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Genesis Bible Study Questions


Genesis 1

Who created the heavens and the earth in the beginning?
The Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as they are all one God (v. 1-2).

How did the earth looks like in the beginning?
The earth is formless and empty and darkness was everywhere in the beginning (v. 2)

What did God created on the first day?
God created day and night on the first day (v. 3-5).

What did God created on the second day?
God created the sky (v. 6-8).

What did God created on the third day?
God created the dry ground and seas. God created all kinds of plants that bear seeds and trees on the fourth day (v. 9-13)

What did God created on the fourth day?
God created the sun, moon and seasons on the fourth day (v. 14-19)

What did God created on the fifth day?
God created all kinds of birds and water creatures on the fifth day (v. 20-22)

On which day did God created human?
God created human on the sixth day (v.26-27,31)

What is the name of the first human being God created?

How did God created mankind?
God created mankind in his own image, not in physical likeness but in other ways. For example, God created mankind to have souls, just like him, as God is in spiritual form. He created to have a mind so that we have intelligence, can reason and think. He created us to have moral so that we can differentiate between right and wrong. He created us to have a need for fellowship and love (v. 26-27).

What command did God give to the mankind he created?
God commanded the male and female he had created to reproduce and multiply so that they will fill up the whole earth. He also made them ruler over the fish, birds and other creatures that move on the ground (v. 28).

What did God give as food to the mankind he created?
God give plants as food to the mankind he created (v. 29 – 30).

What command did God give to the birds, fish and animals he created?
God commanded the birds, fish and animals he had created to reproduce and multiply so that they will fill up the whole earth.

How did God feel about all his creations?
He was pleased with all his creations (v.31).

Genesis 2

What did God do on the seventh day?
God rested on the seventh day (v.2).

Why did God bless the seventh day?
He blessed the seventh day and make it holy because he rested on that day. Therefore, we should also rest from our work on the Sabbath day. On the Sabbath day, you also cannot hire other people to look after your business (v.3).

What did God use to form a man?
God formed a man from the dust of he ground. Then, he breate into his nostrils the breath of life. God gives each of us a soul. Our body is only a temporary shell, a house for the soul. Without a soul, the body will be lifeless (v. 7).

What is in the middle of the garden of Eden?
In the middle of the garden, there is the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil (v. 9).

What are the four rivers that flow from Eden?
Pishon, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates (v. 10-14)

What command did God gave the man he created concerning the fruit trees in the Garden of Eden?
God commanded the man not to eat from the tree of the knoweldge of good and evil (v. 17).

How did God created the wild animals?
God created the wild animals and the birds out of the ground (v. 19).

Who named each of the wild animals?
God brought the wile animals and birds to the man to see what he would name them (v. 19-20).

How did God created a woman?
God made the man fall into a deep sleep. Then, he took one of his ribs and closed up the fles. God formed a woman out of the rib (v. 21-22)

What did the man named the woman God created?
The man named her, woman because she is taken out of man (v.23).

Why did a man will leave his parents to be united with his wife?
A man will leave his parents to be united with his wife because God created man and woman to be together and have children and a family (v.23-24).

Are the man and his wife ashamed about their nakedness?
No, the man and his wife were not ashamed about their nakeness (v.25).

Genesis 3

How did the serpent deceived Adam and Eve into eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?
The serpent told Eve that eating the fruit will not cause death but open their eyes so that they can differentiate between good and evil (v. 1 – 5).

How did Eve look at the fruit on the tree?
Eve lusted for the fruit because it was good for food and pleasing to her eyes (v.6)

What did Eve do after eating some of the fruit?
She gave some of the fruit to her husband and he ate it too (v.6).

What happened after Adam and Eve eat the fruit?
After Adam and Eve ate the fruit, their eyes were opened and they felt embarrased about their nakedness.

What did they no after they saw their nakedness?
They sewed fig leaves to cover up their naked bodies (v. 7),

What curse did God put on the a)serpent, b)man and c)woman?
God cursed the serpent so that it will always crawl on its belly and men will always try to kill it by hitting its head (v. 14-15).
God put a curse on the man so that he will have to toil and work the ground to get crops. Men will be mortal from now onwards (v. 16).
God put a curse on the woman so that she will suffer from labor pain when giving birth to children (v. 17 – 19).

What did God use to cloth Adam and his wife?
God made garments from skin to cloth Adam and his wife (v. 21).

What did God put over the tree of life to guard it?
God set a cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the tree of life (v. 24).

Genesis 4

How did Cain and Abel make a living?
Cain is a farmer while Abel is a shepherd (v. 2).

What did Abel bring as an offering to God? What did Cain bring as an offering to God?
Abel brought an offering of the fat portions of the firstborns from his flock. Cain brought some of the fruits from his farm to God (v. 3-4).

Why was God pleased with Abel’s offering and not Cain’s offering?
It is probably that Cain don’t have the right heart when he made the offering. In addition, the fruits offering that Cain made came from the ground that God had cursed. Abel and Cain and all others in the beginning are all vegetarians. If Abel is vegetarian and he could offer a sheep for sacrifice, Cain can also get a sheep to offer as sacrifice to God.

How did Cain feel when he realized that God was pleased with Abel’s offering and not his offering?
Cain felt angry as his heart was filled with jealousy (v.5-7).

What did Cain do in the field to show his anger towards Abel?
Cain killed Abel (v.8).

What excuse did Cain gave when God asked him where his brother is?
Cain gave excuse that he is not his brother’s keeper (v.9).

