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1 Samuel Bible Study Questions

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1 Samuel 1

How many wives did Elkanah had?
Elkanah had two wives including Hannah and Penninah (v. 2).

Which wife did Elkanah love more? Which one had children and which one did not have children?
Elkanah loved Hannah more. He always give double portions of meat to Hannah when they go to the worship place at Shiloh. Peninnah had children but Hannah did not have children (v. 2-8).

Why was Hannah unhappy?
Hannah was unhappy because Peninnah kept provoking her to irritate her that she is barren (v. 6).

What did Hannah pray while at the worship place ShiloH? WHat promise did she made to God?
Hannah prayed in her hearts while moving her lips for God to give him a child. She promised to give him to God if God give her a son (v, 11).

Did Hannah have a child later? What is the name of her child?
Yes. Hannah named her son, Samuel.

Did Hannah went up to the worship place in Shiloh the following year?
No. She stayed at home to nurse her son until he is weaned before dedicating him to God at Shiloh (v. 23).

Why did Hannah bring the boy Samuel to the worship place at Shilog again?
She brought Samuel to the worship place at Shiloh to give him to God. Samuel will stay there and serve God alongside with the priest Eli from onwards. She did this to fulfill the promise she made at Shiloh
(v. 26-28).

1 Samuel 2

What is the song of Hannah about?
Hannah’s song is about God exalting the humble and lowly and bringing down those who are arrogant. If you trust in God as your Rock, God will answer your prayer and see you through your problem.

Why are Eli’s sons wicked in God’s eyes?
Eli’s sons did not respect the sacrifices that people offered to God at Shiloh. They would send servants with three pronged fork to take more meat that are not their share from the people, while it is being boiled. In addition, they also ask for raw meat from the people who offer sacrifice because they want to roast them (v. 13-15). This is against God’s commandments as he commanded that the fat of the fellowship offering be burned off as a food offering to him (Leviticus 3:9-11).

What did Hannah bring his son every year?
Every year, Hannah would make a little robe for Samuel (v. 19).

How many more children did Hannah later have?
She had another 3 sons and 2 daughters (v. 21).

What did the man of God prophesied to the high priest Eli?
The man of God prophesied that God will cut off all the descendants from Eli’s family line. The sign is his two sons, Hophni and Phinehas will die on the same day (v. 34). God did this because he was angry with the way Eli’s two sons disrespect the sacrifices that people presented to God. He was also angry with Eli not doing anything to stop his sons from disrespecting the sacrifices offered to God. Eli even eat the choice parts of every offering that is supposed to be offered to God (v. 29).

1 Samuel 3

What did Samuel do when he heard a voice calling him? Why?
Samuel though the priest, Eli was calling him so he ran to him. Samuel didm’t know God called him because he never heard God’s voice before. When the third time God called him, Eli realized it was God calling him and he instructed him what to say (v. 10).

What did God told Samuel?
God told Samuel that he is going to destroiy the household of Eli so that none of them will serve as priest anymore. This is because his sons blasphemed God and he compromised by failing to restrain them (v. 11-14).

How did God manifest himself to the people through Samuel?
Every prophesy that Samuel made came true and people from Dan to Beersheba attested that he is a prophet of God (v. 19-21).

1 Samuel 4

Who won the battle?
The Philistines won the battle. They killed about 4,000 Israelite in the battle (v. 2).

What did the Israelite decided to do to win the war?
The israelite decided to bring the ark of the covenant into the army camp. They believe God will be with them and help them win the battle if the ark of the covenant is in the camp. This is because God is enthroned in between the cherubim (v. 3-4).

Who carried the ark of the covenant to the Israelite camp?
Hophni and Phinehas (v. 4).

Why were the Philistines afraid?
The Philistines were curious when they heard such as great shout in the Israelite camp that the ground shook. When they learned that the Israelite had brought the ark of the covenant into the camp, they encouraged their soldiers to fight bravely in the war (v. 5-9).

Who won the second battle? Who was killed?
The Philistines did fought bravely in the battle. They managed to slauhtered 30,000 Israelite foot soldiers (v. 10) They also killed Eli’s two sons, Hophni and Phinehas (v. 11)

What did the Philisines capture in the battle?
Tey camptured the ark of God (v. 11).

