemies attack and oppress them until they couldn’t bear it anymore (v. 14-15).

Who did God raised up to deliver the Israelite from the enemies?
Judges (v. 16).

Did the Israelite remain loyal forever when judges rule?
No, the Israelite only remained faithful to God during the lifetime of the judge. After the judge died, they returned to idolatry practices that are even more corrupted (v/ 16-19).

Judges 3

Who was the first judge that God raised? How did he saved israel?
Othniel, the son of Caleb’s younger brother Kenaz. The Spirit of God filled Othniel so that he went to war with King Cushan Rishathaim. Israel had peace for 40 years until the death of Othniel (v. 7-11).

Who was the second judge of Israel?
Ehud, a left handed man, the son of Gera the Benjamite (v. 15).

How did the second judge saved Israel?
Ehud represented the Israelite in sending tribute to King Eglon of Moab. He made a double edged sword that was 1 cubi long and hid it in his right thing under his clothing. After delivering the tribute, he returned to Eglon and informed him he has a secret message. After King Eglon dismissed everyone, Ehud told him he has a message from God and then he plunged the dagger into his belly. The handle and the blade sank into the belly and his bowels spilled out. Aftter that. he locked the doors of the upper room and escaped to the porch. After waiting for a very long time, they unlocked the door and found King Eglon dead on the floor. That day, he led the Israelite to conquer Moab. Ten thousnad Moabites were struck down. Israel had peace for 80 years until the death of Ehud (v. 12-30).

Who was the third judge of Israel?
Shamgar. Shamgar used an oxgoad to defeat 600 Philistines (v. 31).

Judges 4

Who ruled Israel at that time? How many years had he oppressed the Israelites? Who was his army commander?
King Jabin of Canaan who reigned in Hazor, had oppressed israel for 20 years. Sisera, the commander of his army, was based in Harosheth Haggoyim. Sisera had 900 iron chariotrs (v. 1-3).

Who is Deborah?
Deborah, the wife of lappidoth, was a prophet leading Israel at that time (v. 4).

What does Deborah do?
The Israelite always come to her with their unsolved disputes at the court under the Palm of Deborah located between Ramah and Bethel in the hill country of Ephraim (v. 5).

Who did Deborah summoned? Why?
Deborah summoned Barak, son of Abinoam from Kedesh in Naphtali because she has a message from God that he is the one God sent to deliver Israel from the hand of Sisera, the commander of King Jabin army (v.6-7).

Did Barak do as Deborah said? What did Debora warned Barak?
Barak would go provided that Deborah go with him. Together they mustered 10,000 soldiers from the tribe of Zebulun and Naphtali (v. 8-10). She warned him if she go with Barak, God will deliver Sisera into the hand of a woman (v. 9).

Did Barak defeat Sisera and his army?
Yes, Barak and the Israelite pursued Sisera’s chariots as far as Harosheth Haggoyim and killed everyone except Sisera (v. 16).

Where did Sisera escaped? Why did he go there?
Sisera managed to escape on foot to the tent of Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite. Sisera went to Jael because King Jabin had a treaty with the family of Heber (v. 17).

How did Jael received Sisera?
Jael welcomed Sisera into her tent and covered him with a blanket. When Sisera was thirsty, Jael opened a skin of milk for him to drink (v. 18).

What did Sisera told Jael to do in the doorway of the tent?
He instructed him to any passerby that he is not there (v. 20).

What did Jael do when Sisera fall asleep?
She hammered a tent peg into the skull of Sisera and he died (v. 21).

Who stopped by at Jael’s tent later?
Barak stopped by her tent and she showed her Sisers laying dead with the tent peg driven through his temple (v. 22).

Did Israel managed to destroy King Jabin?
The Israelite managed to subdued King Jabin that day. Later, they pressed harder and harder on Jabin until they finally destroyed him (v. 23-24).

Judges 5

What is the song of Deborah about?
The song of Deborah curses the people of Meroz because they did not join Barak army to help fight Sisera and his army (v. 23). It praises Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite who cleverly put Sisera to sleep with a skin of milk and then killed him by driving a tent peg through the temple of his head (v. 24-27).

Judges 6

Who was oppressing the Israelite at this time? Why?
God delivered the Israelites into the hands of the Midianites because they did evil in his eyes (v. 1).

What did the Israelite do when they became so impoverished by the Midianites?
The repented and cried out to God for help (v. 6).

Who did God raised to deliver the Israelite from the Midianites?
Gideon (v.12).