How did God punish Cain for murdering his brother?
The ground will no longer yield its crops to Cain when he work it. He will also be a restless wanderer on earth (v.12).

Did God allow others to kill Cain to take revenge on him?
No. God is merciful and compassionate. He put a mark on Cain so that anyone who killed him will suffer 7 times more (v.15-16).

Who did Cain named after the city he built?
Cain named the city after his son, Enoch (v. 17).

How many wives did Lamech had?
Lamech had two wives called Adah and Zillah (v.19).

Who are the sons of Lamech? What are they skilled at?
Lamech and Adah had a son called Jabal and Jubal. Jabal is skilled at making tents and raising livestock. Jubal is skilled at playing stringed instruments and pipes. Tubal Cain is skilled at making all kinds of bronze and iron tools (v.20-22).

How many times will Lamech be avenged for killing a man that injured him?
77 times (v.24).

What is the name of the son that Adam and Eve had after Abel died?
Seth (v.25).

Genesis 5

How many years did Enoch walked with God before he was taken away?
300 years (v.22)

Why did God take Enoch away?
God took Enoch away because he walk faithfully in his commandments (v.24)

Who was the father of Noah?
Lamech (v. 28)

How many sons Noah had when he turned 500 years old?
Noah had 3 sons including Shem, Ham, and Japheth (v.30),

Genesis 6

Who are the sons of God? What did they do?
The angels are the sons of God. They saw the beautiful women on earth and took them as wives (v. 2).

Why did God decided to destroy the entire human race and other living beings on earth?
God cut short the lifespan of mankind because he saw their great wickedness (v. 5).

Who was the only one that God found favor in?
Noah (v. 8).

What did God commanded Noah to build? What are Noah supposed to bring into the ark?
God commanded Noah to build an ark. God commanded Noah to bring into the ark two of all living creatures, male and female (v. 19).

Genesis 7

How many days did God sent rain on earth?
40 days (v. 17).

How many people were in the ark?
There are 8 people in the ark including Noah, Noah’s wife, Noah’s 3 sons including Shem, Ham and Japheth and their fiances.

How many pairs of clean and unclean animals were Noah supposed to take into the ark?
Noah is supposed to take 7 pairs of every kind of clean animal, a male and its mate, and 1 pair of every kind of unclean animal, a male and its mate (v. 2-3).

How many days did the water continue to flood the earth before it recede?
150 days (v. 24).

Genesis 8

Where did the ark came to rest on?
The mountains of Ararat (v. 5).

What was the first bird did Noah sent out? Did it came back?
A raven. It kept flying back and forth until the water has dried up (v. 7).

What was the second bird that Noah sent out after 7 days? Did it came back?
A dove. It couldn’t find any place to land so it flew back to Noah.

What was the third bird that Noah sent out after 7 more days? Did it came back?
A dove. It came back to Noah with a freshly plucked olive leaf in its beak (v. 10-11).

What was the fourth bird that Noah sent out after 7 more days? Did it came back?
A dove. No, it didn’t came back.

What was the first thing that Noah did when he came out of the ark?
Noah built an altar to the Lord and, sacrificed some clean animals and birds as burnt offerings on it (v. 20)

What covenant that God made with Noah after smelling the pleasing aroma of the offering?
God promised never to destroy all living creatures (v. 21-22).

Genesis 9

What symbol did God give as a covenant between him and Noah?
The symbol of the covenant between God and Noah and all other living creatures is a rainbow in the clouds (v. 12-17).

What did Ham do after seeing his father lying naked on the ground?
Ham told his two brothers outside when he see his father lying naked on the ground (v. 22).

Why did Noah cursed Ham and blessed Shem and Japheth? What did Ham do wrong?
Noah cursed Ham that his descendants will serve Shem and Japheth. However, he blessed Shem and Japheth by asking God to extending their territories. Ham should have taken the initiative to cover the nakedness of his father. He brought shame to his father by telling his two brothers outside to come and see the naked body. It shows that Ham lack respect for his father. His brothers, however, took a garment to cover the naked body of his father with their faces looking the other way (v. 22-23).

Genesis 10

Who was the father of Cush and Canaan?
Ham is the father of Cush and Canaan (v. 6).

Genesis 11

Why the people decide to build a tower?
The people decided to build a tower to make a name for themselves so that they won’t be scattered over the whole earth (v. 3-4).

How did the people manage to build the tower?
The people speak one language at that time so they are able to build the tower. They used stones and tar for mortar to make the bricks (v. 3).

What did God do when he saw the people build a tall tower?
God decided to come down to confuse the language of the people because he knows that anything can be done when people do it in unity (v. 5-7).

Why is it wrong that the people build a tower for themselves?
They wanted to make a name for themselves instead of giving God the glory for building the tower. They also rebel against God’s commandment, which is to multiply and fill up the whole earth (Genesis 1:28).

From what sons of Noah did Abram descended from?
Noah came from the family line of Shem (v.10, v.26)

How many sons did Terah had?
Terah had 3 sons including Abram, Nahor and Haran (v. 26).

How was Lot related to Abram?
Lot is the nephew of Abram (v.31).

Who is Sarai? How was Sarai related to Abram? Did she have any children?
Sarai is the wife of Abram (v.29). At this time, she did not have any children because she couldn’t conceive.

Where did Terah initially plan to relocate his whole family to? Where did they eventually settle?
Terah intially planned to relocate his family to Canaan but they stopped at Haran halfway the journey and settle there (v.31).

