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2 Samuel Bible Study Questions


2 Samuel 1

Who reported the death of Saul to David?
An Amalekite who fled from the battle (v. 8).

How did Saul died?
The Amalekite killed Saul because Saul told him that he is going to die (v. 9).

What is David’s reaction when he heard that Saul is dead?
David was sad. He and his men tore their clothese, mourned and fasted till evening because the army of Israel had lost to the Philistines (v. 11-12)

What did David do to the man who bring him the news about Saul’s death?
David killed him because he killed the Lord’s anointed king (v. 12-16).

2 Samuel 2

Where was David anointed as king of Judah?
Hebron (v. 4).

Who is the king of Israel now?
Ish-Bosheth, son of Saul (v. 8).

How many years David remained in Hebron?
7 years and 6 months (v. 11).

What happened between the men of David and Saul at the pool of Gibeon?
The men of David challenged the men of Saul. They started off by picking 12 men to wrestle with each other. One grab the opponent by the head and killed him by stabbing the side with a dagger. David’s men was killing more of Abner’s men (v. 14-17).

Who killed Asahel?
Abner killed Asahel. Asahel kept on chasing him and would not stop so Abner stab him with a spear that come out through his back (v. 23).

How did the war between David and Saul stop?
Abner pleaded with Joab to stop the war because it will bring bitterness in the end. This is because they are all relatives and descendants of Israel (Jacob) (v. 27-28).

2 Samuel 3

Whose house grow stronger and stronger and whose house grow weaker and weaker?
David’s house (v. 1)

Who are David’s sons born in Hebron?
Amnon the son of Ahinoam of Jezreel; Kileab the son of Abigail the widow of Nabal of Carmel; Absalom the son of Maakah daughter of Talmai king of Geshur; Adonijah the son of Haggith; Shephatiah the son of Abital; Ithream the son of David’s wife Eglah (v. 2-5).

Why did Ish-Bosheth quarrelled with Abner?
Ish-Bosheth confronted Abner for sleeping with his father’s concubine, Rizpah, the daughter of Aiah (v. 7).

What is Abner’s reaction after Ish-Bosheth quarrelled with him?
Abner said Ish-Bosheth is accusing him of sleeping with Rizpah. He was angry and decided to make agreement with David to give Israel into his hand (v. 8-11)

What is David’s reaction to Abner’s suggestion?
David agreed with Abner’s agreement on condition that he bring Michael when he come to see him (v. 13).

Why did Joab had grudge over Abner? What did he do to trick Abner?
Abner killed Joab’s brother, Asahel. He sent messengers to bring Abner back from the cistern at Sirah to Hebron. When Abner arrived in Hebron, he brought him into a chamber and stabbed him in the stomach so that he died (v. 26-27).

What is David’s reaction to Joab killing Abner?
David rebuked Joab, for killing Abner. He cursed him, saying, may Joab’s family never be someone without a running sore, leprosy, someone who leans on crutch, who falls by the sword or lack food (v. 28-29). He prayed that God will repay Joab for his evil deeds (v. 39)

What did David told Joab to do after killing Abner?
David told Joab to tear his clothes, put on sackcloth, and walk in mourning in front of the bier of Abner (v. 31).

2 Samuel 4

Who murdered Ish-Bosheth?
Rekab and Baanah. They pretended to go into the inner part of Ish-Boshet house to obtain wheat but they entered into Ish-Bosheth’s room instead (v. 5-6). After that they brought his ead to David at Hebron.

What did David do after the men brought the heads of Ish-Bosheth to him?
David ordered is men to kill them. He had their hands and feet cut off. Then, he had their bodies of Rekab and Baanah hung by the pool in Hebron (v. 12).

2 Samuel 5

How old was David when he became king of Israel?
30 years old (v. 4).

How many years did David reigned in Israel?
40 years including 7 years and 6 months in Judah and 33 years in Israel (v. 5).

Where did David built his residence?
City of David (v. 9)

Who did David hire to build his palace?
David hired cedar logs and carpenters and stonemasons from King Hiram of Tyre (v. 11).

Who are the sons born to David in Jerusalem?
Shammua, Shobab, Nathan, Solomon, Ibhar, Elishua, Nepheg, Japhia, Elishama, Eliada and Eliphelet (v. 14-16).

Where did David first attack the Philistines?
Baal Perazim. David named the place Baal Perazim because he said the Lord has broken out against his enemies like waters breaks out (v. 20).