Who talked Gideon into fighting the Midianites?
The angel of the Lord found Gideon in a winepress threshing wheat to prevent the Midianites from seeing him. He encouraged Gideon by saying he is a mighty warrior (v. 11).

How did Gideon knew he was talking to God?
Gideon set before the angel of the Lord an offering of a young goat, bread without yeast, meat in the basket and broth in a pot. Then, the angel of the Lord touched the offerings with the tip of his staff and fire flared from the rock. The fire consumed the meat and bread. Immediately, the angel of the Lord dissapeared. At this point, he realized that he had seen the angel of the Lord face to face. He thought he was going to die for seeing the angel of the Lord but God calmed him down. Later, he built an altar and named it The Lord if Peace in Ophrah. (v. 19-24).

What did God commanded Gideon to do?
God commanded Gideon to slaughter 7 years old second bull that belonged to his father and offerit as a burnt offering on an altar. He is to destroy Baal altar and chop down the Asherah pole beside it. He must use the wood from the Asherah pole to build the altar (v. 25-26).

What did the people do when they found out that Baal altar and the Asherah pole had been torn down?
They were surprised about it and investigated who did it. Finally, they found out that Gideon, son of Joash was the one who did it. They wanted to put him to death but his father defended him, arguing that Baal should defend himself. Therefore, the people named him Jerub-Baal (v. 31-32).

How did Gideon test God?
He asked God to make the wool fleece wet with dew and the ground dry so that he know God will help him save Israel. The next day, Gideon squeeze the fleece and wrung out a bowl of water so that he know God will help him save Israel. After that, Gideon asked God to make the wool fleece dry but the ground wet with dew. The next day, Gideon found the wool fleece was dry and the ground was wet with dew (v. 36-40).

Judges 7

Why did God reduced Gideon’s army?
God told Gideon he has too many men in his army so he has to send them away. In this way, the israelite won’t think that it is them who defeat the Midianites but God who are helping them to win the war. God commanded Gideon to send back home the soldiers wo are trembling with fear so 22,000 soldiers returned home. Now, only 10,000 soldiers remained (v. 1-3).

What did God do to reduce the size of Gideon’s army again?
God instructed Gideon to bring the 10,000 soldiers to the water. Gideon is to separate those who drink water with their tongues like dogs and those who kneel down to get a drink from the river. There were 300 soldiers that drink water with their tongues like dogs. The rest were sent back home (v. 4-8).

What did God command Gideon to do to encourage him?
Gideon was afraid of going to war when God called him to so God told him to go into the camp of the Midianites with his servant Purah and listen what they were saying. While there, he overhard a man telling his friend he has a dream of a barley bread that tumble into the Midianite camp and struck the tent and it collapsed. The friend replied that his dream means that God will delivered the Midianites into the hands of Gideon (v. 9-14).

What was Gideon’s strategy in defeating the Midianites?
Gideon divided his army of 300 men into 3 groups. Each group of soldiers are equipped with trumpets and jars with torches inside. When Gideon and his army blow his trumpet, the other 2 groups are to blow theirs as well. At this point, they are to shout “The sword of the LORD, and of Gideon.” (v. 18).

Did Gideon’s strategy succeed?
Yes. They sounded the trumpets and smashed the jars. Then, they grasped the torces in their left hands and shouted “The sword of the LORD, and of Gideon.” (v.18) This caused the enemy soldiers to become panic and they started to fight against each other.

Who did Gideon called to help him?
Naphtali, Asher, Ephraim and all Manasseh (v. 23-24).

Which two Midianite leaders did the Ephraimite captured?
Oreb and Zeeb. They killed Oreb at the rock of Oreb and Zeeb at the winepress of Zeeb (v. 25).

Judges 8

What did the Ephraimites argued with Gideon?
They argued why didn’t Gideon call them to fight the Midianites. Gideon calmed them down by saying God delivered Oreb and Zeeb in to their hands (v. 1-3).

How did the men of Sukkoth treat Gideon? What did Gideon promised to do to take revenge on them?
The men of Sukkoth refused to provide bread for their troops because Gideon has not yet capture Zebah and Zalmuna. Gideon was angry and he promised to tear their flesh with desert thorns and briers when he capture Zebah and Zalmunna (v. 4-7).