Genesis 12

What did God command Abram to do?
God commanded Abram to go to Canaan (v. 5).

What was the promise God made to Abram?
God promised to bless Abram with lots of descendants until it can form a great nation. God also promised to make Abram;s name great so that he will be a blessing to anyone who bless him and curses to anyone who curse him (v. 1-3).

Who did Abram bring along in his journey to Canaan?
Abram brought along his nephew, Lot and his wife Sarai in his journey to Canaan (v. 5).

What did Abram tell Sarai when he decided to go down to Egypt?
Abram told Sarai to tell the people that she is his sister because he was afraid of getting killed as she is beautiful (v. 11-13).

Why did Abram go down to Egypt?
Abram went down to Egypt because there was famine in the land (v. 10).

What happened when they were in Egypt?
The Egyptians took Sarai to Pharaoh in the palace. Pharaoh gave Abram sheep and cattle, male and female donkey, male and female servants, and camels for the sake of Sarai (v. 16).

What did God do when Pharaoh take Sarai into his palace?
God inflicted diseases on Pharaoh and his household after he took Sarai into his palace (v. 17).

What did Pharaoh do when he found out that Sarai was Abram’s wife?
He ordered that Abram and his wife, Sarai be sent away along with everything they had (v.20)

Genesis 13

Why did Abram and Lot separate?
Abram and Lot separate because the land could not support their large possesions including large flocks, herds, tents, and servants (v.6).

Which piece of land did Lot chose for himself?
Lot chose the whole plain of the Jordan toward Zoar because it is well watered (v. 10).

Is Lot too rush in making decision in the piece of land he chose? Why?
Lot did not seek God when choosing a land to settle down. The land Lot chose may seemed good at first but it was near the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The two cities were destroyed by God later with sulfur.

Where did Abram settled?
Abram went to settle in Hebron, the land of Canaan (v. 14-18).

Genesis 14

What happened to the city where Lot lived in?
It was attacked by Kedorlaomer and the allied kings. Lot and his family and everyone else were taken captives (v. 12).

How did Abram save Lot?
Abram gathered 318 trained men born in his house to attack Kedorlaomer and recovered back everything carried away including Lot, his possesions and other people (v. 13-16).

Who was Melchizedek?
Melchizedek was the king of Salem and a priest of God (v. 18).

How did Abram pay tribute to Melchizedek?
Abram paid tribute to Melchizedek by giving a tenth of the plunders to him (v. 20).

What was the king of Sodom only request for Abraham?
He want the people and Abram could keep the goods for himself (v. 21).

Did Abram keep any plunder for himself?
No. Abram did not keep any plunder for himself (v.22-24).

Genesis 15

Who did Abram planned to choose as heir to his estate?
Abram planned to leave his estate to his servant, Eliezer of Damascus (v. 2-3).

What did God promised to Abram?
God promised Abram that he will has a son of his own flesh and blood. He promised that he will have as many descendants as the stars in the sky (v. 4-5).

What did God told Abram to do?
God told Abram to bring him a heifer, a goat and a ram, each three years old, along with a dove and a young pigeon (v. 9).

How many years will the Israelite be enslaved before they will inherit Canaan as their possessions? Why?
The Israelite will be enslaved for 400 years becore they will set out for Canaan. By that time, the sins of the Amorites will reach its full measure (v.13-16).

Genesis 16

Who did Sarai gave as wife to Abram?
Sarai gave her Egytian slave called Hagar as wife to Abram. Because she was barren, she could have a family through her (v. 1-2).

Why did Sarai mistreat Hagar?
Sarai mistreated Hagar because Hagar despised her when she knew she was pregnant (v. 4).

Where did the angel found Hagar?
The angel fond Hagar near a spring in the desert (v. 7).

What was the angel’s message to Hagar?
The angel told Hagar that she will give birth to a son called Ishmael (v. 11) and that God will make the descendants of his son into a great nation (v. 10).

What name did Hagar gave to the well?
Hagar named the well Beer Lahai Roi, which means the God who sees me (v. 13-14).

Genesis 17

What is the covenant of circumcision that God made with Abraham?
In the covenant of circumcision, Abraham is to circumcise every male in his house that is at least 8 days old. Anyone not circumcised will be cut off from his people (v. 10-13).

What name did God change Abram and Sarai to? What do these names mean?
God changed Abram’s name to Abraham because he promised to make him into a father of many nations (v.4). He changed Sarai’s name to Sarah because she will become a mother of many nations (v.15).

What did God promised Abraham about Sarah?
God promsied to give Abraham a son through Sarah, who will be heir to his possesions (v. 16).

Genesis 18

What did Abraham do when he saw three visitors standing nearby?
Abraham bowed low to meet the three visitors when he saw them. Then, he invited them to wash their feet and eat some refreshments (v. 2-5).

What did God promised to Abraham that will happen about the same time next year?
God promised that Sarah will have a son about this time bext year (v. 10).

Why did Sarah laughed?
Sarah laughted when she heard God’s message at the entrance to the tent because she and Abraham were already very old and passed the age of childbearing (v. 10-12).

Why did Abraham pleads for Sodom?
Abraham pleads for Sodom because he wanted to save his nephew, Lot who was staying there (v. 22-33).

Genesis 19

Who did the two angels met when they arrived at Sodom?
The two angels met Lot at the gateway to Sodom (v. 1).

What did Lot suggested to the two angels he met?
He invited them to wash their feet and spend the night before continuing on their way in the morning (v.2).

