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Esther Bible Study Questions



Esther 1

What did King Xerxes tell Queen Vashti to do? Did the Queen Do As the King Said?

King Xerxes wanted Queen Vashti to wear the royal crown and come before him to display her beauty to the people and nobles. However, Queen Vashti did not want to come. This made King Xerxes very angry (v. 10-12).

What did the noble Memukan advised King Xerxes to do? Why did they give such advice?

The noble Memukan advised King Xerxes to divorce Queen Vashti because she has become a bad role model for the women in the kingdom. He argued that the women in the kingdom will start to disrespect their husbands if they know Queen Vashti refuse to obey the king and come to him. He advised King Xerxes to issue a search in the entire kingdom for another woman to be his queen (v. 16-22)

Esther 2

Who was in charge of the women?

Hegai (v. 3).

Who stands out among the women in the harem?

Esther, also known as Hadassah in her Hebrew name. Esther is the cousin of Mordecai (v. 7).

What procedures did each woman have to go through?

Each woman has to go through 12 months of beauty treatments, six months with oil of myrrh and six with perfumes and cosmetics (v. 12).

What did Mordecai found out about the 2 king officers?

Mordecai found out that Bigthana and Teresh’s plan to assassinate the king. He told Queen Esther about it and she reported it to the king. The report was found to be true and the 2 officials were impaled on the poles (v. 21-23).

Esther 3

Why did Haman become enraged?

Haman became enraged after he saw that Mordecai would not kneel down to pay honor to him. Mordecai did not kneel down to Haman because he was a Jew (v. 4-5),

What did Haman plot to do against the Jews in the kingdom?

Haman persuaded the king to let him issue a decree to destroy the Jews by giving the excuse that the Jews had different customs and refused to obey the king’s laws (v. 8).

Esther 4

What was Mordecai’s reaction when he learned about the order of the king?

Mordecai rent his clothes, put on sackcloth and ashes, cried a loud and bitter cry as he went into the midst of the city (v. 1)

What did Mordecai asked Esther to do for favor?

Mordecai asked Esther to go to the king and plead him to have mercy on her people, the Jews (v. 8).

Did Esther agree to help Mordecai?

At first, Esther refused to help Mordecai because she will die if the king did not hold out his scepter to her. However, she changed her mind and decided to help after Mordecai rebuked her saying that he and other Jews will find a way to escape but she and her family will perish. He also remind her that may he God made her queen for a time like this, to save the lives of the Jews from Haman’s evil decree.

What did Esther told Mordecai and the Jews to do?

Esther requested Mordecai and all the Jews in Susa to fast for 3 days and 3 nights along with her and her attendants. After this, she promised to go to the king (v. 12-17).

Esther 5

What was Esther’s requests to the king?

For two times, Esther requested the king and Haman to come to the banquet she had prepared (v. 5, v7).

What did Haman do when he was with his friends and wife?

Haman boasted about his immense riches his many sons, how the king had honored him and made him above the other nobles and officials. He also boasted about how Queen Esther had invited him and the king to the banquet she gave (v. 11-13).

What did Haman’s wife Zeresh and his friends suggest him to do?

Haman’s wife Zeresh and his friends suggested him to build a pole with a height of 50 cubits and ask the king to have Mordecai impaled on it (v. 14).

Esther 6

How was Mordecai honored by the king?

The king had Haman robed Mordecai, and brought him on horseback through the city streets, proclaiming, “Thus shall it be done unto the man whom the king delighteth to honour.” (v. 11)

Why did the king honor Mordecai?

Because Mordecai did not yet receive any reward for reporting to him about the conspiracy of the two king officials, Bigthana and Teresh, who had plotted to assassinate the king (v. 3-4).

Esther 7

How did the king punish Haman?

The king had Haman impaled on the 50 cubits tall pole beside his house, which he had made, intending for the king to impale Mordecai on it (v. 9-10).

Esther 8

How did King Xerxes help Queen Esther and Mordecai?

King Xerxes give Esther and Mordecai the permission to write another decree on behalf of the Jews as it seem best to him and seal it with his signet ring because no document sealed in the ring can be revoked (v. 8).

What edict did Mordecai write to overcome the edict sent out by Haman?

Mordecai wrote another edict that give the Jews the right to assemble and defense themselves by killing the armed men who attack them, their women and children (v. 11).

Esther 9

What happened on the 13th and 14th of the month of Adar?

The Jews came together to kill the enemies who attack them. The Jews killed 300 men in Susa (v. 15) and 75,000 in the provinces (v. 16). Haman’s ten sons were among those killed in Suda. Queen Esther requested Haman’s 10 sons to be impaled on poles and the king do as she asked (v. 13-14).

How did the Jews commemorate the victory?

The Jews commemorate the victory by celebrating the festival of Purim on the 14th and 15th of Adar (v. 21).

Esther 10

What position did Mordecai held in the Jews?

Mordecai was second in position to the king, and he always help the Jews by speaking for them in the kingdom (v. 3).

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