How did the men of Peniel treat Gideon? What did Gideon promised to do to take revenge on them?
The men of Peniel refused to provide bread for their troops because Gideon has not yet capture Zebah and Zalmuna. Gideon promised to take revenge by tearing down their tower when he capture Zebah and Zalmunna (v. 8-9).

Did Gideon captured Zebah and Zalmuna?
Yes, Gideon caught up with Zebah and Zalmunna in Karkor. He attaked and captured the two kings and the entire army (v. 10-12).

Did Gideon take revenge on Peniel and Sukkoth?
Yes, He found a young man who wrote down the names of 70 officials of Sukkoth wguke returning from the battle by the Pass of Heres. When he arrived at Sukkoth, he punished them with whip made from desert throns and briers. After that, he went to Peniel and pull down the tower and killed the men of the town (v.13-17).

Who killed Zebah and Zalmunna?
Gideon killed Zebah and Zalmunna himself since his eldest son, Jether was only a boy and afraid to do it (v. 20-21)

What did the Israelite want Gideon to be? Did Gideon agree to their request?
The Israelite wanted Gideon to rule over then. Gideon didn’t want to be their king (c. 22-23).

What was Gideon’s only request on the Israelite?
All he want is that they give him the gold earrings they took from the plunder. Gideon used the gold earrings to make into an ephod. He placed the ephod in Ophrah. However, the golden ephod led the Israelite into sin by worshiping it. It also became a snare to Gideon and his family (v. 22-27).

How many sons did Gideon had?
Gideon had 70 sons because he had many wives (v. 30).

Where did Gideon’s concubine lived?
Gideon’s concubine from Sechem bore him a son called Abimelek (v. 31)

What happened after Gideon died?
The Israelite returned to worship Baal and did not show loyalty to Gideon’s family as they forgot what he had done for them (v. 33-35).

Judges 9

What did Abimelech told his relatives to say to the town leaders?
Abimelech asked them to persuade the town leaders to let one person rule over them instead of the 70 sons of Gideon. He suggested himself as the king (v. 1-2).

Did the town leaders agreed to Abimelech’s suggestion?
Yes, they also gave Abimelech 70 pieces of silver which he used to hire a gang of soldiers that would do anything for money (v. 3-4).

What did Abimelech do to make himself the only ruler?
He and the gang of soldiers he hired went to his father’s home in Ophrah and killed the 69 sons of Gideon at a rock.

Which of Gideon’s son managed to escape?
The youngest son of Gideon, Jotham (v. 5).

What happened after Abimelech killed his half brothers?
The leaders crowned him as king at the tree next to the sacred rock in Shechem (v. 6).

What did Jotham do when he heard them crowning Abimelech as king?
Jotham used a parable to describe their foolish actions in crowning Abimelech as king. In the parable, the trees of the forest want to crown the olives tree as king. The olives tree refused because it don’t want to stop producing oil. Next, the trees want to make the fig tree their king. The fig tree did not want because it don’t want to stop growing figs. After that, the trees want to make the grape vine king. The grape vine refused because it won’t stop producing wine. Finally, they want to make the thornbush king. The thornbush agreed on one condition that if they reject him as king, he would start a fire and burn the whole forest.

Who boast about getting rid of Abimelech?
Gaal spoke up during the celebration of a grape harvest, that he would get rid of Abimelech (v. 27).

What did Zebul do when he heard what Abimelech said?
Zebul, who ruled Shechem for Abimelech, informed Abimelech that Gaal have persuaded the people to let him rule Shechem instead. He advised Abimelech to lead a troop of soldiers and hide in the field at night before proceeding to attack the town in the next morning.

Did Abimelech do what Zebul said? How did Gaal react when he saw Abimelech and his men?
Yes. In the morning, Abimelech and his men advanced from the mountain top to Shechem. Gaal told Zebul that he saw a crowd of people coming from the mountain top but Zebul said it is just shadows of mountains that looks like people moving. Then, Gaal pointed out again that there really is a group of people coming from the sacred mountain and another group coming along the road from the tree were people communicate with the spirits of the dead. Zebul’s response is that where is all his courage since he boasted about getting rid of Abimelech. At this, Gaal and the leaders of Shechem went to fight with Abimelech (v. 34-39)

Did Gaal win the war against Abimelech?
No, Gaal’s men lost to Abimelech. Later, Zebul forced Gaal and his brothers out of Shechem (v. 40-41).

