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Deuteronomy Bible Study Questions


Deuteronomy 1

How long after the Israelite finally arrive in Jordan?
40 years 11 months (v. 3)

How did Moses handle his workload?
He appointed commanders over thousnads, fifties and tens and tribal officials to oversee the Israelite. hundreds He appointed judges to hear the disputes of the Israelite (v. 15).

Why did the Israelite rebel against God?
The Israelite believed in the bad report of the 10 spies and refused to go to take the land of Canaan. Later,God was angry with the Israelite and he swore that not a single person above 20 years of age will enter into the land. The Israelite regretted and volunteered to go up into Canaan themselves. Because it wasn’t the right time, they were chansed down by the Canaanites (v. 19-46).

Who did God say will enter into the land of Canaan?
Joshua, son of Nun and the little ones that the Israelite whom the Israelite said would be taken captive (v. 38-39).

Deuteronomy 2

Whose descendants live in Seir?
Esau (v. 4)

Whose descendants are the Ammonites?
Lot (Genesis 19:38).

Deuteronomy 3

Who did the Israelite defeat at Bashan?
King Og (v. 1).

What is the size of King Og’s bed?
9 cubits long and 4 cubits wide (v. 11).

Which tribes settled in the east of Jordan?
Reubenites, Gadites and half tribe of Manasseh (v. 12, v. 14)

Why was Moses forbidden to cross the Jordan?
Because Moses did not give glory to God concerning the miralce of the water from the rock (Numbers 20:1-13).

Deuteronomy 4

In what form did God appear to the Israelite at Mountain Horeb?
Fire (v. 11-12)

What command did God gave concerning idolatry?
God commanded the people not to make any idol in any shape including man or woman, animal, bird, creature that move on the ground, fish, and objects in the heaven (v. 16-19)

What did God promised to do if teh Israelite keep his commandments?
God promised that all will go well with them and they will live long in the land if they keep his commandments (v. 40).

What are the cities of refuge?
The 3 cities of refuge were Nezer, Ramoth and Golan. The cities of refuge are the cities where those who unintentionally kill a neighbor can escape to save their life (v. 42-43).

Deuteronomy 5

What is taking God’s name in vain?
It means to mention God’s name carelessly or in a way that does not give glory to him (v. 11).

What is keeping the Sabbath holy?
It means to rest from your work and serve or worship God on the Sabbath day (v. 12-15)

What is honoring your father and mother?
It means to respect and listen to your father and mother’s advice unless it is against God’s commandments (v. 16).

What is coveting your neighbor?
Coveting your neighbor means envy and jealous about what others have and want to have them too. Neighbor refers to someone who is friendly and kind to you (v. 21).

Deuteronomy 6

What is the most important commandment in the bible?
To love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength (v. 5) It means that we must serve and worship God only. We must also show love to others by being kind as God first love us (1 John 4:19). .

Deuteronomy 7

What did God command the Israelite to do after they possess the land of Canaan?
The Israelite is to destroy the Canaanites totally. They are not to make treaty or show mercy or intermarry with them. This is becaus doing so will cause the Israelite to serve their gods. If the Israelite serve their gods, God will be angry and destroy them (v. 1-4).

What did God promised if the Israelite are obedient?
God promised to bless the Israelite and increase their numbers, abundant crops from their land, and keep them free from every disease (v. 13),

Why did God not allow the Israelite to wipe out the Canaanites at once?
Because doing so will cause the wild animals to multiply and fill the unoccupied cities (v. 22).

Deuteronomy 8

How did God take care of the Israelite in the wilderness?
God provide manna as bread for the Israelite. Their clothing still fit them even after they grow up in the wilderness. Their feet did not swell after wearing the same shoes 40 years ago )v. 3-4).

What type of land Canaan is?
Canaan is a good land, wheat, and barley, and vines, and fig trees, and pomegranates; a land of oil olive, and honey, a land where the Israelite will lack nothing (v. 8-9).

What is the Israelite to do when they are wealthy?
They are to remember God and give him praises as everything comes from God (v. 10).

Deuteronomy 9

Why did God let the Israelite possess the land of Canaan?
Because God wants to destroy the wicked nations that live in the land. The Israelite is also a stiffnecked nation (v. 6).