How did David defeated the Philistines at the Valley of Rephaim?
God instructed David to listen for the marching sound from the tops of the poplar trees before attacking. He did so and he struck down te Philistines all the way from Gibeon to Gezer (v. 22-25).

2 Samuel 6

How many men went with David to bring the ark of God to Jerusalem?
30,000 men (v. 1).

Why did God killed Uzzah?
Uzzah attempted to take hold of the ark when the oxen stumbled. He was not a priest. Only a Levite priest can touch it (v. 6-7). Therefore, God killed him for not respecting the ark (Numbers 4:15).

Where did David brought the ark after the death of Uzzah?
David had the ark sent to the house of Obed Edom (v. 10-11).

Why did David decided to bring the ark to Jerusalem again?
David saw that the household of Obed-Edom was blessed abundantly when the ark remained there (v. 11-12).

Who saw David through the window? What did she feel?
Michal. She despised David because he was dancing naked in full view of the slave girls (v. 16, 20)

What did David do when the ark was being brought into Jejrusalem?
David leaped and danced while wearing a linen ephod. He sacrificed a bull and a fattened calf when those carrying the ark take 6 steps (v. 13).

How did David send away the people after the ark is set in the tent?
David gave each person in the crowd gave a loaf of bread, a cake of dates and a cake of raisins before they went back to their homes (v. 19).

Why did David rebuked Michal?
David argued that he dance in a linen ephod to celeberate before God, who appointed him ruler over the Israelite. The slave girls would held him in honor instead of despising him like Michal did (v. 20-22).

Did Michal have any children?
No (v. 23).

2 Samuel 7

What did David decided to do in mind? what is the reaction of Nathan when David told him about it?
David decided to build a temple for God. Nathan told him to do what he had in mind (v. 1-3).

What is God’s words to Nathan concerning the temple?
God’s message to David is that he is not the one who build a temple. Instead, his son will build the temple. God promised to establis David’s house and kingdom forever (v. 12-13).

What is David’s prayer after hearing God’s response?
David prayed that God will keep his promise and contonue to bless his house (v. 29).

2 Samuel 8

How did David kill and spare the Philistines?
David would measure 2 lengths and put them to death and measure a third length, which he spared to live (v. 2).

How many chariots did David captured and hamstrung at the Euphrates River?
David captured 1,000 chariots and 7,000 charioteers. He hamstrung all the horses except 100 of them (v. 4).

How many Arameans did David struck down?
22,000 (v. 5)

Where did David get a large quantity of bronze?
Tebah and Berothai, the towns that David took from Hadadezer of Zobah (v. 8)

How did Tou congratulate David on his victory over Hadadezer?
Tou sent his son, Joram with articles of silver, gold and bronze to David (v. 9-10)

What did David do with the silver and gold he taken from the nations he subdued?
King David dedicated the silver and gold he taken from the nations he subdued to God (v. 11).

How many Edomites did David struck down at the Valley of Salt?
18.000 (v. 13).

Who is the commander of David’s army?
Joab (v. 16).

Who are the priests?
Zadok son of Ahitub and Ahimelek son of Abiathar were priests (v. 17).

Who do David’s sons serve as?
David’s sons serve as priests (v. 18).

2 Samuel 9

Who is still left in the house of Saul? Why did David decided to spare him? How did David take care of him?
Mephibosheth son of Jonathan, who was lame in both feet (v. 3). King David instructed Ziba, his 15 sons and 20 servants to farm the land for him and bring in the crops so that Mephibosheth will be provided. Mephibosheth will also eat at David’s table (v. 9-10). David did this to keep the promise he made to Jonathan, that he will show kindness to his surviving family member (1 Samuel 20:14-15).

2 Samuel 10

Why did David send is men to King Hanun of Ammon?
To express condolences on the death of Hanun’s father (v. 1-2)

How did King Hanun treat the envoy David sent?
King Hanun advisers told him that David sent these envoys to spy on the city and overthrow it. As a result, Hanun seized these envoys, have their beards cut off, and cut off the garments at the buttocks (v. 3-4)

What did David told the envoys he sent to do after they are being mistreated?
David told them to stay at Jericho until their beards have grown back (v. 5).

How did Joab and Abishai defeat the Arameans and Ammonites?
Joab fought the Arameans while Abishai fought the Ammonites. Joab successfully fought off the Arameans. When the Ammonites saw that the Arameans fled, they fled too (v. 13-14).

