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Exodus Bible Study Questions


Exodus 1

Why did the new Pharaoh fear the Israelite? What did he do to control them?
He feared the Israelite would side with the enemies as they are becoming very numerous for them (v. 8-10). He tried to control their population by oppressing them with forced labor (v. 14). Later, he also commanded the midwives to kill the baby if it is a boy (v. 15-16).

Did the midwives listen to Pharaoh?  What excuse did they give to Pharaoh?
No, they didn’t kill the baby boys as commanded by Pharaoh. When questioned, they told Pharaoh that the Hebrew women are vigorous and give birth before the midwives arrive (v.17-19).

What is the order that Pharaoh give to all his people?
Pharaoh commanded all his people to throw every Hebrew boy into the Nile but let every girl live (v. 22).

Exodus 2

What did the Levite woman do when she saw her baby was a fine child?
She hid him for three months (v. 2).

What did she do to protect her baby after 3 months?
She put the baby in a papyrus basket that is coated with tar and pitch. Then, she let it float among the reeds on the bank of the Nile (v. 3-4).

Who found the baby?
Pharaoh’s daughter saw the basket among the reeds when she was bathing in the Nile. She sent her female slave to get the basket. She opened it and found the baby crying and she decided to keep him (v.5-6).

Who look after the baby for Pharaoh?
His sister came to ask Pharaoh’s daughter whether she should get a Hebrew woman to nursethe baby. Pharaoh’s daughter said yes and she fond the mother of the baby to nurse him (v.7-10).

What did Moses do when he saw an Egyptian beating a fellow Hebrew?
Moses killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand (v. 11-12).

What is the reaction of the man when Moses rebuked him for hitting a fellow Hebrew?
He revealed that he know Moses killed an Egyptian (v.13-14).

What did Pharaoh plan to do when he heard Moses killed an Egyptian? How did Moses escaped from Pharaoh?
Pharaoh planned to kill him but Moses fled to Midian (v. 15)

What happened when Moses was in Midian? Who did he meet?
Moses met an Egyptian woman called Zipporah, who he later married and had two sons including Gershom and Eliezer (v.15-22, Exodus 18:2-4).

What did the Israelite do when they suffer in slavery?
They cried out to God for help (v. 23).

What did God remember when he heard the cries of the Israelite?
God remembered the covenant he made with Abraham, isaac and Jacob, that he will let them inherit the land of Canaan after 400 years (v.24-25)

Exodus 3

What did Moses see when he came to Horeb, the mountain of God?
He saw a bush that is in flames of fire but not burning so he go near to see it (v.1-3)

What was the first thing that God command Moses to do when he was in the bush?
God commanded Moses to take off his sandals (v. 5).

What is God’s mission for Moses?
God had chosen Moses to lead the Israelite out of Egypt into the land of Canaan a good and spacious land flowing with milk and honey (v. 7-10)

What did God promise will happen on the day the Israelite leave Egypt?
The Israelite will ask the Egyptians to give them articles f silver and gold and clothing and they will give them. Thus, the Israelite will plunder the Egyptians (v. 21-22).

Exodus 4

What are the two miracles that God let Moses perform to convince the Israelite that God spoke to him?
The first miracle is the staff that transform into a snake when thrown onto the ground. The second miracle is the hand of Moses that turn leprous when put inside the cloak and restored when taken it out (v. 1-7).

What happen when Moses is on the way to Egypt? Why was God angry with Moses?
God became angry with Moses anr tried to kill him because he did not circumcise his son according to the circumcision covenant that God made with Abraham. His wife reacted by quickly cutting off the foreskin of his son and touched Moses’ feet with it (v. 24, Genesis 17:9-14)

Who did Moses met at the mountain of God?
Moses met Aaron at the mountain of God (v. 27).

What is the mission of Aaron?
Aaron’s mssion is to say and do the signs that Moses had commanded him (v. 28).

Exodus 5

What was Pharaoh’s reaction when Moses ask him to let the Israelite go?
He commanded the slave drivers to put heavier loads on the Israelite so that they have to make the same quota of bricks without being given straw (v. 6-9).