What did God want to do to the Israelite and Aaron when they worship the golden calf?
God wanted to destroy  them (v. 19-20)

Who stopped God from destroying the people?
Moses prayed for the Israelite and Aaron so that God relented from his anger (v. 19-20),

Deuteronomy 10

What did God told Moses to do after he destroyed the first set of tablets?
God commanded Moses to chisel out two stone tablets like the first set and go up to the mountain again. He is also to make a wodden ark where the tablets will be placed (v. 1-2).

What is the circumcision of the heart?
It means to have a pure heart to love, know, follow and serve God sincerely (v. 16).

How are we to love God?
We are to fear God, hold fast to him and walk in his commandments (v. 20).

Deuteronomy 11

What did God command the Israelite?
God commanded the Israelite to love and serve him with all their heart and soul (v. 13).

What is the promise of God if the Israelite are obedient?
God promised to send rain at the right season so that they will have more than enough food, wine, and olive oil. He also promise that there will be plenty of grass for the cattle (v. 14-15).

What will happen if the Israelite turn back and worship other gods?
God will punish them by witholding back the rain so that nothing will grow in the land. In the end, they will disappear from the land (v. 16-17).

What are the Israelite suppose to do after God help them to take the land?
The Israelite are supposed to announce God;s blessings on Mount Gerizim and his curses on Mount Ebal (v. 29).

Deuteronomy 12

What did God command the Israelite to do to the pagan altars set up by the Canaanites?
The Israelite is to destroy the altars, sacred stones, sacred poles, and idols completely (v. 3).

Where is the Israelite to worship God?
God will choose a place where the Israelite will make their sacrifices and offerings.

What is the Israelite to do if they want to kill and eat an animal for food not for sacrifice? Why?
They are to drain out the blood of the animal on the ground prior to eating the meat (v. 19).This is because the blood is the life of the animal (v. 23).

What command did God give concerning his laws and teachings?
They are not to add or take away any of God’s laws and teachings (v. 32).

Deuteronomy 13

What must be done if a prophet came along and tell the people to stop worshiping God?
That prophet must be stoned to death  False prophets often like to attract attention by performing a miracle or predicting the future. Not everyone who speak on God’s behalf are true prophet. If the prophet do not live their life according to their preaching, you should stay away from him. You can find out if the prophet is true or false by examining his teaching to see if it is consistent with the word of God in the bible.

Deuteronomy 14

How is the Israelite to mourn?
The Israelite is not to mourn for the dead like oter nations for example cutting themselvs and shaving their forehead (v. 1).

What can the Israelite eat?
The Israelite can eat the meat of cattle, sheep, goats, gazelles, deer (v. 4-5), fish that has fins and scales (v. 9-10), clean birds (v. 11) and certain types of winged insects (v. 20).

What the Israelite not to eat?
Animals that chew the cud but don’t have divided hoofs including camels, rabbits, and rock badgers (v. 7), pigs (v. 8), underwater creatures that don’t have fins and scales, unclean birds, and swarming insects.

What is the Israelite not to do when cooking a young goat meat?
They are not to boil a young goat in its mother’s milk (v. 21).

How much is the Israelite to give God from their harvest?
They are to give 10% of their harvest to God every year (v. 22).

What is the Israelite to do every third year?
They are to bring 10% of their harvest to the storehouse in town so that the Levites have enough to eat>

How is the Israelite to help the poor in the town?
The Israelite is to give food to the poor in their town including orphans, widows and foreigners (v. 29).

Deuteronomy 15

Will the Israelite have to pay back the loan in the 7th year?
In the 7th year, the year of Jubilee, all debts and loans will be canceled so that those who owe money don’t have to pay back anymore  However, foreigner still have to pay back (v.1-3)

How is the Israelite to help the poor Israelite in town?
They are not to be mean and selfish by lending their money to the needy (v. 7-9).

What does the Israelite has to do with the slaves they bought in the 7th year?
The Israelite must set their slaves free in the 7th year (v. 12).

How are they to send their slaves away?
They are to send their slaves away with sheep, goats, and good supply of grain (v. 13).

What are the Israelite to do with their firstborn animals?
They are to bring the firstborn animal to the owrship place where they will offer it as sacrifice to God (v. 19-20).

Deuteronomy 16

What is the Passover? When is it celebrated? What is its significance?
The Passover is celebrated in the month of Abib because God rescued them from slavery out of Egypt. The Passover sacrifice can be a cow, goat or goat. All the meat must be eaten in one night at the place of worship. The passover meat is to be served with bread made without yeast (v. 1-8).