How did Eli reacted when a Benjamite reported the news to him?
Eli was shocked when he heard the news that the ark of God was captured and that his two sons had died. He was sitting on a chair by the road side at the time. He fell backward in his chair and broke his neck and died (v. 13, 18)

What did Phinehas’ wife named her son? What does the name mean?
Ichabod, because the Glory of God has departed Israel (v. 21).

1 Samuel 5

Where did the Philistines placed the ark of God?
The Philistines placed the ark of God in the temple of their god, Dagon. They set it beside the statue, Dagon (v. 2).

What happened when the Philistines woke up in the morning?
They discovered that the statue, Dagon, had fallen on the ground before the ark of God. They set it back to its place again. Jowever, the next morning, the head and hands of the statue were broken off (v. 3-4).

What did God do to punish the Philistines for capturing the ark?
God struck the Philistines with boils no matter where they moved the ark including Ashdod, Gath, and Ekron.

What did they decided to do with the ark of God in the end?
The Philistines decided to send the ark of God back to Israel to stop the death caused by the epidemic (v. 11-12).

1 Samuel 6

How long did the ark of God remained in Philistine?
7 months (v. 1).

What did the Philistine priests and diviners suggested to do?
They suggested to send back the ark of God with 5 gold models of tumors and 5 gold models of rats. They are to put the ark of God on a new cart that is hitched to two cows that have calves but never been yoked before. They are to send the cows on their way to Beth Shemesh. If the cow stay on the road and arrive at Beth Shemesh, it means that it is God who struck them with the plague of boils. If it turn aside to other roads, it means that the plague happened by chance (v. 7-9).

Did the cows arrived at the appointed destination?
Yes, the cows stayed on the road, lowing all the way, until they reach the border of Beth Shemesh (v. 11).

What was the reaction of the people of Beth Shemesh when they saw the ark of God?
The people of Beth Shemesh rejoiced when they saw the ark of God. They chopped up the cart and used the wood to offer a burnt offering of the two cows (v. 13).

Who took down the ark of God?
The Levites took down the ark of God, the gold models and put them on a large rock (v. 15)

What happened to some of the inhabitants of Beth Shemesh? Why?
God killed 70 inhabitants of Beth Shemesh for looking into the ark of God (1 Samuel 6:19). This is because only the priests can handle the ark of God. Anyone else that try to touch or look into it will die (Numbers 4:15, 19).

1 Samuel 7

Where did the people placed the ark of God? How many years it remained there?
They brought it to the house of Abinadab and his son, Eleazar guard it. The ark remained there for 20 years (v. 1-2).

What did Samuel told the people to do to get right with God?
Samuel instructed the people to get rid of the foreign gods and Ashtoreths and serve God only (v. 3).

Who came to attack the Israelite at Mizpah?
The Philistines (v. 7).

What did Samuel told the Israelite to do when he heard the enemies coming?
Samuel told the Israelite not to stop crying out to God (v. 8).

How did God threw the Philistines into confusion?
God sent a loud thunder against the Philistines (v. 10).

Where did Samuel route in his duty as judge of Israel?
Samuel routed Bethel to Gilgal to Mizpah and then eventually return to Ramah (v. 16).

1 Samuel 8

Who are Samuel’s sons?
Joel and Abijah (v. 2).

What did the people complain about Samuel’s sons?
Samuel’s sons did not rule in justice and they received dishonest gain and bribes (v. 3).

What did Samuel warn the people for wanting a king to reign over them?
Samuel warned the people that the king will make their sons serve with his chariots and horses, assign them to be commanders of thousands and fifties, plow his ground and reap his harvest, make weapons of war and equipments for chariots. The king will make their daughters work as his perfumers, cooks and bakers. The king will give the best of your fields and vineyards and olive groves to his attendants. He will give 1/10 of their grain and vintage to his officials and attendants. He will take their male and female servants, and the best of their cattle and donkeys. He will take 1/10 of the flocks and the people will serve as his slaves (v. 10-18).

Did the people still want a king after Samuel warned them? Why?
Yes, the Israelite still want a king because they want a king to lead them and go out to fight the battles for them (v. 19-20)

What is God’s reponse to the peope’s request for a king?
God decided to give the Israelite a king (v. 21-22)

1 Samuel 9

What did Kish sent his son, Saul to find?
Kish sent his son, Saul to find some lost donkeys (v. 3).