What happened outside Lot’s house after the two angels came?
The people of the town gathered outside Lot’s house pressing on him to bring out the two angels so that they could have sex with them (v.4-5).

What did the two angels did to the people at the door of Lot’s house?
The two angels struck the men at the door with blindness.

What did the two angels told Lot to inform his relatives?
The two angels told Lot to inform his relatives to leave the city as God is about the destroy it (v. 12-13).

Did the relatives listen to him?
No (v. 14).

Why did God rained down sulfur on the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah?
God rained down sulfur on the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah because the outcry against the residents is so great (v. 13).

How did Lot and his family rescued from the ordeal on Sodom?
The two angels pulled the hands of Lot, his two daughters and wife out of the city. They instructed them not to look back or stop anywhere in the plain otherwise they will be swept away (v. 16-17)

What did Lot’s wife turned into for looking back?
Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt after she looked back (v. 26),

What city did Lot begged the angels to let him retreat instead of the mountains?
Zoar (v. 21).

What wrong did Lot’s daughters did to their father? Why did they do this? Who were the sons of Lot’s daughters?
Lot’s daughters were worried that they will have no descendants so they made their father drunk and slept with him. Each of Lot’s daughters became conceived and gave birth to a son later. The older daughter gave birth to a son called Moab while the younger daughter gave birth to a son  named Ben-Ammi (v. 38).

Genesis 20

Why did Abraham told others that Sarah is his sister?
He was afraid of getting killed as Sarah was beautiful (v.2, v. 11-13)

Why did God appeared to Abimelek in a dream? What did God warn Abimelek in the dream?
God appeared to Abimelek in a dream to warn him against taking Sarah as his wife (v.4-7)

How did Abimelek reward Abraham for the sake of Sarah?
Abimelek rewarded Abraham with sheep and cattle and male and female slaves (v. 14),

What happened to Abimelek’s household after he returned Sarah to Abraham and send them away?
God healed Abimelek’s houseold so that they were able to conceive again (v.17-18).

Genesis 21

What name did Abraham gave to the son Sarah gave him?
Abraham named his son, Isaac (v. 3).

What did Sarah told Abaraham to do on the day their son was weaned? Why?
Sarah told Abraham to get rid of Hagar and her son as he will never share in the inheritance with Isaac (v.10).

Did Abraham feel distress about the matter Sarah told him? What did God told Abraham to do?
Yes, Abraham felt distress about the matter as Ishmael was also his son. God told Abraham to do just as Sarah said and send Hagar and Ishmael away (v. 11-13).

How did Hagar and his son saved from thirst in the desert?
God opened the eyes of Hagar so that she saw a well of water. She filled the skin with the water from the well and gave it to the boy (v. 19).

What did God promised to do for Ishmael?
God promised to make Ishmael into a great nation (v. 18).

Why did Abimelek visit Abraham at Beersheba?
Abimelek visited Abraham at Beersheba to make a peace treaty with him (v.23).

Genesis 22

What did God told Abraham to in order do to test his faith?
God told Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac as a burnt offering (v.2).

Did Abraham obeyed God’s command?
Yes (v. 3).

What did Isaac asked of his father when they were on the way to Moriah?
Isaac asked his father where is the lamb for the burnt offering (v.7 ).

What happened when Abraham was about to slay Isaac at the altar?
An angel called out, telling Abraham not to lay hand on the boy (v. 12).

What did God provide as the animal for the sacrifice?
God let Abraham see a ram that is caught in the thicket by its horns (v. 13).

Who is the heir of promise to the land of Canaan?

Who was the father and grandfather of Rebekeh?
Rebekah’s father was Bethuel. Her grandfather was Nahor (v. 22-23).

Genesis 23

How old did Sarah died?
Sarah died at 127 years old (v. 1).

Where did Sarah died?
Sarah died at Kiriath Arba, also known as Hebron (v. 2).

Where did Abraham bury Sarah?
Abraham buried Sarah in the burial land he bought from Ephron the Hittite which include the cave of Machpelah, field, and trees within the border (v. 17),

From what sons of Noah did the Hittites come from?
Ham. The Hittites were the descedants of Canaan, the son of Ham (Genesis 10:15).

Genesis 24

What did Abraham made Eliezer swore under his thigh?
Abraham made Eliezer swore under his thigh to find a wife for his son, Isaac, from his own relatives (v. 1-4).

Did the servant did as he swore to Abraham?
Yes. He is only released from the oath if the woman is unwilling to return with him (v. 6-9)

What did the servant do upon arriving at the well outside the town?
The servant prayed that the woman to whom he asked to let down her jar for a drink,’ give him a drink, and water his camels be the one he has chosen as wife for Isaac (v. 12-14).

How did the servant know Rebekah was the one God chose for Isaac as wife?
Rebekah’s reaction to his request was similar to what he prayed at the well just now (v. 19-21).

What did the servant gave to Rebekah as dowry?
The servant gave a gold nose ring weighing a bekac and two gold bracelets weighing ten shekels as dowry to Rebekah (v. 22).

What was Laban’s reaction when he heard from Rebekah about the news?
Laban went out to Abraham;s servant and invited him into his house (v. 30-31).

Did Laban let the servant take Rebekah back at first?
No. He asked Rebekah’s permission before letting the servant take her back (v. 57).