How did Abimelech attack and capture Shechem?
He first attacked the people that were coming out to work in the field. He divided his soldiers into 3 groups. He and his group rushed to take control of the town gate while the other 2 groups attacked and killed the people that were in the field. Next, he led his troop to chop off tree branches at Mount Hermon to set fire on the temple fortress and killed 1,000 people who inside (v. 42-48).

Which town did Abimelech proceeded to attack after he destroyed Shechem?
Thebez. Everyone in Thebez went to hide inside a tall fortress in the middle of the town when they learned that Abimelech had surrounded and captured the town. Abimelech tried to use the same technique as the one he used to destroy the tenple foretress in Shechem. However, before he set fire on the fortress, a woman threw down a large rock that fell on his head and cracked his skull (v. 50-53).

What did Abimelech do when he knew that he is going to die because the stone cracked his skull? Why?
He asked his soldier to kill him and the soldier did. Abimelech did this because he did not want to die in a woman’s hand (v. 54-55).

Why did all these troubles take place in Abimelech’s reign?
All these happened because God wanted to punish Abimelech for dishonoring his father’s family and killing his half brothers. Everything happened just as Jotham said (v. 56).

Judges 10

Who is the 6th judge of Israel?
Tola, the son of Puah, the son of Dodo from the tribe of Issachar (v. 1-2).


Who is the 7th judge of Israel?
Jair, who had 30 sons. Each sons own a mule and each was in charge of overseeing a town. The 30 towns are still called The Settlements of Jair (v. 3-5).

What did God do when the Israelite disobeyed God by worshiping other gods?
He delivered them into the hands of Philistine and Ammon (v. 7).

How many years did Ammon oppressed the Israelite?
18 years. The Israelite repented and got rid of the idols and then finally God decided to help them (v. 8-16).

Judges 11

Who did the Israelite decided to hire to fight against the Ammonites? What is his background?
Jephthah. Jephthah was earlier forced to leave his home. His half brothers told him that he has no share in the inheritance of his father since is the son of a prostitute. After Jephthah left home, he decided to go to the country of Tob where he was joined by a gang of people that would do anything for money (v. 1-6).

What did the Israelite promised to Jephthah if he lead them into battle against the Ammonites?
The Israelite promised to make him ruler of Gilead.

What did Jephthah do before he fight with the Ammonites?
Jepthah made an offer of peace to the king of Ammon, by explaining that the land belonged to Israel because God give the land to them. However, the king of Ammon did not pay attention to Jephthah’s message (v. 12-28).

What did Jephthah promised if God let him return home safely?
Jephthah promised God he will sacrificed the first person who come to meet him (v. 30).

Why did Jephthah cried?
Jephthah cried because his daughter was the first to come out to meet him. This means he had to keep his promise to God and sacrifice her to him (v. 34-35).

What was Jephthah’s daughter’s reaction?
She was willing to offer herself as sacrifice to God but she has one condition, that he let her and her friends wander around the hill country for 2 months and cry since she will never marry and have children (v. 36-37).

What is the israelite tradition that commemorate Jephtha’s daughter?
Every year, the Israelite girls would walk around for 4 days, mourning for Jephthah’s daughter (v. 40).

Judges 12

Why did the Ephraimites quarrelled with Jephthah?
The Ephraimites argued that Jephthah did not call them into war when he went to fight the Ammonites. However, Jephthah argued back that he did called them (v. 1-2).

What was Jephthah’s reaction when the Ephraimites refused to withdraw from their argument?
Jephthah mustered the army from Gilead to attack and defeat the Ephraimites. Later, they posted guards on the Jordan river. The guard who ask anyone who want to cross the river to spell Shiboleth. If the person say Shiboleth, the guard would let him go. If the person say Sibboleth, the guard would kill him (v. 6).

How many Ephraimite soldiers were killed?
42,000 (v. 6).

Who was the 8th judges of Israel?
Ibzan, from Bethlehem, who had 30 sons and 30 daughters (v. 8-10).

Who was the 9th judge of Israel?
Elon, from the tribe of Zebulun (v.11).

Who was the 10th judge of Israel?
Abdon, the son of Hillel, who had 30 sons and 40 gransons (v. 13-15).

Judges 13

Why did the angel appeared to Manoah’s wife?
The angel told her that she will conceive and have a son who will belong to God from the day he is born. His hair is never to cut. The angel also told her not to eat any wine, beer or anything forbidden by God’s laws.

What was the reaction of Manoah?
She went back to tell her husband and he prayed that the angel appear again to give clearer instruction. The angel did appeared again to Manoah’s wife. She rushed to tell her husband who went with her. The angel repeated the same instruction to them.

