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Job Bible Study Questions


Who is Job?

Job is the greatest man in the east. He is upright and blameless in his conduct. He feared God and shunned evil (v. 1, 3).

How many sons and daughters did Job had?

7 sons and 3 daughters (v. 2).

How rich is Job?

Job owned 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen and 500 donkeys, and had a large number of servants (v. 3).

What happened when the angels came to present themselves before God?

Satan also came before God’s throne. God asked him what he think about his servant Job, and he argued that he has put a hedge around him so he is faithful towards him. To be fair, God gave him permission to strike everything Job has (v. 8-9).

How did Satan attack Job?

Satan caused Job to lose everything he had including his 10 children, all his livestock and servants except 4 surviving servants (v. 13-19).

How did Job react when he lost all he had?

Job did not curse God but praised him. In all this, he did not sin by blaming God for the losses he suffered (v. 20-22).


Job 2


What happened when the angels came to present themselves before God again?

Satan came before God’s throne and God asked him what he think about his servant Job again. This time, Satan argued that Job still praise God because he still has his life. To be fair, God gave Satan permission to strike Job’s health (v. 3-5).

How did Satan attack Job this time?

Satan struck Job with painful sores from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head (v. 7).

How did Job react to all his afflictions?

Job did not curse God. He knows that he has to accept trouble besides blessings from God (v. 10).

Who came to visit Job?

Job’s three friends, Eliphaz the Temanite, Bildad the Shuhite and Zophar the Naamathite came to visit him when they heard about the plights he was facing (v. 11).


Job 3


What did Job curse?

Job cursed the day of his birth (v. 3).

What did Job long for? Why?

Job wished he had died at birth (v. 11).


Job 4


What did Eliphaz say is the reason Job suffer from these troubles?

Eliphaz said Job must have sin in some ways that God punished him with these troubles (v. 1-11).

What vision did Eliphaz have?

Eliphaz had a vision of a false spirit, who he thought was angel, who told him that, “Shall mortal man be more just than God? shall a man be more pure than his maker?” (Job 4:15) (v. 12-21)


Job 5


What did Eliphaz hint at the cause of Job’s sufferings?

Eliphaz hinted that God punished Job because he sinned against him (v. 1-16).

What did Eliphaz advises Job to apply to himself in order to receive God’s favor again?

Eliphaz advised Job to not despise these punishments because they serve to correct him and bring him to repentance. He advised Job to repent so that God will restore him again (v. 17-27).


Job 6


What did Job hoped for?

Job wished that God could put an end to his life so that he will no longer suffer (v. 8-13)

What did Job feel when his friend try to correct him?

Job felt bad because Eliphaz made things worse by rebuking him instead of bring comfort to him. Job justified himself in doing nothing wrong that deserves punishment from God (v. 14-30).


Job 7


What did Job complained to God?

Job complained about the misery he has to endure day after day, his poor health, like his life is coming to an end without hope. Job’s whole body is covered with sores and scabs (v. 1-10).

What did Job accuse of God?

Job felt that God is eyeing on him, that he deliberately struck him with all these troubles. He hoped that God will forgive his sins if he has ever done any wrong against him (v. 11-21)


Job 8


What did Bildad reasoned with Job and advised him to do?

Bildad rebuked Job for arguing with Eliphaz, saying that God only punish the evildoers so this mean that Job must had sin that God punish him with these troubles.


Job 9


What did Job argue against Bildad?

Job argued that he is innocent and that he could only plead with God for mercy (v. 1 -31).

What did Job wish for?

Job wished that there is someone who will be a mediator between him and God, someone to remove God’s rod from him so that he will no longer has to face these terror (v. 32-35)


Job 10


What did Job want God to tell him?

Job wanted God to tell him what charges he has against him (v. 2).

What did Job feel towards God about the sufferings he is facing?

Jon did not understand why he suffered all these troubles. He felt as though God has abandoned him and treat him like an enemy, purposely giving him all these troubles (v. 8-22).