What is Rebekah’s reaction when he saw Isaac?
She got down from the camel and covered her face with a veil when she saw Isaac (v. 65)

How did Isaac felt after marrying Rebekah?
Isaac felt comforted after taking Rebekah as his wife (v 67)

Genesis 25

Did Abraham take other concubines after the death of Sarah? Did he left his inherintance to them?
Yes. No, Abraham left all his inheritances to his son, Isaac. Instead, he sent them away with gifts (v. 5-6).

How old did Abraham died?
Abraham died at 175 years old (v. 7).

What did God told Rebekah about the babies in her womb?
God told Rebekah that the babies in her womb are two nations (v. 23)

What were the names of Rebekah’s twin?
Jacob and Esau (v.25-26)

How did Jacob and Esau differ in appearance?
Jacob has smooth skin while Esau is hairy and his skin looked red (v.25)

What did Jacob and Esau do for a living?
Jacob is a shepherd while Esau is a skillful hunter (v. 27).

What did Esau agree to sell Jacob his birthright for?
Esau agreed to sell Jacob his birthright with red stew (v. 29-33).

How did Esau felt about selling his birth right to Jacob?
Esau did not feel anything about selling his birth right to Jacob for he despised his birthright (v.31-34).

Genesis 26

Where did Isaac go when famine struck the land?
Isaac moved to Gerar when there was famine in the land (v. 1).

What same mistake did Isaac make as his father Abraham when famine took place in the land?
Isaac told the people he met in Gerar that Rebekah was his sister (v. 7).

How did Abimelek came to know that Rebekah was Isaac’s wife?
He saw Isaac caressing Rbekah when he was looking down from a window (v. 8).

What did Abimelek tell Isaac to do after he becomes rich and powerful?
Abimelek told Isaac to move away from him after he become rich and powerful (v. 16),

How did Abimelek’s men fight over Isaac’s men on the well Isaac dug?
They tried to quarrel with Isaac’s man that the well belong to them.

Why was Esau a source of grief to Isaac and Rebekah?
Esau married Canaanite women (v. 34-35).

Genesis 27

How did Rebekah helped Jacob to steal Esau’s blessings?
Rebekah instructed Jacob to bring 2 choice goats to her. She will prepare the favorite dishes and Jacob is to sevre it to Isaac. She also put on some of the best clothes of Esau on Jacob and covered his hands with goatskins. Since Isaac was already well advanced in age, he couldn’t see well and he blessed Jacob instead.

How did Esau feel after he realized that Jacob had stolen away his blessing?
Esau felt angry when he realized that Jacob has stolen his blessings.

What did Isaac give as blessing to Esau?
His blessing for Esau is that he will live by sword and serve his brother (v. 40).

What did Esau plan to do to revenge on Jacob?
Esau planned to take revenge by killing Jacob (v. 41)

How did Rebekah helped Jacob to escape from Esau?
He asked Isaac to send him away to his brother Laban in Haran until Esau is no longer angry (v. 42-45).

Genesis 28

What did Jacob saw in his dream at Bethel? What was God’s message to Jacob in the dream?
Jacob saw a ladder that reach up to the heaven and the angels were ascending and descending upon it (v, 12),

What did Jacob promised God if he return safely?
Jacob made an oath that the Lord will be his God and he will give him 1/10 of everything he had if he return safely (v. 20-22).

What did Jacob use for setting up an altar at Bethel?
Jacob used the stone that he placed under his head as pillow to set up an altar at Bethel (v. 18-19).

Genesis 29

How was Rachel related to Jacob?
Rachel is the cousin of Jacob, she is the daughter of the brother of Rebekah (v. 11-13).

What did Jacob offer to Laban in order to marry Rachel?
Jacob offered to work 7 years for Laban to marry Rachel (v. 18).

What did Laban did instead of giving Jacob as his wife?
Laban gave Jacob his older daughter, Leah instead of Rachel in marriage (v. 22-23).

How many more years did Jacob had to work in order to marry Rachel?
Jacob had to work another 7 years for Rachel (v. 25-30).

How many children did Jacob had with Leah? What are their names?
Jacob and Leah had 6 children including Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar and Zebulun.

Genesis 30

Who did Rachel gave to Jacob as wife to bear children?
Rachel gave her maidservant, Bilhah as wife to Jacob (v. 3). Bilhah bore two sons including Dan and Naphtali.

Who did Leah gave to Jacob as wife to bear children?
Leah gave her maidservant, Zilpah to Jacob as wife. Zilpah bore two sons including Gad and Asher.

How many children did Jacob had with Rachel? What are their names?
Jacob had two children with Rachel including Joseph and Benjamin.

How did Jacob mate the livestock to accumulate for himself a large flock?
Jacob used branches from poplar, almond and plane trees to help the livestock to conceive. He place the branches from poplar, almond and plane trees in the water trough. The sheep that came out look streaked, speckled and spotted (v. 37-39).

Genesis 31

Who told Jacob to run away from Laban?
God (v. 3).

What did Rachel took secretly from Laban’s house. Where did Rachel hid it? Why can’t Laban found missing item from his house?
Rachel stole the household gods that belonged to his father (v. 19). Rachel hid them in the saddle of her camel. She sat on the saddle and gave excuse that she has period and couldn’t stand up so Laban couldn’t find it (v. 34).

How many years did Jacob spent with Laban?
20 years (v. 38).

What oath did Jacob made with Laban?
In the oath, Jacob is to treat his wives, the daughters of Laban, well. If Jacob didn’t treat them well, God will be a witness on this matter (v. 48-50).

Genesis 32

What did Jacob do to protect his posessions, wives, and children?
He divided them into two groups (v. 7) and sent them to the other side of the stream (v. 22).