What did the Arameans do after they lost the war to Israel? How did David vanquis them?
The Arameans regrouped and attacked Israel again. However, David won the war. He killed 700 charioteers and 40,000 foot soldiers. He also killed the army commander, Shobak. Other kings who are vassals to Hadadezer made peace with David when they saw this. The Arameans are also afraid to help Ammonites from that time onwards (v. 15-19).

2 Samuel 11

Where is Joab at the moment?
Joab is fighting against the Ammonites in Rabbah (v. 1).

What did David saw when he was walking around the palace roof? What did he do afterward?
David saw Bathsheba bathing from the roof. He sent a servant to bring her and he slept with her. Later, she became pregnant (v. 2-5).

Who did David ask Joab to send to him?
David asked Joab to send Uriah the Hittite to him (v. 6).

What did David tell Uriah to do when he come back?
David told Uriah to go home and wash his feet. He also sent him a gift. However, Uriah slept at the palace entrance along with the servants (v. 6-9).

Why didn’t Uriah go home?
Uriah didn’t go home because he is worried about the ark and the soldiers that are camping in th eopen country (v. 11).

Where did David invited Uriah the next day?
In the following day, David invited Uriah to eat and drink with him (v. 12-13).

How did David sentence Uriah to death?
David had Uriah carried to Joab a letter that tell Joab to put him in the front battle line where the fighting is the fiercest. David gave this instruction, in hoping that Uriah will be killed by the Ammonite soldier (v. 14-15).

What happened after the death of Uriah?
Bathsheba mourned for him. After the mourning period is over, David married Bathsheba and she bore him a son (v. 26-27).

2 Samuel 12

What story did Nathan used to describe David?
Nathan recounted a story about a ppor and rich man. The rich man owed lots of sheep and cattle but the poor man only had one ewe lamb. The poor man raised the ewe lamb along with his children, let it share his food, drink from his cup and sleep in his arm. He treated the ewe lamb like his daughter. One day, a traveler came to stay at the rich man’s house. The rich man was stingy and refused to butcher his own sheep or cattle so he stole the ewe lamb from the poor man
What is David’s reaction when he heard the story from Nathan?
David was furious, saying that the rich man shuld die and pay back the poor man for that lamb 4 times over because he had no pity (v. 5-6).

What did Nathan rebuked David?
Nathan rebuked David for stealing Uriah’s wife and sending Uriah to die in the hand of the Ammonites. Therefore, God has decided to punished David with a calamity from his own household. Someone from his household will take his wives and sleep with them in broad daylight. Since David did this in secret, God will let it happen in the broad daylight before all Israel (v. 7-12).

What sin did David committed that displeased God?
David committed the sin of adultery with Bathsheba.

How did God punished David for his sin?
God struck Bathsheba’s son with an illness so that he die later (v. 13-14)

What did David do when his son fell ill?
David fasted and wore sackcloth. He refuded to eat even though the elders of his household want to get him up (v. 15-17).

When did David’s son die?
David’s son die on the 7th day (v. 18).

What did David do after his son is dead?
He got up, put lotions, changed his clothes and sent into the house to worship God (v. 20).

What is the name of the son that Bathsheba gave birth later? What did God called him?
Solomon. God called him Jedidiah, which means God loves him (v. 23-25).

What plunder did David took from the city of Rabbah?
The crown from the king;s head that weighed one talent of gold and was set with many precious stones. David also took a large quantity fother plunders (v. 30).

2 Samuel 13

What advice did Jonadab gave Amnon to get Tamar?
Jonadab advised Amnon to pretend to his father, King David, tha he is ill so that it gives him excuse to call his half sister, Tamar to bake come and serve him something to eat from her hand (v. 3-5).

Did David agree to Amnon request?
Yes (v. 6).

What happened when Tamar serve bread to Amnon?
Amnon sent everyone out first before calling her to him again. When she came with the bread in her hands, he raped her (v. 10-11).

Did Amnon love Tamar?
No. He hated her more than he loved her (v. 15).

What did Amnon do after he raped her?
Amnon had his personal servant put her out and bolted the door behind her (v. 17-18).

What did Tamar do after Amnon put her out?
Tamar put ashes on her head, tore her ornate robe and put her hands on her hand, weeping as she went (v. 19).