Job 11


What is Zophar’s advice to Job?

Zophar rebuked Job for trying to argue with his friends that he is innocent. He reasoned that God knows everything and it must be his sin that God sent these troubles to punish him (v. 1-12). He advised him to repent so that God will restore him (v. 13-20).


Job 12


How did Job answer Zophar?

Job argued that he knew the proverbs, that God punish sinners. He rebuked his friend for making him a laughing stock, simply accusing him of being a sinner, when he is righteous and blameless (v. 1-5). He argued that those who do evil is secure but he has done nothing wrong yet he suffers these troubles (v. 6) According to Job, God is the one who cause these troubles to happen because God is in charge of everything in the universe (v. 7-26).


Job 13


What did Job rebuke his friends?

Job rebuked his friends for trying to deceive him, that he suffered all these troubles as a result of God’s punishment for his sins. He advised his friends to be silent (v. 1-12), which would be wisdom (v. 5).  He knew that God will vindicate and restore him because he hoped in him even though he faced all these troubles (v.1 3-19).

What are Job’s two requests to God?

Job requested that God stop these troubles and reveal all his sins to him (v. 20-27).


Job 14


What did Job describe about the life of a mortal?

Job described that the life of a mortal is like fleeting shadows, like flowers that wither away as they do not endure (v. 1-2).

What did Job look forward to?

Job looked forward to God restoring him at a time after he die. Job is not aware that a person will either go to heaven or hell after he dies (v. 13-17).


Job 15


What is Eliphaz’s response to Job?

Eliphaz claimed that Job is foolish in trying to defending himself that he is blameless (v. 1-6). He said that a wicked person will suffer eventually as he deserves the sins which had committed through the years (v. 20). He advised Job to acknowledge that he has sin against God and repent before he die because he will receive nothing in return by doing so (v. 31-32).


Job 16


What did Job say regarding the comfort of his friends?

Job rebuked his friends for not being comforters to his problems in their long winded speeches but have instead brought misery by arguing that he suffers all these troubles as a result of his sins (v. 1-3). No matter how hard he tries to answer them back, they still argue with him and point out that his sufferings is God’s punishment for his sins (v. 6-14). Job believed that an intercessor is intercede for his troubles to God in heaven right now (v. 18-21)


Job 17


What did Job feel about his friends?

Job felt that his friends have all come against him to mock him, like his enemies so that he spirit is broken now (v. 1-2). They do not understand the circumstances Job was in (v. 4). Job felt that God has put him in a situation where people no longer respect him but he is someone whose face people would spit (v. 6). He believed that he will eventually come through these problems and grow stronger because he is righteous and blameless before God (v. 8-9). Even though it seem as if he is going to the grave soon, he still hope that God would restore him (v. 12-16)


Job 18


What is Bildad’s response to Job?

Bildad rebuked Job for treating them as stupid in their sights and disregarding their advices because Job is still stubbornly trying to justifying himself as blameless (v. 1-3). Bildad believed that God will repay the evil deeds of the wicked with punishment one day. God will set a trap for the wicked so that he will face disasters and calamity as punishments. (v. 9-12) All the days of the wicked will be insecure (v. 14). The name of the wicked will not be endure but fade away eventually from the earth (v. 17). The offsprings of the wicked will die so that they have no descendant (v. 19). Bildad claimed that such is the face that awaits those who do not know God (v. 21).


Job 19


What is Job’s response to Bildad’s rebuke?

Job rebuked Bildad for trying to reproach him and attack him even when he is blameless. He felt that God has must have wrong him if he suffers because of the sins he committed (v. 1-6). He knew that his friends will be punished for simply making judgments on him (v. 28-29).

What is Job prayer to God?

Job prayed that God would have pity on him in his situation (v. 21-22). He couldn’t see any hope for his future because he is out of solutions (v. 8). God has put him in a situation where he no longer is respected by the people (v. 9-20). All his relatives have gone away and his closes friends have forgotten him (v. 14). Even his wife (v. 17) and the little boys (v. 18) do not respect him.