What are the three festivals that must be celebrated at the worship place every year?
Festival of Thin Bread, Harvest Festival, and Festival of Shelters (v. 16-17).

How is the Israelite to treat everyone?
They are to treat everyone with justice. They are to be fair when making legal decisions, not keep bribes (v. 16-19).

Deuteronomy 17

What type of animal cannot used to be offer sacrifices?
Animal that has defect.

What is the Israelite to do to those who worship other gods?
Anyone that is guilty of worshiping false gods are to be taken outside the town gate and stoned to death (v. 7).

How are the difficult cases handled?
The person is to bring the difficult case to the court at the worship place. The court is made up of one judge and a few priests. He is to do as the court said otherwise he will be put to death (v. 8-12).

What must a king not do?
The king must not have lots of horses, especially those from Egypt. The king must not have many wives otherwise they will tempt him to become unfaithful. The king must not try to get a large amount of silver (v. 16-17).

What must a king do after he has ascended to the throne?
The king must go to the priests and write out a copy of God’s laws while the priests of Levi tribe watch. Every day, the king is to read and obey these laws, worship God with trembling and not think himself better than others (v. 18-20).

What does God promise if the king obey his commands?
God promised that he and his descendants will rule for many years (v.20).

Deuteronomy 18

What are the special priviledge of the priests and Levites?
The priests and Levites will receive part of the sacrifices offered to God including the shoulder, jaws and stomach, firstpart of grain harvest, part of the first batches of wine and olive oil, and first wool (v. 1-5).

What are the Israelite not to follow in the example of the Canaanites?
They are not to sacrifice their son or daughter, use magic or witchcraft to tell fortunes, cast spells or talk to the spirits of the dead (v. 10-11).

What did God promise in the future?
He promise to appoint a prophet like Moses, who is Jesus who will preach about God to everyone (v. 17-18). God always tell the truth and keep his promises. Whatever God says will happen (v. 22).

Deuteronomy 19

What are the cities of refuge for?
The cities of refuge are cities where those who accidentally kill someone can run to.

What are used to mark property lines?
Stones are used to mark the property lines (v. 14).

How many witness there must at least be to testify a case?
2 witnesses (v. 15).

Deuteronomy 20

What types of soldiers the tribal officers will declare may go gome?
Those who have built a new house but haven’t move in, those who haven’t have the first grape harvest, those who are engaged to be married and those who are afraid (v. 5-8).

What is the Israelite to do before attacking a town far from Canaan?
They are to offer peace to the people. If the people surrender, they are to take them as slaves. However, if they don’t surrender, they are to attack and kill all men. Then, they are to take the women and children as slaves and livestock (v. 10-15).

What is the Israelite to do everytime they capture a town?
They are to wipe out all the residents. This is to prevent them from leading the Israelite astray into worshiping the idols (v/ 16-18).

What type of tree should the Israelite use to make ladders and towers in war?
Trees that are not fruit trees. The Israelite are not cut down the fruit trees as they produce fruit that are food (v. 19-20).

Deuteronomy 21

What is to be done when the body of a murder victim is found?
The judges will find out which town is the closest. Then, the leaders from that town is to choose a cow that has never work before. Then, some priests will bring the cow to a valley with stream but no crop and break its neck/ The town leaders are to wash their hands over the deas body and announce that they have no part in the murder  (v. 1-9).

What is to be done if an Israelite want to marry a woman who was one of the prisoner taken captive from war?
He is to bring her into his home, shave her head, cut her nails, start wearing Israelite clothes. She will mourn a month for her parents. After that, he can marry her (v. 10-13).

What is the right of the first born son?
The first son to be born to a man with multiple wife is the firstborn of the man. He is to bextow double portion of the inheritance to the firstborn son (v. 15-17).

What is to be done if a son rebels against his father and mother?
The parents are to drag the son to the town gate and tell the leaders that he never obeys them. Then, the men of the town is to stone him to death (v. 18-22).

How is the Israelite to take care the body of a dead criminal?
They are to bury the body of the dead criminal the same day it is hung on the tree so that it will not defile the land (v. 22-23).

Deuteronomy 22

What should the Israelite do when they see a cow wandering around?
They are to bring it back to the owner. If they don’t know who the owner is or it is too far, they are to take care of the lost cow. Someday, when the owner come looking for the cow, they can return it.

Is it all right to pretend to be the opposite sex?
No. Women must not pretend to be men and men must not pretend to be women (v. 5).