Why did Jacob sent messengers with gifts ahead of Esau?
He did this hoping that he can calm down Esau’s anger and prevent him from taking revenge on him stealing his blessing 20 years ago (v. 20).

Why would Jacob not let go of the man he wrestled with? How did the man overpower him?
He want a blessing from him (v. 26) He struck the socket of Jacob’s hip so that he couldn’t walk but limp (v. 25).

What name did the man gave Jacob? What does it mean?
The man gave another name to Jacob called Israel.

What does it mean “you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome”?
It means that Jacob had done all the right things according to God’s will even though he also sinned at the same time.

Genesis 33

How did Jacob arranged his wives, female servants and children when meeting Esau?
He put the female servants and their children in front, Leah and her children next, and Rachel and Joseph at the back. Jacob went on ahead and bowed down to the ground 7 times as he approached his brother (v. 2-3)..

Why did Jacob had his entire family bow down to Esau?
He hoped Esau will receive him so he had himself and his entire family bow down to him.

What is Esau’s reaction to Jacob?
Esaeu hugged and embraced Jacob when he saw him (v. 4).

Where did Jacob eventually settle? From whom did Jacob purchased the land?
Jacob eventually settled in Shechem. He bought the ground where he pitched his tent from the sons of Hamor, the father of Shechem (v. 18-19).

Genesis 34

What happened to Dinah when she is visiting her friends?
Shechem raped Dinah when she was out visiting her friends (v.1-2).

What did Shechem ask his father to do?
Shechem asked his father to get Dinah as his wife (v. 4).

What condition did Jacob’s sons set to give Dinah’s hand in marriage to Shechem?
They tricked Shechem into getting all the males in his country to circumcised (v. 13-17).

How did Hamor persuade the people of his city to do the requirements set by Jacob?
Hamor persuaded the men in his city to get circumcised, telling them that it is easy to take over their lvestock, property and animals as they believed they are stronger than them (v. 18-24).

What did Dinah’s brothers do to take revenge on Shechem?
They took their swords and attacked the city, killing every male after 3 days, when the men were still suffering from pain because of the circumcision (v. 25).

What was the reaction of Jacob to what his sons did?
Jacob rebuked his sons, explaining that he and his household are few in number but there are so many Canaanites living in the land (v. 30).

Genesis 35

Where did God told Jacob to go?
God told Jacob to go to Bethel (v. 1).

Where was Rebekah’s nurse buried?
Rebekah’s nurse, Deborah was buried under the oak outside of Bethel (v. 8).

What name did God gave to Jacob? What does it  mean?
God gave Jacob the name Israel, which means struggle with God (v. 10).

What was the name of Rachel’s last son?
Rachel named her last son Ben Oni but his father called him Benjamin (v. 18).

How old was Isaac when he died? Who buried Isaac?
Isaac was 180 years old when he died. Jacob and Esau buried Isaac (v. 28-29).

Genesis 36

Where did Esau took his wives from?
Esau took Canaanite wives. He also had a wife, who was the daughter of Ishmael called Basemath (v. 2-3).

Genesis 37

Why is Joseph Jacob’s favorite son?
Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son because he was born to him in his old age (v. 3).

What did Jacob made for Joseph?
Jacob made an ornate robe for Joseph (v. 3).

What are Joseph’s dreams?
Joseph had two dreams. In the first dream, he and his brothers were binding sheaves of grain in the field. Suddenly, the sheaves of grain that belonged to his brothers gathered around the sheaves of grain of Joseph and bowed down to it (v. 5-7). In the second dream, the sun, moon, and 11 stars bowed down to Joseph (v. 9).

How did Joseph’s brothers react when he told them about his dream?
They rebuked Joseph, claiming that he intend to reign over them (v. 8).

Why did Jacob sent Joseph to his brothers?
Jacob sent Joseph to see how his brothers are doing as they are looking after the flocks (v. 13).

What happened to Joseph when he approached his brothers?
They plotted to kill him (v. 18).

Who suggested throwing Joseph into the cistern? Why?
Reuben suggested throwing Joseph into the cistern in the wilderness because he planned to take him back to his father (v 21-22).

Who suggested selling Joseph to the Ishmaelites caravan? Why?
Judah suggested selling Joseph to the Ishmaelites caravan because they will gain nothing by killing him (v. 26-27).

Where did the Ishmaelites bring Joseph?
The Ishmaelites brought Joseph to Egypt (v. 36).

How did the brothers lied to their father about the dissapearance of Joseph?
They dipped Joseph’s ornate robe into the blood of the goat they slaughtered (v. 31).

Genesis 38

How many sons did Judah and Shua had?
Judah and Shua had 3 sons including Er, Onan and Shelah (v. 3-5).

Why did God killed Er and Onan?
God killed Er because he was evil in God’s sight (v. 7). God kiled Onan because he purposely spilled the semen to avoiding providing a heir to his brother’s wife (v.8-10)

Why did Judah sent his daughter in law Tamar away?
Judah sent his daughter in law Tamar away becayse Shelah was still young and cannot marry at that time (v. 11).

Did Judah kept his promise to Tamar? Why?
No, Judah did not keep his promise to Tamar because he was afraid Shelah will die like his brothers (v. 11).

Why did Judah went to Timnah?
Judah went to Timnah to shear his sheep (v. 12).

Why did Tamar disguised herself as prostitute?
Tamar disguised herself as prostitute because she hope she can have a heir by sleeping with Judah as she saw that Shelah had grown up but Judah did not give him to her (v. 14).