What did Job wish?

Job yearned to see his redeemer (v. 27). He knew that there is a redeemer in heaven that will save his soul and let him see God after he die (v. 25-26). He wished that he will get his plea to God and his arguments to his friends will be recorded (v. 23-24).


Job 20


What did Zophar feel about Job’s rebuke?

Zophar felt greatly disturbed because he hears a rebuke from Job that dishonors him (v. 1-3). Zophar believes that the joy wicked is brief, that they will only prosper for a short while, after that, God will punish them by striking them with troubles. According to Zophar, the prosperity of the wicked will not endure. They who oppress the poor will eventually lose everything they earned (v. 4-29).


Job 21


What is Job’s response to Zophar?

Job dismissed Zophar’s advice as nonsense by pointing out that the contrary is true, that the wicked is always secure and increasing in power.


Job 22


What is Eliphaz accused of Job?

Eliphaz claimed that Job suffered these troubles because of his sins. He accused Job of demanding security from his relatives for no reason, stripped people of their clothing so that they are naked, give no water to the weary, give no food to the hungry, send widows away empty handed and break the strength of the fatherless (v. 4-11). According to Eliphaz, these are the reasons snares surround him. Eliphaz reasoned that the wicked always end up in destruction (v. 12-20).

What did Eliphaz advise Job?

Eliphaz advised Job to submit to God so that he will prosper again (v. 21-30).


Job 23


What did Job wish?

Job wished that he could go to God’s dwelling place, heaven, to bring his case before him (v. 1-12).

What did Job fear?

Job feared God because he knew that God is in charge of everything and he is the one who cause these problems to happen to him. He suspect that God still have many more of these plans in store for him so he fear him (v. 13-17).


Job 24


What is the argument of Job to his friends?

Job complained why God did not set times for judgment. He argued why God did not stop the wicked from carrying out sins in the darkness. God did not punish the wicked immediately for their sins. He know that the wicked will only be secure on the earth for a while. After that, they will die and be gone like the rest of the people.


Job 25


What is Bildad’s rebuke to Job?

Bildad try to convince Job that it is his sins that cause God’s punishment to be on him. Bildad justify his answer by saying that mortals are all sinners.


Job 26


What did Job say about the counsel of Bildad?

Job suspected that Bildad’s counsel came from an evil spirit (v. 4).

What did Job say about God’s counsel?

Job praised God’s wisdom and said that it is very seldom that we can hear God speak to us. God is creator of the universe and earth (v. 5-14).


Job 27


What did Job hold on to?

Job held on to his integrity. He will never admit that his friends are right in saying he sins so that he faced all these calamities (v. 1-6).

What did Job hope will be the outcome of his enemies?

Job hoped that his enemies will be like the wicked (v. 7-10).

What did Job say the wicked will reap?

Troubles will overtake a wicked although he may enjoy prosperity for a while (v. 13-23).


Job 28


What did Job compare the search of gold to?

Job compared the search of gold to the search of wisdom. While there is a place where gold, silver, iron and copper can be found, there is no definite place where wisdom can be found. Only God knows how to find wisdom. God created the earth with his wisdom (v. 1-27).

What is real wisdom?

Wisdom is to fear God and shun evil (v. 28)


Job 29


What did Job longed for?

Job longed for the peaceful days in the past, when he is carefree, and people respect him and listen to him.


Job 30


What did Job complained about?

Job complained that no one respect him now, which is contrary to in the past, when everyone respect him (v. 1-19). He has wept and pray for those in trouble and the poor in the past (v. 24-31). Now, he cry out to God but he did not help him at all (v.20-23).


Job 31

What covenant did Job made with his eyes?

That he will not look lustfully at a young woman (v. 1).

What did Job expect if he sin against God?