How did Tamar feel after Amnon raped her? Where did she live afterwards?
Tamar grew depressed. She lived in Absalom’s house as a desolate woman (v. 20).

How did Absalom take revenge on Amnon?
Absalom invited all the king’s sons including Amnon to a feast he had organized because he was sheering his sheep at that time. He ordered his men to kill Amnon when he is drunk from drinnking wine. They did so. All the other king’s sons managed to flee on their mules (v. 23-31).

Where did Absalom fled afterwards?
Absalom fled to King Talmai of Geshur, the father of his mother and stayed there for 3 years (v. 37-39).

2 Samuel 14

Who did Joab hire to persuade King David to forgive Absalom and bring him back?
Joab instructed a woman from Tekoa to go to David and pretend that she need help from him to save the life of her only son. According to the woman, two of her sons got into a fight and one killed the other. Now, the whole clan wanted to put the brother to death for stricking his brother down. However, he is the only sons he had. If he die, there will be no one to carry her husband’s name (v. 6-7).

The woman persuaded the king to bring Absalom back, reasoning that God does not banish a person but always devise ways to reconcile them (v. 13-14).

Did Absalom see King David’s face after he return?
No (v. 23-24).

Describe the appearance of Absalom.
Absalom was handsome. There is no blemish in him from head to the sole of food. He only cut his hair once a year, when it weighed 200 shekels by royal standard (v. 25-26).

How many children did Absalom had?
Absalom had 3 sons and 1 daughter (v. 27).

What did Absalom do to get Joab’s attention?
Absalom ordered his servants to burn Joab’s barley field, which is next to his. He did this because he want to see the king’s face. He lived in Jerusalem without seeing the face of the king for 2 years (v. 28-32).

Did King David finally allowed Absalom to see his face?
Yes (v. 33).

2 Samuel 15

What did Absalom provided for himself in the course of time?
A chariot and horses and 50 men that run before him (v. 1).

How did Absalom won the hearts of the people?
Absalom would get up early and stand at the road side that lead to the city gate. He would tell the people who are bringing their cases to the king that if only there is someone who listen to their plea. Then, he suggested himself as the perfect judge who will see that they receive justice. Absalom would take hold and kiss anyone who approach him to bow down (v. 1-6).

How many years did Absalom keep on doing this?
4 years (v. 7).

Where did Absalom request permission from King David to go?
Absalom asked for permission to go to Hebron with the excuse to fulfill a vow he made to God, that if he brings him back safely, then he will worship him there (v. 7-8).

What is actially Absalom’s plot behind this?
Actually, Absalom is plotting a rebel against King David. He had invited 200 men from Jerusalem to go to hebron, who will crown him as king. He instructed the people to shout, “Absalom is king in Hebron” as soon as the trumpet sound (v. 10-11).

What did David do when he learned about the conspiration of Absalom?
He and his men move quicly to flee (v. 13-14).

How many concubines did David left to look after the palace?
10 concubines (v. 16).

Who stayed back to help David?
Zadok, Ahimaaz, Jonathan and Hushai. Ahimaaz and Jjonathan is to stay back to inform him anything they heard at the king’s palace at the fords in the wilderness (v. 27-28, 36). Hushai is to stay back by frustrating Ahitophel’s advice (v. 34).

2 Samuel 16

What did Ziba bring to David?
He had a string of donkeys that are loaded with food including 200 loaves of bread, 100 cakes of raisins, 100 cakes of figs and a skin of wine (v. 1).

What did David say after Ziba told him Mephibosheth stayed in Jerusalem?
David gave him all that belonged to Mephibosheth (v. 4).

Who curses David when he was approaching Bahurim?
Shimei curses David and threw stones at his officials, saying that God is repaying him for the blood he shed on the household of Saul (v. 5-8).

Why did David rebuked Abishai?
David rebuked Abishai for wanting to strike Shimei, because he reasoned that he curse because God made him (v. 9-10).

What advice did Ahitiphel give to Absalom? Did Absalom listen to him?
Ahitophel suggested Absalom to sleep with David’s concubines. He did this to hint that he has replaced David by repudiating him (v. 21-23).

2 Samuel 17

What plan did Ahitophel suggested to Absalom?
Ahitophel plan is he would set out with 12,000 men he chose to find David. He would attack and kill him when he is tired and weak (v. 1-4).

What plan did Hushai suggested to Absalom?
Hushai plan is Absalom be the army commander and lead warriors from Dan to Beersheba to fight David. If David withdraw into the city, they can use ropes to drag the wall down (v. 11-13).