Who did Judah met at Timnah?
Judah met Tamar at Timnah but he didn’t know because she had disguised herself as a prostitute (v. 15).

What were the items that Tamar want Judah to send as pledge? What is the payment that Judah promised to give to Tamar?
Tamar wanted Judah to give her seal and its cord, and the staff as pledge. Judah promised to give Tamar a young goat from his flock as paymen (v. 17-18).

What is Judah’s reaction when he was informed that Tamar is pregnant? Did Judah ever lie with Tamar again?
He ordered that Tamar be burned to death (v. 24).

What are the names of the twin that Tamar gave birth to?
Perez and Zerah. (v. 30)

Genesis 39

Joseph was sold to who while in Egypt?
Joseph was sold to Potiphar, the captain of the guard in Egypt (v. 1)
Why did Joseph found favor in the eyes of his master?
God was with Joseph and he gave him success in everything he did (v. 2-3).

What did Joseph become in his master’s house?
Potiphar put him in charge of all he owned (v.4)

What was Joseph’s response when his master’s wife seduced him?
Joseph refused to come to bed with her as it is a sin against God (v. 8-9).

What accusation did Joseph’s master’s wife bring on Joseph?
She claimed that Joseph tried to rape her. She screamed and he left his cloak in her hands (v. 11-15).

Where did Joseph end up after being accused?
Joseph was put in the prison by his master (v.20).

What did the warden put Joseph in charge when he was in prison?
The warden put Joseph in charge of the prisoners. He paid no attention to Joseph as God gave him success in all he did (v.22-23).

Genesis 40

Why were the cupbearer and baker thrown into prison?
The cupbearer and baker were thrown into prison because they offended Pharaph (v. 1).

What dreams did the cupbearer and baker had?
In the cupbearer’s dream, there is a vine with 2 branches. As soon as the vine blossomed and clusters ripened into grapes, he squeezed them in Pharaoh’s cup (v. 10-11).

In the baker’s dream, the baker was carrying 3 baskets filled with all kinds of baked goods on his head but the birds were eating them (v.16-17).

What was Joseph’s interpretation for the dreams of the cupbearer and baker?
The 3 vines in the cupbearer’s dream means 3 days. In 3 days, Pharaoh will restore the cupbearer to his position (v. 12-13).

The 3 baskets filled with baked goods represent 3 days. In 3 days, Pharaoh will hanged the baker and birds will eat away his flesh (v. 18-19).

What did Joseph ask for favor from the cupbearer? Did the cupbearer remember him?
Joseph asked the cupbearer not to forget him and help get out of the prison when Pharaoh restored him back to his position (v. 14)

Did Joseph’s interpretation of the cupbearer and baker’s dreams came true?
Yes (v. 21-22).

Genesis 41

What are Pharaoh’s dreams?
Pharaoh had two dreams. In the first dream, he dreamed that seven ugly and gaunt cows came up from the Nile to swallow up the 7 sleek and fat cows (v.1-4)

In the second dream, seven heads of grains that are thin and scorched by the east wind swallowed up seven healthy, full heads grains (v.5-7).

Was Pharaoh’s magicians able to interpret his dreams?
No (v. 8).

Who recommend Joseph to Pharaoh?
The cupbearer (v. 9-13)

What is Joseph’s interpretation to Pharaoh’s dreams?
According to Joseph’s interpretation, 7 healthy, full heads grains and 7 sleek and fat cows represent 7 years of abundance harvest while the 7 ugly and gaunt cows and the 7 heads of grains that are thin and scorched by the east wind represent 7 years of famine. Pharaoh’s dream means that there will be 7 years of harvest followed by 7 years of famine. He dreamed twice, means that God had determined to do it (v. 28-32).

What did Joseph suggest Pharaoh to do in the next few years?
Joseph suggested Pharaoh to appoint commissioners to collect 1/5 of harvest during the 7 years of abundance so that there will be food when the 7 years of famine arrive (v.33-36).

What position did Pharaoh promoted Joseph to?
Pharaoh promoted Joseph to be the administrator of Egypt. After Pharaph, he has the highest position in Egypt.

How did Pharaoh dressed Joseph?
Pharaoh dressed Joseph in robes of fine linen and put a gold chain around his neck (v. 42).

What name did Pharaoh gave to Joseph?
Pharaoh gave Joseph the name Zaphenath Paneah (v. 45).

Who did Pharaoh gave as wife to Joseph?
Pharaoh gave Joseph Asenath daughter of Potiphera, priest of On as wife (v. 45).

How many children did Joseph had? What are their names?
Joseph had 2 children with Asenath including Manasseh and Ephraim.

Where did Joseph kept the food he taxed from the people?
Joseph had the food he collected stored in the cities. He collected so much grain, like snad of the sea, that he stopped keeping records (v. 49).

Genesis 42

Why did Jacob sent his sons to Egypt?
Jacob sent his sons to Egypt to buy grain because there is famine in the land (v. 1-2).

Who did Jacob’s sons met while they were in Egypt?
Jacob’s sons met Joseph in Egypt but they didn’t recognise him (v.6-7).

What was Joseph’s reaction when he saw his brothers?
Joseph pretended to be a stranger and accused them of being a spies to see where the land is unprotected (v. 7-9).

Who did he took in custody? On what condition will he release him?
Joseph took Simeon away in custody. He will only release him if they return with Benjamin to Egypt (v. 18-20).