What did Saul and his servant decided to do when they couldn’t find it?
They decided to inquire the man of God in the district of Zuph. The servant had a 1/4 of a shekel of silver to give the man of God (v. 8).

How did Saul find Samuel?
They met some young women who were coming out to draw water when going up the hill to the town. They told him that he will meet with the man of God as he enter the town (v. 13).

Where did Samuel invite Saul?
Samuel invited Saul to the feast at the high place. He had reserved a piece of meat for him as God told him he will meet the one he will anoint to be king that day (v. 19-24).

Who did Samuel anoint as king of Israel?

1 Samuel 10

What did Samuel prophesied to Saul? Did they come true?
Samuel prophesied Saul will meet 2 men at Rachel’s tomb who told him that the donkeys he is searching for have been found. After that, Saul will meet 3 men going up to Bethel at the great tree of Tabor. One will carry 3 young goats, one will carry 3 loaves of bread and nother 1 skin of wine. One of them will give 2 loaves of bread. Next, Saul will come to Gibeah and meet a group of prophets that is prophesying and singing with lyres, timbrels, pipes and harps. Saul will prophesy with them and he will be a changed person (v. 5-6).

How was Saul crowned as king?
Samuel had all the tribes gathered to him. Then, the tribe of Benjamin was taken and thenm the Matri clan is take and finally Sayl the son of Kish is taken (v. 20-21).

Did everyone agree to Saul being king?
No, there were some that opposed Saul but he was humble and kept quiet about it (v. 26-27).

1 Samuel 11

What did Nahash the Ammonite treatened the people of Jabesh Gilead?
Nahash threatened to gouge out the right eyes of the people before he will make a treaty with them (v. 1-2).

On what condition will the elders of Jabesh make a peace treaty with Nahash?
The elders of Jabesh Gilead promised to surrender to Nahash if no one come to rescue them after they send messengers (v. 3).

What is Saul’s reaction when he heard the news?
Saul chopped a pair of oxen into pieces and send them by messengers throughout Israel with the message, that anyone who did not follow Saul and Samuel will be chopped into pieces like the oxen.

How many men did Saul managed to muster?
330,000 (v. 8).

How did Saul defeat Nahash?
Saul divided his men into 3 groups and attacked the Ammonite camp until the heat of the day. The survivors were scattered (v. 11).

Where did the people went to confirm the kingship of Saul?
Gilgal (v. 15).

1 Samuel 12

Did Samuel ever take anything from Israel as wages?
No (v. 1-5)

Why is the Israelite wrong in wanting a king?
They are rejecting God as their king (v. 12).

What will happen if the king and the people rebel against God’s commandments?
God’s hand will be against them, as how he punished their ancestors by delivering them into the hands of oppressors (v. 15).

What did Samuel instructed the people to do?
Not to turn away from God and serve God with all their heart (v. 20).

1 Samuel 13

How many soldiers were with Saul at Mikmash? How many soldiers were with Jonathan at Gibeah?
2000 with Saul and 1000 with Jonathan (v. 2).

Why did the Philistines attack the Israelite? How many Philistine soldiers had assembled to fight Israel?
Jonathan attacked the outpost that belonged to the Philistine at Geba. The Philistines assembled to attack Israel after learning about it (v. 3).

What is the reaction of the Israelite when they saw the Philistines army?
They were fightened and went to hid in caves, thickets, rocks, pits and cisterns (v. 6).

What did Saul do when Samuel did not arrive after 7 days?
Saul offered up the burnt offering and fellowship offering himself (v. 8-9).

Why did Samuel rebuked Saul? What is the consequence of Saul’s sin?
Samuel rebuked Saul because he offered the sacrifices first without waiting for him. It is wrong for Saul to offer the sacrifices because he is not the priest. The consequence is that God had rejected Saul to be Israel’s king. He had raised up another man after his own heart to become king (v. 13-14).

Why is Israel without sword or spear?
The Philistines had eliminated all the blacksmiths (v. 19).