What was the reaction of the Israelite when they realized they couldn’t meet Pharaoh’s demand?
They complained to Moses, arguing that he is putting a sword in the Egyptian’s hand to kill them (v.20-21).

What was the reaction of Moses when the Israelites complained to him?
Moses complained to God about the issue (v. 22-23).

Exodus 6

From what line did Moses and Aaron came from? Who is their father?
Moses and Aaron were the sons of Amram, from the line of Levi (v. 20).

Exodus 7

How old was Moses when he carry out God’s calling?
80 years old (v. 7)

Why did God harden Pharaoh’s heart?
Pharaoh was stubborn himself in letting the Israelite go. God is the creator of all mankind so he said God hardens his heart.

What is the first miracle that Moses and Aaron performed before Pharaoh?
The miracle of the staff turning into snake.

What is the first plague?
The plague of blood, in which, the water of the river of Nile changed into blood (v. 20). The water became so stink that the fishes died (v. 21) and the Egyptians had to dug along the Nile to get drinking water (v. 24).

Exodus 8

What is the second plague?
The plague of frogs, in which frogs invaded the palace and Pharaoh bedroom and onto your bed, houses of the officials and on the people, and  ovens and kneading troughs.

What is the third plague?
The plague of gnats, in which the dust of the ground transformed into gnats came on people and animals

What is the fourth plague?
The plague of flies, in which swarms of flies went into Pharoah’s palace, Egyptian houses and the ground.

Exodus 9

What is the fifth plague?
Plague of livestock, in which God struck a plague on the Egyptian livestock including horses, donkeys and camels and on your cattle, sheep and goats.

What is the sixth plague?
Plague of boils, in which God struck boils on the Egyptian people and animals.

What is the seventh plague?
Plague of hail, in which hail struck everything in the Egyptian fields including people and animals.

Exodus 10

What is the eighth plague?
Plague of locusts, in which great numbers of locusts invaded all areas of Egypt. They devored every green thing in the field left after the hail.

What is the ninth plague?
Plague of darkness, in which total darkness covered all Egypt except Goshen, where the Israelite lived for 3 days. No one could see a thing or move about for 3 days.

Exodus 11

What is the tenth plague?
The plague of the firstborn is the last plague. In this plague, God killed all the firstborns of the Egyptians including human and animals. In the tenth plague, Pharaoh’s firstborn son died (v. 4).

How did God protect the Israelite in the final plague?
The Israelite applied the blood of the passover lamb on the two door posts and above it. When God see the blood on the door posts, he passed through so the Israelites’ firstborns were not killed during the final plague.

Exodus 12

What did God command the Israelite to do on the 14th of the first month?
On the 14th of the first month, the Israelite is to slaughter the passover lamv at twilight. Then, they are to applied some of the blood of the sides and tops of the door frames of the houses where they eat the lambs. They are to eat the passover lamb along with bitter herbs and bread without yeast. The meat is to be roasted in the fire with the heads, legs and internal organs (v. 6-9).

Why the Israelite apply blood on the door posts of their houses?
The blood is a sign of where they are. When God see the bloodm he will passover their houses and not kill their firstborns (v. 13).

How is the Israelite supposed to dress when they eat the passover?
The Israelite is to dress in cloak tucked into the belt, sandals on your feet and staff in the hand (v. 11).

Why did the Israelite celebrate the passover?
The passover is celebrated in remembrance of how God brought the Israelite out of Egypt.

What did God do to the firstborn of Egypt?
God killed all the firstborns in Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh,  to the firstborn of the prisoner, and the firstborn of all the livestock (v. 29),

What is the population of the Israelite at the time of the exodus?
600,000 men, not including women and children (v. 37).

What is the length of time the Israelite settled in Egypt?
430 years (v. 40).

What are the restrictions on observing the passover?
Foreigner and slave who wants to eat it must get circumcised first (v. 44, v.48).
The passover meal must be eaten inside the house and none of the bone is to be broken (v.46)

How should the Israelite made the passover bread?
The passover bread is made without yeast (v.15).

Exodus 13

Why must the Israelite consecrate their firstborns to God?
This is because God brought the Israelite out of Egypt.