Did Manoah’s wife give birth to a son later?
Yes, she gave birth to a son called Samson later (v. 24).

Judges 14

What woman did Samson asked his parents to get him?
A woman from Timnah in Philistia (v. 1-2).

What happened when Samson and his parents were traveling to Timnah?
A young lion attacked Samson and he ripped it off into pieces like a young goat (v. 5-6).

What did Samson discovered in the second journey to Timnah?
Samson discovered honey comb inside the skeleton of the young lion he killed. He scooped some honey to eat and he also gave some to his parents. He did not tell his parents where he got the honey (v. 8-9).

What riddle did Samson gave to the 30 Philistine men at his wedding? What is the condition of the riddle?
Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness. (Judges 14:14 KJV). If they failed to come up with the answer in 3 days, they would have to give Samson 30 pieces of shirt and cloting. If they are able to come up with the answer in 3 days, Samson will give each of them a shirt and a clothing.

Did the men at the wedding come up with the answer for the riddle?
The men at the wedding pressed Samson’s wife into telling the answer otherwise they threatened to burn her and her family to death. Samson’s wife was frigetened and she kept on nagging Samson until he told her the answer, which is lion. She gave them the answer and they in turn tell Samson the answer (v. 14-18).

What was Samson’s reaction when the 30 men gave him the answer?
Samson was furious because he knew that they got the answer from his wife. Samson killed 30 men in Ashkelon and took their clothing. Then, he stormed back home to his family (v. 19).

Judges 15

Who did Samson’s father in law gave his wife to?
Samson’s father in law thought he didn’t want his daughter anymore so he gave him to one of the Philistine companions at the wedding feast (v. 1).

What did Samson do in revenge of that?
In revenge against the Philistines, Samson tied 300 foxes tail to tail in pairs and fastened a torch of fire to every pair. Then, he let the foxes run free in the grain field that belonged to the Philistines.

What did the Philistines do when Samson took revenge on them? What did Samson do to pay back the Philistines again?
The Philistines revenged on Samson by burning his wife and his father in law to death (v. 6). When Samson found out about it, he took revenge by killing many of the Philistines. After that, he went to hde at a cave in the rock of Etam (v. 7-8).

Why did the people went to Samson in the rock of Etam? How did they bring him to the Philistines?
The people went to Samson in the rock of Etam to tie Samson up and hand him to the Philistines. Samson let them tie him on condition that they promised not to kill him themselves. They bound Samson in 2 new ropes and led him to the (v. 12-13).

What did Samson do when he saw the Philistines at lehi?
The Spirit of God came upon him and he broke free from the ropes, like they are charred flax (v. 14).

What weapon did Samson used to attack the Philistines at Lehi?
Samson used a fresh jawbone of the donkey to kill 1000 Philistine men (v. 15).

What did Samson do to get water after the battle?
Samson cried out to God in prayer that he is going to die of thirst and fall into the hand of the uncircumcised. God responded to Samson’s prayer by opening a hollow place in Lehi and water flew out of it (v. 18-19).

How many years did Samson lead Israel?
20 years (v. 20).

Judges 16

What did the Philistines do when they learned that Samson is in Gaza?
They laid in ambush at the city gate and plotted to kill him at dawn (v. 1-2).

How did Samson escaped from the Philistines while at Gaza?
Samson took hold and carried the doors of the city gate along the two posts up to te top of the hill that faced Hebron (v. 3).

What did the Philistines bribed Delilah to do?
The Philistines bribed Delilah into making Samson reveal the secret of his great strength because they want to capture him. Each of them promised to give 1100 shekels of silver to Delilah if she succeeded in this task (v. 4-5).

How did Delilah make Samson reveal his secret of strength?
Delilah kept on nagging Samson until he was sick to death of it. Finally, he revelaed that the secret to his strength is his strength will be lost if he cut his hair (v. 16-17).

What did the Philistines put Samson to do in the prison?
The Philistines put Samson to grind grain in the prison (v. 21).

How did Samson take revenge on the Philistines in the end?
After performing for the Philistines at the temple, he asked a boy to lead him to the pillars. He prayed for God to help him take revenge on the Philistines one last time. Then, he pushed the two central pillars of the temple and it fell down and collapsed. He died along with the Philistines in the temple. he killed many more Philistines than during his life time (v. 25-30).