What did the Israelite use as weapon instead?
plow points, mattocks, axes, goads and sickles (v. 20-21)

1 Samuel 14

What did Jonathan and his armor bearer decided to do? Did Saul know about this?
They decided to venture into the Philistine outpost on the other side. Saul didn’t know about it (v. 1).

What is on each side of the pass that Jonathan wanted to cross?
Cliff, one cliff is toward Mikmash and the other cliff is toward Geba (v. 5)

What is the sign that God will deliver the Philistines into their hands according to Jonathan?
They will cross over to let the Philistines see them. It is God’s sign that they will win if the Philistines say come up to them (v. 8-10)

How many men did Jonathan and his armor bearer killed?
20 men in 1/2 acre of land (v. 14).

What happened after Jonathan attacked the Philistines camp?
The whole Philistine camp panic and their army were running in all directions (v. 15-16).

What oath did Saul made the Israelite soldiers swear?
They are not to eat before they finish avenging on their enemies (v. 24)

What did Jonathan found in the forest? What did he do with it?
Honey on the ground (v. 25) He put his staff into the honeycomb and eat it (v. 27).

How did Jonathan persuade the people to forsake Saul’s oath?
He persuaded them to taste a little of the honey so that their eyes will be brightened like theirs (v. 29).

What did Saul instruct the Israelite to do when he saw them slaughtering sheep?
He told them to bring their cattle and sheep to the large stone so that they won’t eat meat with blood in it (v. 33-34)

Did Saul saved Israel from their oppressors?
Yes, he valiantly fought against Israel’s enemies such as Moab, the Ammonites, Edom, the kingse of Zobah, and the Philistines (v. 47).

Who are the sons and daughters of Saul?
Saul had 3 sons including Jonathan, Ishvi, and Malki Shua. He had 2 daughters including Merab and Michal (v. 49).

Who is the commander of Saul’s army?
Abner, son of Ner, Saul’s uncle (v. 50).

1 Samuel 15

What did Samuel instructed Saul to do?
Samuel instructed Saul to kill the Amalekites completely including men, women, children, infants, cattle, sheep, camels and donkeys (v.1-3).

Did Saul obey Samuel’s instruction completely?
No. Saul spared the king of Amalek, King Agag and the best of sheep, cattle, fat calves and lambs (v. 9).

How did Samuel rebuked Saul?
Samuel rebuked Saul for not destroying the Amalekites completely according to God’s instruction. Saul’s excuse is that he spared the animals so that he could offer sacrifices to God. But Samuel rebuked him because God does not want our sacrifices but just follow his commandments plainly (v. 14-23)

What did Saul begged Samuel to do?
Saul begged Samuel to go back to worship God with him so that he won’t be embarassed before the elders of people and Israel (v. 24-30)

Who killed King Agag?
Samuel (v. 33).

1 Samuel 16

What excuse did Samuel give to prevent King Saul from having suspision of him?
Samuel told the elders of Bethlehem that he had come to offer sacrifice to the Lord (v. 5).

Who did Samuel invited?
Jesse and his sons (v. 5)

What did God told Samuel when he assumed that God will anoint Jesse’s oldest sons?
But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7 KJV)

Who did God told Samuel to anoint as king of Israel?
David, the youngest son of Jesse (v. 11-13).

What came on David after Samuel anointed him?
The Spirit of God came upon David after Samuel anointed him from that day onward (v. 13).

What did David do in Saul’s service?
He played lyre for Saul and he would feel better after that (v. 23).

1 Samuel 17

Describe the giant from te Philistine camp.
The Philistine giant had a height of 6 cubits and a span. He is equipped with a bronze helmet and scale armor of bronze that weigned 5,000 shekels. He wore bronze greaves on his leg. He carried bronze javelin on his back. His spear shaft is like weaver rod and had iron point that weighed 600 shekels (v. 4-6).

How did the Philistine giant laugh at the Israelite soldiers?
He challenged the Israelite to send a man to fight with him. If te Israelite win, the Philistines will become their subjects. If the Israelite lost, Saul and all the Israelites will become their subjects (v. 8-11).

Where did Jesse sent his son David?
Jesse sent David to see how his brothers in the army are doing? David brought a long some food supply with him including 1 ephah of roasted grain and ten loaves of bread for the brothers, and ten cheeses to the commander of their unit (v. 17).