Why God did not lead the Israelite through the shorter route?
God knew that the people will change their minds and return to Egypt if there is war (v. 17).

How did God lead the Israelite in day and night?
God led the Israelite in a pillar of cloud in the day and a pillar of fire at night (v. 21)

Exodus 14

Why did God commanded Moses to tell the Israelite to encamp near Pi-Hahiroth?
This is because God decided to do a miracle for the Israele, the parting of the Red Sea, which will be remembered forever to testify and glorify him.

Why did Pharaoh pursue after the Israelite?
Pharaoh was stubborn and couldn’t let go of the Israelite. He thought he could win the Israelite so he pursue after them (v. 4).

How did God throw the Egyptian army into confusion?
God looked down from the pillar of fire and cloud at the Egyptian army and threw them into confusion (v. 24)

How did God bring the Israelite to the other side of land across the sea?
God sent a strong east wind to blow the sea. Then, he turned it into dry land. He made the waters were divided into two sides so that the Israelite could cross on dry ground to the other side.

What happened to the Egyptian army when they try to follow the Israelite into the Red Sea?
Moses stretched out his hand over the sea and the water flew back and swept away the Egyptians (v. 27).

Exodus 15

What is the song of Moses and Miriam about?
It is a song about how God will lead the Israelite victoriously to conquer the land of Canaan. He divided the Red Sea and delivered the Israelite from the Egyptians.

What happened when the Israelite came to Marah?
They complained that the water is too bitter to drink (v. 23).

How did Moses make the water at Marah fit to drink?
God showed Moses a piece of wood, which Moses threw into the water and it became fit to drink (v. 25).

Exodus 16

What did the Israelite grumbled against Moses?
The Israelite grumbled about having no food to eat in the desert whereas they always have pots of meat in Egypt.

How God satisfy the hunger of the Israelites?
He rained down bread called manna and sent quails for meat to the Israelies (v. 13-14).

What is the instruction God gave to the Israelite concerning gathering the manna?
Each person is to gather as much as they need, about an omer each person. On the sixth day, they are to gathered twice as much because the seventh day is the Sabbath. On the Sabbath, the Israelite must rest from all kinds of works.

What is the bread manna like?
It looked white like coriander seed and tasted like honey wafers (v. 31).

How did Moses saved the manna for future generations?
Moses put the omer of manna in the jar for future generation (v. 33).

Exodus 17

Why did the Israelite complained to Moses at Rephidim?
The Israelites complained about having no water to drink at Rephidim.

What did God command Moses to do to the rock?
God commanded Moses to strike the rock and stream will flow from the rock.

How did the Israelite defeat the Amalekites?
Whenever Moses held up his hand, the Israelite win. On the contrary, whenever Moses lowered his hands, the Israelite lost. Therefore, Aaron and Hur helped to hold Moses’ hands up until the Israelite eventually win the war (v. 11).

Exodus 18

Who is Jethro?
Jethro was the father in law of Moses, the father of Moses’ wife Zipporah.

How did Jethro instruct Moses in taking care the affairs of the people?
Jethro instructed Moses to delegate the works to judges. Only difficult cases should be brought to the attention of Moses (v. 25-26).

Exodus 19

How long after the Israelite left Egypt did they arrive at the Desert of Sinai?
3 months (v. 1).

What is God’s instruction on coming near to the mountain?
God instructed the Israelite not to come near the mountains. Anyone that touches the mountain will die (v. 12).

How is the Israelite to prepare themselves to meet God at the foot of  the mountain?
They washed their clothes and abstain from sexual relations (v. 14-15),

How did God manifest himself to the Israelite at Mount Sinai?
God descended in fire on Mount Sinai so that it was covered with smoke (v. 18).

Exodus 20

What are the 10 commandments of God?

  1. Do not worship any other gods
  2. Do not make any idols
  3. Do not misuse the name of God
  4. Keep the Sabbath holy
  5. Honor your father and mother
  6. Do not murder
  7. Do not commit adultery
  8. Do not steal
  9. Do not lie
  10. Do not covet

What is God’s instruction concerning idols?
God commanded the Israelite not to make any gods alongside him (v. 23).