To receive the deserved punishment.

Why did Job want his wrongs to be put in writing?

So that he could give an account of his every step because he knew that he did not commit any sin that deserve these calamities (v. 35-37).

Job 32

Why did Elihu spoke up?

Elihu spoke up after he saw the three men has nothing more to say to Job. Elihu was angry with Job for trying to justifying himself (v. 1-5).

How old is Elihu?

Elihu is younger compared to Job and his three friends (v. 6-9).

How will Elihu answer Job?
Elihu will answer Job with no partiality, without flattering anyone (v. 21-22).


Job 33

What did Elihu say is Job’s fault?

Elihu said that Job is wrong in trying to contending with God, that God does not respond to anyone’s words (v. 12-13).

How did God speak to people?

God speak to people through many ways. One of the ways that God speak to people is through dream or vision. God also can speak to people in their ears, terrifying them with warnings and turn them from wrong doing (v. 14-18).

How does God show his mercy towards the lost?

God always send someone, who acts as his messenger to bring the good news to him, to teach him how to be upright and walk in God’s commandments, so that they may be spared from going to hell. God will keep on giving a person chances until the day of his death (v. 19-30).


Job 34


How did Elihu describe God’s character?

Elihu described God as being holy and will never do evi. God repays everyone with what they have done (v. 10-11).

What did Elihu say regarding Job?

Elihu claimed that Job should ask God to show him his error even if he thinks he is innocent. But Job has been saying a lot to defend himself and falsely accuse God of causing the troubles to him in the process (v. 31-33).


Job 35


Who will our sins affect?

Our sins and the crimes we do can affect other humans (v. 8).

What should Job patiently wait for?

Job should patiently wait for God to bring justice since he has done nothing wrong (v. 14).


Job 36


What did Elihu said is the reason Job suffer from these calamities?

Elihu claimed that Job is in distress as a result God’s judgment on him for turning to evil (v. 16-21).

How does God look after those who obey and serve him?

He will make them prosper so that they live their lives in contentment (v. 11).

What is the reward of those who do not listen to God?

They will perish and die without knowledge (v. 12).


Job 37


What did Elihu criticize Job?

Elihu criticized Job for acting wise in his own eyes. God is the wisest. Job should have kept quiet instead of trying to contend against God with his argument. This is why God has withheld answering Job.


Job 38


Why did God rebuke Job?

Because Job contended with God as one without knowledge, falsely accusing God of causing all these calamities on him, when it is the devil who struck him with these troubles. God did give permission for the devil to do anything he wants but he is not the one who struck Job with these troubles.


Job 39


What did God want Job to know concerning the animals on the earth?

That God is the creator of all the animals and he knows everything that happens to them. He can make the animals do whatever he want because he is the creator. He has always been watching the animals and keeping them alive by natural ways.


Job 40


How did Job respond to God?

Job humbled himself and says he will no longer contend with God after he heard God speaking to him (v. 3-5).

What did God say to Job out of the storm?

That he is all powerful and the verdict and judgment he gives is always fair.


Job 41


What is a Leviathan?

Leviathan is a large sea monster.

What is the purpose of talking about the Leviathan?

God is using the sample of Leviathan, to describe he is all powerful and he has control over everything on earth, including the large sea monster, the Leviathan. Therefore, how could Job, a human being stand up and accuse God.


Job 42


How did Job respond to God?

Job knew that God works all things for the good of his people (Romans 8:28) and that he has falsely accuse God of giving him these troubles for no reason. He now repent (v. 1-6).

What did God require Job’s friends to do?

God required Job’s friends including Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar to offer a sacrifice of seven bulls and seven rams. After that, Job will pray for them so that God won’t punish them (v. 7-9).

How did God restore Job?

God blessed Job with twice of what he used to had including 14,000 sheep, 6,000 camels, 1,000 yoke of oxen and a thousand donkeys. He also had another 7 sons and 3 daughters (v. 12-15).

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