What did Jacob’s sons found in their sacks when they are returning home?
Each of them found their silver in the mouth of their sacks (v. 27).

How did they feel about it?
They felt afraid (v. 28).

What is Jacob’s reaction when his sons told him everything that happened to them in Egypt?
Jacob felt grieved and he won’t allow them to bring Benjamin back to Egypt because he is the only one left (v. 36-38).

Genesis 43

Why did Jacob refused to let Benjamin go with his brothers to Egypt?
Jacob was afraid that he will lose Benjamin, just like how he lost Joseph.

How did Joseph and his brothers and the servants dine?
Joseph and the brothers dined by themselves while the Egyptians dine by themselves. This is becauseit is detestable for the Egyptians to eat with the Hebrews (v. 32).

How did Joseph treat Benjamin compared to his other brothers?
Joseph served Benjamin with 5 times more food as much as anyone else’s (v. 34).

Genesis 44

What did Joseph ordered his steward to put in the sack of Benjamin?
His silver cup (v. 2).

What is the instruction that Joseph gave to the steward after the men were sent on their way?
Joseph ordered his steward to pursue after his brothers for the silver cup (v. 3-5)

How did Judah plead for Benjamin before Joseph?
Judah promised to bear the blame before his father if he did not bring Benjamin back  He told Joseph that he would bring his father’s gray head down to misery if Benjamim did not come back to him (v.32).

Genesis 45

Did Joseph reveal himself to his brothers?
Yes (v.1).

Did Joseph blame his brothers that they sold him into Egypt? To  whom did Joseph attribute about his slavery in Egypt and his becoming of the adminustrator of Egypt?
No, Joseph did not blame his brothers. Instead, he thanked God for everything that had happened to him so that he is now the governor of Egypt (v. 5).

What did Joseph gave to his brothers before sending them off their journey?
He gave them carts and provisions for the journey. He also sent to his father 10 donkeys loaded with the best things of Egypt, 10 female donkeys loaded with grain and bread and other provisions for the journey (v. 23).

What is Jacob’s reaction when he heard that his son Joseph is alive?
Jacob was happy when he heard that his son, Joseph is alive (v. 28).

Genesis 46

What did God told Jacob in a dream?
God promised to be with Jacob and make him into a great nation there (v. 3-4).

How many members from Jacob’s family move to Egypt.
67 persons (v. 26).

Where did Jacob and his sons settled?
Goshen (v. 29).

What did Joseph instructed his father, Jacob to say when Pharaoh ask about his occupation?
Joseph instructed his father, Jacob to say that he is shepherd so that he will let them stay in Goshen for the shepherds are detestable to the Egyptians (v. 31-34).

Genesis 47

How old is Jacob when he came to Egypt?
Jacob was 130 years old when he came to Egypt (v. 8).

What did Joseph do when the people had spent all their money on buying grain?
Joseph said he will sell them food in exchange for their livestock (v. 16).

What did Joseph do when the people had exchanged all their livestock?
Joseph said he will sell them food in exchange for their lands (v. 16).

What instruction did Joseph gave to the people after he gave them seed for growing grains?
They are to give 1/5 of the harvest to Pharaoh (v. 24).

How old did Jacob died?
147 years old (v. 28).

What did Jacob made Joseph promised before his death?
Jacob made Joseph promise him to bury him with his fathers in the Cave of Maphpelah (v. 30).

Genesis 48

Why did Jacob put his right hand on Ephraim’s head and his left hand on Manasseh’s head?
His younger brother, Ephraim will be greater than Manasseh (v. 19).

Genesis 49

What was the blessing Jacob gave Reuben?
Reuben will not excel because of his immorality with his father’s concubine, Bilhah. There is no prophet, judge and king that came from Reuben tribe.

What was the blessing Jacob gave Simeon and Levi?
Their descendants will be scattered in Israel in payment for their cruelty in wiping out the men of Shechem.

What was the blessing Jacob gave to Judah?
Kings will come from Judah’s tribe and he will be praised by his brothers.

What was the blessing Jacob gave to Zebulun?
The land allotted to Zebulun will be a haven for ships.

What was the blessing Jacob gave to Issachar?
Issachar is a large tribe and they are often put into servitude by the enemies.

What was the blessing Jacob gave to Dan?
Dan is a serpent by the way. The Danites introduced idolatry into Isael. Jeroboam set up two idols, one is in Dan, the other one is in Bethel. Samson came from the Dan tribe.

What was the blessing Jacob gave to Gad?
The Gadites are strong army (1 Chronicles 12:14).

What was the blessing Jacob gave to Asher?
Asher will be rich in bread.

What was the blessing Jacob gave to Naphtali?
Naphtali was a region where Jesus performed much of his ministry.

What was the blessing Jacob gave to Joseph?
God will bless Joseph abundantly.

What was the blessing Jacob gave to Benjamin?
Benjamin is a fierce tribe. There are several prominent characters of the bible that came from Benjamin tribe including Ehud, Saul, and Paul.

From what son of Jacob will Jesus Christ come from?

Genesis 50

What were the fears of Joseph’s brothers after the death of their father?
They feared that Joseph will pay them back for all the wrongs they did (v. 15).

What promise did Joseph gave to his brothers?
Joseph promised to provide for them and their children (v. 19-21).

How old did Joseph died?
110 years old (v. 22).

What did Joseph made his brothers promise when God bring them out of Egypt?
Joseph requested his brothers to carry his bones up from the place when they come out of Egypt (v. 25).



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