What is God’s instruction concerning building an altar for him?
God instructed the Israelite to make an altar of earth for him. They are not to use dressed stones if they are to make an altar of stones, They also cannot go up on the altar in steps (v.24-26).

Exodus 21

When can a Hebrew servant go free?
A Hebrew servant can go free in the 7th year without paying anything (v. 2).

What must the master do to make the servant serve him for life if he refuse to leave?
The master must take the servant to the door or doorpost and use an awl to pierce his ear so that he will become his servant for life (v. 6).

What is God’s commandment concerning a child who curse his father or mother?
Death (v. 17)

Exodus 22

Why is the Israelite not to mistreat foreigners?
This is because they used to be strangers in Egypt so they must treat foreigners with mercy and compassion (v. 21).

Who are we not to curse?
We are not to blaspheme God or curse the ruler (v. 28).

Exodus 23

What is God’s commandment concerning the 7th year and 7th day?
The 7th year is the year of Jubilee, the year when the Israelite is not to plow or use the land (v. 10). The 7th day is the Sabbath day, when the Israelite are not to do any work (v. 12).

How many festivals the Israelite is to observe every year?
3 festivals including Festival of Unleavened Bread, Festival of Harvest and Festival of Ingathering.

Exodus 24

Who accompanied Moses up to Mount Sinai?
Joshua, his aide (v. 13).

How many days did Moses stayed on Mount Sinai?
40 days and nights (v. 18).

Exodus 25

What is on top of the ark of the covenant?
The two cherubims with their wings spread upward (v. 20). The cherubims is the throne of God (v. 22).

What type of bread is put on top of the table?
Bread of presence (v. 29).

How many branches did the lampstand had? How many cups of almond flowers are on each branch?
3 branches (v. 32). 3 cups (v. 33).

What are the ark of the covenant, table and lampstand made from?
Pure gold.

Exodus 26

How large is the tabernacle?
The tabernacle measures 28 cubits long and 4 cubits wide (v. 2).

What separate the ark of the covenant and the Most Holy Place?
Curtain.(v. 33).

What is in the Holy Place?
The table and the lampstand are in the Holy Place (v. 34-35).

Exodus 27

What is the altar of burnt offering?
The altar of burnt offering is used for offering sacrifices of burnt offerings.

How large is the altar?
The altar is 3 cubits high, 5 cubits long and 5 cubits wide.

How large is the courtyard? Where does the wall of the courtyard face the tabernacle?
The north and south side measure 100 cubits long (v.9, v.11) while the east and west side measure 100 cubits wide (v. 12. v. 13). The wall is around the courtyard.

What is the oil of the lampstand made from?
The oil for the lampstand is made from pressed olives (v. 20).

Exodus 28

What is engraved on each of the onyx stone on the shoulder piece?
The names of the 12 tribes of Israel. Six names on one stone and the other six names on the other

How many stones are on the breastpiece? What are engraved on the stones?
12 stones. The stones in the first row are carnelian, chrysolite and beryl. The stones in the second row are turquoise, lapis lazuli and emerald. The stones in the third row are jacinth, agate and amethyst. The stones in the fourth row are topaz, onyx and jasper.

What are the gold bells of pomegrates on the hem of the robe for?
The sound of the bells signify that priest is still alive. This isbecause the bell will sound as the priest move around. If there is no bell sound, it means that the priest has died (v. 33-35).

What must Aaron and his sons wear as covering for the body before entering the tent of meeting or ministering in the Holy Place?
undergarmsnts (v.42).

Exodus 29

How did Moses consecrate Aaron and his sons to be priests?
He offered a sacrifice of a young bull and two rams without defect. He also offered an offering of round loaves without yeast from the finest wheat flour, thick loaves without yeast and with olive oil mixed in, and thin loaves without yeast and brushed with olive oil.

What is the daily offering?
The daily offerings consists of 1 one year old the morning and 1 one year old lamb at twilight (v. 39).

Exodus 30

What is the altar of incense? What is its function?
Fragrant incense is burned on the altar each morning. The priest will burn incense again when he lights the lamps at twilight so that it will be burned regularly before the Lord (v. 7-8).