Whose advice did Absalom listen?
Hushai (v. 14).

Who informed David to cross the fords in the wilderness?
A servant is supposed to go to inform Jonathan and Ahimaaz but a man of Absalom overheard it. Therefore, Jonathan and Ahimaaz had made the trip to the fords to inform King David themselves (v. 17-19).

How did Joanathan and Ahimaaz escaped from Absalom?
Jonathan and Ahimaaz climbed down a well in the courtyard of a man in Bahurim. Then, the man’s wife covered the well with grain so that no one suspect anything. When Absalom’s men came, the woman told them they had crossed over the brook. They returned to Jerusalem when they were unable to find Jonathan and Ahimaaz (v. 17-20).

What did Ahitophel do when he saw that Absalom did not follow his advice?
He hanged himself after putting his house in order (v. 23).

Who was put in charge of Absalom’s army?
Amasa (v. 25).

Who brought provisions for David?
Shobi, Makir, and Barzillai brought bedding, bowls, articles of pottery and food including wheat and barley, flour and roasted grain, beans and lentils, honey and curds, sheep, and cheese from cows’ milk for the people to eat as they had been exhausted in the wilderness (v. 27-29).

2 Samuel 18

How many groups did David divided his men into?
3 groups with 1/3 under the command of Joab, 1/3 under Joab’s brother Abishai son of Zeruiah, and 1/3 under Ittai the Gittite (v. 2).

What reminder did David gave to Joab, Abishai, and Ittai?
To be gentle to his son, Absalom (v. 5).

Where did the war take place?
The forest of Ephraim (v. 6)

Whose army is winning the battle?
David’s men had inflicted 20,000 casualties. However, more people died by falling in the forest themselves than by the sword (v. 6-8).

What happened to Absalom while he was riding a mule?
Absalom’s hair got stuck in an oak tree. The mule he rode ran away, leaving him hanging in midair (v. 9).

How did Joab learned about Absalom during the battle? What is Joab’s reaction to the man who report it to him?
One of the men who saw Absalom went to report it to Joab. He rebuked him for not killing Absalom otherwise he would have rewarded him with 10 shekels of silver and a warrior’s belt. The man would not kill him because he heard the king saying not to harm him and he did not want to risk his life for that (v. 10-13).

How did Absalom die?
Joab decided to kill Absalom. He stuck 3 javelins into the heart of Absalom. Then, the 10 armor bearers of Joab finished him off (v. 14-15).

Where was Absalom buried?
They threw Absalom’s corpse into a big pit in the forest and covered it with a large heap of rocks (v. 17).

Who brought the news to David after the war stop?
Joab initially sent the Cushite but Ahimaaz wanted to run for the news so he also let him take the news to David. Ahimaaz arrived first but it was from the Cushite that King David found out that his son, Absalom is dead (v. 19-33).

How did King David feel after he learned that Absalom is dead?
King David went up to the room above the gateway and wept. He wished he had died in his son’s place (v. 33).

2 Samuel 19

What advice did Joab give to King David when he saw him crying for Absalom?
Joab rebuked him for humiliating the men for loving those who hate him and hating those who love him, that he would be happy if Absalom is alive and all of them are dead. He advised him to go out to encourage the men otherwise no one will be left at his side by nightfall (v. 1-8).

What did Shimei do when he meet King David? Did King David forgive him?
Shimei apologized to King David for being rude to him whe he was leaving Jerusalem. Yes, King David did forgive him and not kill him (v. 18-23).

Why did Mephibosheth not go with King David?
Mephibosheth explained that he couldn’t walk and Ziba left without helping him to the donkey (v. 24-26).

Who cross the Jordan with King David?
Kimham, the servant of Barzillai (v. 37).

Why did the men of Israel argue with the men of Judah?
The men of Judah seems to be stealing the king’s favor away by arriving first to meet David (v. 41).

2 Samuel 20

How did Sheba led the people to rebel against David?
Sheba soundd a trumpet and lef the people away from David (v. 1)

Where did David keep the 10 concubines?
David put the 10 concubines in a house under guard. He still provide for them but he never sleep with them anymore (v. 3).

What mission did David ordered Amasa to do?
David ordered Amasa to summon the men of Judah to him in 3 days but Amasa was taking longer time (v. 4-5).