Judges 17

What is Micah’s mother’s reaction when Micah returned her the silver he stole from her?
Micah’s mother blessed him (v. 1-2).

What did Micah’s mother do with the returned silver?
Micah’s mother took 200 shekels of silver out of the 1100 shekels of silver to make an idol. The idol was placed in Micah’s house (v. 4).

Where did Micah store the household gods?
Micah had a shrine at home where he kept the ephod and household gods (v. 5).

Who did Micah hire to be priest in his household?
Micah hired a Levite from Bethlehem to be his priest. He paid him 10 shekels of silver a year. He also provide his clothes and food (v. 10).

Judges 18

Why did the Danites sent out 5 spies?
The Danites sent out 5 spies to explore new land as they currently have no land to settle (v. 1-2).

What did the 5 spies asked the Levite priest for favor?
The 5 spies asked the Levites to inquire God on behalf of them to find out whether their journey in finding a new land to settle will be successful. The Levite replied that their journey will be successful (c. 3-6).

Why did the Danites spies suggest in attacking the town of Laish?
The town does not have fortress. The people of Laish also did not have any relationship with other cities. The people live in peace and security, and their land lacked nothing so they were prosperous (v. 7-10)

What did the 5 spies do when they are halfway on their journey to Laish?
They turned into Micah’s house and took away his idol, the ephod and the household gods. They also persuaded the priest to leave with them (v. 18).

Why did the Levite decided to follow the 5 spies?
Because the spies persuaded him saying it will be better to be a priest of a people instead of one man’s household (v. 19-20)

Why didn’t Micah get back his household idols?
The Danites threatened to kill him and his family if he dared to argue with them concerning the idols they had taken from his house (v. 25).

Did the Danites succeeded in attacking Laish?
Yes. They killed everyone in the town of Laish and set it on fire. After that, they rebuilt the city and named it as Dan after their ancestor (v. 27-29).

Where did the Danites worship God?
The Danites set up Micah’s idols and hired the Levite, Jonathan, the son of Gershom, the som of Moses to be their priest all the time when the house of God was located in Shilog (v. 30).

Judges 19

What did the Levite do after his concubine became unfaithful to him and returned to her parent’s home?
He took a long a servant and 2 donkeys and traveled to his concubine;s father’s home in bethlehem (v. 1-4).

How many days did the Levite stayed at his concubine’s father’s house?
He and his concubine left on the evening of the fifth day (v. 4-10).

Why did the Levite not settle in the first city they arrive?
The Levite did not stop at the first city they arrived, Jebus, because the people

Which city did the Levite finally stopped at?
Gibeah (v.14-15).

Where did the Levite stay overnight?
The Levite and his concubine stayed overnight at the house of an old man (v. 16-21).

Why the people of the town surrended the house where the Levite stay?
They pounded on the door of the house of the old man, wanting him to bring out the Levite so that they could have sex with him (v. 22).

Who was given in to the people of the town finally?
The Levite sent his concubine outside (v. 23-25).

What did the Levite do to his wife after she died? Why?
He chopped him into 12 pieces and send to all areas of israel. He did this to let them know what terrible thing the men of Gibeah had done to his wife so that they would do something to deal with their crime (v. 27-30).

Judges 20

Did the Benjamites hand over the men of Gibeah to the Israelite?
No. Instead, the Benjamites mustered 26,000 thousand swordsmen and 700 able young men from Gibeah to fight the Israelite (v. 12-16).

What did the Israelite do to deal with the crime of the men of Gibeah?
They decided to attack and kill the Benjamites (v. 17)

Did the Israelite defeat the Benjamites?
Yes. The Israelite defeated the Benjamites in the third battle. They lost to the Benjamites in the first 2 battle (v. 20-25). In the first battle, the Benjamites cut down 22,000 Israelite (v. 21). In the second battle, the Benjamites cut diwn 18,000 Israelite (v. 25).

Judges 21

What did the Israelite vow?
The Israelite had taken oath not to give their daughter in marriage to the Benjamites (v. 1).

How did the Israelite get wives for the Benjamites?
They killed the men of Jabesh Gilead and took 400 virgins to give to the Benjamites. This is because no one came from Jabesh Gilead to help fight the Benjamites (v. 8-14). However, there are still 200 Benjamites who did not have a wife (v. 47).

How did the Israelite get wives for the remaining Benjamites?
The Israelite instructed the Benjamites to hide in the vineyards and kidnap one of the women that is dancing at the festival in Shilog (v. 20-21).

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