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Ecclesiastes Bible Study Questions

Ecclesiastes 1

Why is everything meaningless?
Because there is nothing new that happen in the earth. Everything that happened has already happened before a long time ago. It is part of nature for the life cycle to go round and round.

Who is the teacher, the son of David, that wrote this book?

Can a man keeps his possessions forever?
No. We cannot carry anything away when we die. But our works of righteousness will be rewarded with treasures in heaven that last forever (Ecclesiastes 1:3-4).

Ecclesiastes 2

What is Solomon’s next test?
Solomon did a second test to find out whether pleasure is good. He did everything he wanted and get all his heart desired. Yet, when he surveyed all he had done, he felt that everything is meaningless (v. 1-11).

What is the difference of the fate of the wise and foolish?
The wise have wisdom to guide them but the foolish do things without wisdom so they walk in darkness. However, both the wise and fools will have the same fate. They will all die one day (v. 12-16).

What will happened to all you have labored?
All you have labored will be handed over to another person who has not toil for it after you di (v. 18).

What happened to the wealth of sinner?
The wealth of the sinner will be handed over to the one who pleased God eventually (v. 26).

Ecclesiates 3

What is there for every activity under heaven?
There is a time for every activity under heaven (v. 1-8).

what will happened to the righteous and wicked?
God will bring judgment to the righteous and wicked (v. 17)

What is the advantage of men over animals?
Men has no advantage over animals. Both men and animals will die and return to dusts (v. 18-19).

Ecclesiastes 4

Who is better than the living and the dead?
The ones who have never been born (v. 3)

What is the misery of the ones who keep on toiling?
They keep on toiling and did not enjoy their wealth (v. 7-8).

What is the benefit of having a friend?
A friend can help you when you fall (v. 9-12).

Ecclesiastes 5

How should you make a vow?
When you make a vow, yuo must not be hasty and quick in making lots of words. If you vow, you must make sure you fulfill it. Otherwise, you should not vow.

Why is abundance meaningless?
Whoever loves money will never be satisfied with what he sees (v. 10).

What are we to do with the rewards from our labors?
we are to be content with what we have and enjoy them happily (v. 19).

Ecclesiastes 6

What should you do with the money you earn?
You should enjoy it. If you don’t be content and enjoy your life, you are missing God’s blessing.

Who knows our future?
God knows our future. He is in control of everything. We are to do our best to follow God and do his commandments while we are alive on earth.

Ecclesiastes 7

Why is good name and death better?
If you have good reputation while living, people will remember you even after your death.

What is the benefit of wisdom?
Wisdom preserves those who have it, allowing them to make the right decision and have good money managment (v. 11-12)

Is it right to be over righteous?
No. Overrighteous is the obsession of trying to be righteous in all that you do. When you want to be completely righteous, you will have pride. Overrighteous can does not guarantee happiness. Instead, you should do your best to please God and follow his commandments in the bible (v. 16).

What is more bitter than death?
To be ensnare by an adulterous woman (v. 26)

Ecclesiastes 8

How are we to submit to government and authorities?
We are to obey the laws of our countries and states to avoid punishment (v. 1-8).

Why do people continue sinning?
People have a tendency to continue sinning when the sentence for a crime is not carried out immediately (v. 11)

Ecclesiastes 9

What is Solomon’s conclusion?
Solomon concluded that everyone shares the same fate. No one can escape the destiny that God has set for them. What will happen will happen. God is in charge of everything that happen on earth (v. 1-2).

What is Solomon’s advice?
Solomon’s advice is that we live our lives contently with a joyful heart because we don’t know what is ahead in our future. We should make use of our times and do whatever we want. We should not get too busy doing our things but always spend some time to be close to God such as praying, worshiping and reading the bible (v. 7-10).

What is better than war?
Wisdom is better than war. We are to heed and learn the words of wise people so that we will be preserved from danger (v. 13-18).

Ecclesiastes 10

What can destroy the good reputation of a person?
A foolish act or sin or crime (v. 1).

What error did Solomon see arises from a ruler?
Fools put in high positions while the wise occupied the low positions because of corruptions (v.5-7).

How should we speak?
You should choose your words wisely when you speak otherwise it may bring serious consequences (v. 12-13).

Ecclesiastes 11

What is the secret of success?
If you want something, you must keep on trying many ways patiently until you succeed (v. 1-6).

What should we do when we are young?
We must start following God and do his commandments since young (v. 7-10).

Ecclesiastes 12

What is the message of the author?

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