Who killed Amasa?
Joab plunged a dagger into Amsa’s belly and his intenstines spilled out. He died at just one stab (v. 9-10).

How did the woman saved the town of Abel Beth Maakah?
The woman told Joab about the origin of Abel Beth Maakah, that people used to go there to get good advice so it is like a mother in Israel. Joab then said he attacks the town because the man he is looking for, Sheba is in the town. The woman made a deal to throw Sheba’s head over to Joab. She talked with the people and they chopped off Sheba’s head and threw it to Joab. This ended the war and everyone returned home (v. 14-22).

2 Samuel 21

Why was there famine for 3 years?
God was punishing the land with 3 years of famine because Saul put the Gibeonites to death. This is a sin because the Israelite made a peace treaty with the Gibeonites (Joshua 9:14-15).

What did the Gibeonites demand from David?
The Gibeonites demanded David to hand over 7 male descendants of Saul so King David gave them the 2 sons of Rizpah including Armoni and Mephibosheth and the 5 sons of Merab (v. 3-9).

How did Rizpah look after the bodies?
Rizpah did not let the birds touch the bodies from beginning of harvest until when it is raining (v. 10).

Where did they bury the bones of Saul and Jonathan?
The bones of Saul and Jonathan and the 7 descendants of Saul that were killed were buried in the tomb of Saul’s father Kish, at Zela in the territory of Benjamin (v. 14).

Which of David’s men killed the four Raphites?
Abishai son of Zeruiah killed Ishbi-Benob, who was armed with a bronze spearhead that weighed 300 shekels and a new sword (c. 15-17)

Sibbekai the Hushathite killed Saph in a battle against the Philistines at Gob (v. 18).

Elhanan son of Jair killed brother of Goliath, the Gittite, who was armed with a spear like a weaver rod (v. 19).

Jonathan son of Shimeah killed a huge man descended from Rapha that had 6 fingers and 6 toes (v. 20).

2 Samuel 22

What is the song of David about?
The song is about how God give David victories and delivered him from his enemies when he trust on him and walk in his ways.

2 Samuel 23

Who are included in the Three?
Josheb-Basshebeth,a a Tahkemonite, Eleazar son of Dodai the Ahohite, and Shammah son of Agee the Hararite.

What is the valiant act of Josheb-Basshebeth?
Josheb-Basshebeth,a a Tahkemonite, killed 800 men with his spear (v. 8).

What is the valiant act of Eleazar son of Dodai the Ahohite?
Eleazar son of Dodai the Ahohite alone struck down the Philistines at Pas Dammim until his hand was froze to the sword. The troops only came back to strip the dead (v. 9-10).

What is the valiant act of Shammah son of Agee the Hararite?
Shammah son of Agee the Hararite struck down the Philistines when they came to raid the lentils field (v. 11-12).

What did the three warriors do when David was at the cave of Adullam?
They broke through the Philistines line to get water from the well near the Bethlehem gate so that David can have a drink. However, he refused it to drink because it is like the blood of men who risk their lives for him (v. 13-17).

What is the valiant act of Abishai the brother of Joab?
Abishai killed 300 men with his spear (v. 18-19).

What is the valiant act of Benaiah son of Jehoiada?
Benaiah son of Jehoiada killed 2 Moabite mighties warriors. He also killed a lion in a pit on a snowdy day. He used a club to kill an Egyprian that was armed with a spear (v. 20-23).

How many warriors were listed in the Thirty?
37 (v. 39).

2 Samuel 24

Why is God angry with David?
David numbered his fighting men. The people sinned by not paying half a shekel as ransom for their lives (Exodus 30:12-16).

What options did God give to David as punishment for his sin? Which option did David choose?
3 years of famine in your land, 3 months of fleeing from your enemies or 3 days of plague in the land. David chose the 3rd option because he knows God is merciful (v. 13-14)

Where was it that God commanded the angel to withdraw his hand from afflicting the people?
At the threshing place of Araunah the Jebusite (v. 16).

What did Gad told David to do?
Gad instructed David to build an altar to God at the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite (v. 18).

How did David acquire the threshing floor of Araunah?
Araunah wanted to give all including the land, oxen for burnt offering, threshing sledges and ox yokes for wood, for free. However, David insisted on paying for it. David bought it for 50 shekels of silver (v. 21-25).

What did David built in the threshing floor?
David built an altar and offered burnt offerings and fellowship offerings and God stopped the plague on Israel (v. 25).

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