Is it all right to take away the mother bird?
If an Israelite happen to pass by a nest, he is allowed to take the chicks and eggs but not the mother bird (v. 6-7)/

What is the Israelite to build around the flat roof?
They are to build a wall around the flat roof so that they won’t be guilty of murder when someone fall down from it (v. 8).

What happens when a husband accuse his wife not a virgin?
If he is wrong, the town leaders will give him a whip and he has to pay the father of the bride 100 pieces of silder. If he is right, the woman will be stoned to death (v. 13-20).

Deuteronomy 23

Who are excluded from the assembly?
No one emasculated, born of a forbidden marriage, and Ammonite or Moabite. They are not to despise the Edomites as they are related to them. They are also not to despise the Egyptians as they reside as foreigners in their country. The third generation of the Edomites and Egyptians may enter the assembly (v. 1-8).

How are the Israelite soldiers to keep their camps clean?
They are to keep away from everything impure. They are to designate a place outside to relieve themselves. Anyone with a nocturnal emission should go outside the camp.

Is it lawful to charge interest when lending money or food?
No. The Israelite is to led money and food to a fellow Israelite without charging interest. However, they may charge interest to a foreigner (v. 19-20).

Deuteronomy 24

Could a divorced woman sleep with the first husband?
No (v. 1-4)

Is it right to go into the house to get a pledge on something you loan?
No (v. 10-13)

Is parents to die for the sins of the children?
No, each is to die for their own sins.(v. 16)

What is the Israelite to do when they are harvesting in their field?
They are to leave the sheaf, olives and grapes they overlook for the foreigner, the fatherless and the widow. (v. 19-22)

Deuteronomy 25

What is the maximum number of lashes a judge can impose?
40 lashes (v. 3)

What is to be done if a man does not want to marry his brother’s wife?
The woman shall go to the elders of the town to talk to them and the elders will persuade the man. If the man still refuge, teh woman is to take off one of his sandals and spit on his face. The family line of the man will be called The Family of the Unsandaled (v. 7-10).

How are the Israelite to take measurement?
They are to use accurate and honest measurement (v. 15).

Deuteronomy 26

What are the Israelite to offer after they settle in the land?
They are the offer the firstfruits of all that are produce from the ground to God (v. 2).

What are the Israelite to offer in the third year?
10% of all the produce (v. 12)

Deuteronomy 27

Where are the Israelite to announce curses and blessings?
There are to proclim blessings on Mount Gerizim and curses on Mount Ebal.

Deuteronomy 28

What did God promise if the people are obedient?
God promise to send rain at the right season and give them abundance havest. They will lend to many nations byt borrow from none. They will be the head, not the tail (v. 12-14).

What did God promise if the people are disobedient?
Curses, confusion, problems, fail crops, and illnesses.

Deuteronomy 29

What did not worn out of the Israelite when they were in the wilderness for 40 years?
God took care of the Israelite so that their clothes and sandles did not worn out(v. 5).

Deuteronomy 30

What did God promise if the people repent and turn back to him?
God promise to restore their fortunesa and gather them from all the nations. God will make them more prosperous and numerous than your ancestors (v. 3-5).

What did God promise if the people is disobedient?
They will certainly be destroyed and not live long in the land (v. 18)

Deuteronomy 31

Who succeeded Moses?
Joshua (v. 14)

What is the Israelite to do at the end of the 7th year?
They are to read the law of God that Moses gave them (v. 10).

Did God predict the rebellion of the Israelite in the future?
Yes (v. 15-18)

Deuteronomy 32

What is the significance of Moses’ song?
It foretells that the Israelite will rebel against God and turn to idolatry and commit all kinds of sins one day. Consequently, God will punish the Israelite by sending the enemies to attack them.

Where did Moses died?
In the Abarim Range to Mount Nebo in Moab (v. 49)

Why was Moses not allowed to enter Canaan?
He did not give glory to God concerning the miracle of the water that came from the rock. However, He ws allowed to see the land of Canaan from a distance in the mountain where he was to die (v. 48-52).

Deuteronomy 33

Who did Moses honor first before blessing the 12 tribes?
God (v. 1-5).

Deuteronomy 34

What did Moses see at the top of Mount Nebo?
The whole land of Canaan (v. 1-3).

How old was Moses when he died?
120 years old (v. 7)

Where ws Moses buried?
Moab, valley opposite Beth Peor but no one know where his grave lay (v. 6).

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