What is the atonement money?
The atonement money is paid by each person that has taken census to ransom for his life (v. 12).

What is the function of the bronze basin?
The bronze basin is filled with water, used by Aaron and his sons to wash their hands and feet when they enter into the tabernacle (v. 19).

What is the function of the incense? What ingredients are used in making the incense?

The incense is made from equal amount of gum resin, onycha and galbanum and pure frankincense (v. 34).

Exodus 31

Who gave Bezalel and Oholiab the wisdom and skill to make artistic designs for work for gold, silver, and bronze?

They are filled with the Spirit of God to do the job (v.3).


What should the Israelite observe throughout the generation?

The Israelite is to keep the Sabbath day holy by resting from all their works.


Who wrote the Testimony? On what is the Testimony written on?

The Testimony is inscribed by the finger of God on the two tablets of stone (v. 18).


Exodus 32

What did the Israelite ask Aaron to make? Why?

The Israelite were fed up of waiting for Moses and now want Aaron to make them god will lead their journey (v. 1).


Why did Aaron carried out the request of the Israelite?

He was pressuring into making the idol.


What was God’s reaction when he saw what the Israelite were doing? What was Moses’ reaction?

God was angry with the Israelite. He wanted to destroy the Israelite.


What did Moses do when he got closer to the camp of the Israelite?

Moses threw the tablets and broke them into pieces. He took the calf, burned it and ground it to powder. Then, he scattered them over the water  and forced the people to drink.


What did God told Moses to do? Who stood on the side of Moses?

Moses instructed that those who side with God strao on a sword to kill his brother, friend and neighbor who worship the golden calf (v. 27) Only the Levites rallied to Moses (v. 26).


Exodus 33

Where did Moses go to meet and talk to God? How did God appeared to Moses in the place?

The tent of meeting (v. 7). God appeared to Moses in th eform of a pillar of cloud (v. 9).


What will Moses’ assistant do after he left the camp?

Joshua, Moses’ assistan would not leave the tent even though Moses had return (v. 11).


Why was Moses able to see God face to face?

God treated Moses as a friend because he was faithful in following and doing his commandments.


Exodus 34

Why did God tell Moses to chisel out two flat stones?

Moses broke the first two set of stone tablets because he was angry with the Israelite worshiping the golden calf (v. 1).


What is God’s instruction for the Israelite concerning the land of Canaan?

God commanded the Israelite to not make a treaty with the Canaanites. They are to destroy their altars, sacred stones and Asherah poles .  They are not to marry any of the woman of Cnaaan otherwise they will lead them into the sins of idolatry (v. 10-16).



Exodus 35

What is the punishment for anyone who do work on the Sabbath day?

Death (v. 2).


Exodus 36

How much money did the Israelite donate for the building of the tabernacle?

The Israelite had donated more than enough offerings for the building of the tabernacle.


What are the materials used to make the coverings for the tabernacle?

Rams’ skins dyed red and badgers’ skins.


How many frames are installed on the west of the tabernacle?

8 frames (v. 27-28).


How many frames on the north and south of the tabernacle?

20 frames and 40 silver bases (v. 23, v. 25-26).


Exodus 37

Who made the sacred chest, table, lampstand and altar of incense?

Bezalel (v. 1)


Exodus 38

Who made the altar for burnt sacrifices, bronze laver, and court of the tabernacle?

Bezalel (v. 22)


What work did Oholiab do for the tabernacle?

He was responsible in the engraving and embroidering part (v. 23).


Exodus 39

Who made the priestly clothes and breastpiece?



What is engraved on the turban of Aaron?

It was engraved holy to the Lord on the turban (v. 30),


Exodus 40

Where is the sacred chest with the Ten Commandment, the altar of incese, and the altar of burnt offering  placed?

The altar of incense and sacred chest is in the Most Holy Place (v.3, v. 5). The altar of burnt offering is put in front of the entrance to the tabernacle (v. 6),


When did Moses set up the tabernacle?

Moses set up the tabernacle on the first day of the first month (v. 2).


How did the Israelite know it is time to journey to another destination?

Whenever the cloud lifted from above the tabernacle, the Israelite will set out (v. 36).

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