What did Jesse overheard after arriving at the Israelite camp?
He overheard the Israelite soldiers discussing about what Saul will give as reward to the man who defeat the Philistine giant?

What did King Saul offered for the man who defeat the Philistine giant?
Saul will give his daughter in marriage to the man who defeat the Pilistine giant. besides, his family won’t have to pay tax anymore (v. 25)

What was David’s reaction when he saw the Philistine giant?
David rebuked the Philistine giant for defying the Israelite army who has God as their head (v. 26)

How was David brought before King Saul to fight the Philistine giant?
Someone overheard what David said and reported him to Saul (v. 31).

Did David feel comfortable in Saul’s armor?
No (v. 38-39).

What did David used to fight the Philistine giant?
He picked up 5 smooth stones and put them in the pouch. He also had a sling (v. 40).

How did the Philistine giant die in David’s hand?
David shoot a stone with his sling toward the head of the Philistine giant. The stone struck his forehead and he died (v. 49)

Whose sword did David use to cut off Goliath’s head?
Goliath’s sword (v. 51).

1 Samuel 18

How did Jonathan love David?
Jonathan loved David as much as he love himself (v. 3).

Why was Saul jealous of David?
Saul became jealous when he heard the people dancing as they sang, “Saul hath slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands.” (1 Samuel 18:7 KJV)

How did Saul plan to eliminate David initially?
Saul promised David that he would give his older daughter, Merab, in marriage to him if he fight battles for him. But Saul was really thinking that he want David to die in the war with the Philistines so that he didn’t have to kill him by himself (v. 17)

What did David need to do to marry Michal?
Saul wants David to give 100 Philistine foreskins for the bride price of his younger daughter, Michal (v. 25).


1 Samuel 19


What did Jonathan do when his father told him he want to kill David?
He warned David about it, telling him to be cautious and go into hiding. He told him he will talk to his father about it at the field where David is hiding and let him know more (v. 1-3).

How did Jonathan speak of David to Saul?
Jonathan spoke well of David to Saul. He reminded his father how he has helped him killed Goliath and that he has never done anything wrong against him (v. 4-5).

How did Saul tried to kill David when he was sitting in his house?
Saul tried to pin David to the wall with his spear when he was playing the lyre (v. 9-10).

What did Saul do to capture David after he escape?
Saul sent men to watch David’s house so that they can kill him in the morning (v. 11).

How did David escape from Saul?
Michal, his wife, helped him to escape through the window. Then, she took an idol and covered it with a garment. She also put some goats hair at the head to prevent Saul’s men from suspecting (v. 12-13).

Where did David went after escaping?
David went to Samuel at Ramah and told him all that had happened (v. 18).

What happened to Saul when he arrived at Naioth in Ramah?
The Spirit of God came upon Saul so that he prophesied until he came to Naioth. While at Naioth, he became naked by taking off all his clothes and prophesied in the presence of Samuel (v. 23-24).

1 Samuel 20


What favor did David want Jonathan to do for him?
David asked Jonathan to tell his father, King Saul, to excuse him becaus he need to go back to bethlehem o celebrate an annual sacrifice for the whole clan. If the king says OK, it means he did not intend to kill David. If the king became angry, it means he wants to harm David (v. 4-8).

What oath did Jonathan made with David?
To show kindness to surviving family members if he and his father and his family died (v. 14-15)

What is the sign that Jonathan will use to tell David if he is safe?
Jonathan will shoot 3 arrows to the side of the place where he hide. Then, he will send a boy and ask him to find the arrows. If he send the boy to get a near arrow, it means David is safe. If the he send the boy to get a far arrow, it means David is not safe and he must escape (v. 18-23).

What is Saul’s reaction when Jonathan told him the escuse David gave?
Saul was enraged (v. 30-31).

What is Jonathan’s final farewell to David?
They kissed each other. They cried together. David cried the most (v. 41).

1 Samuel 21


What did David ask from Ahimelech? Did Ahimelech give it to him?
Bread and sword. Ahimelech gave him the Holy Bread (v. 6) and the sword of Goliath (v. 9).

Which of Saul’s men was there when David went to Ahimelech in Nob?
Doeg, the Edomite, the chief shepherd of Saul (v. 7)

How did David protect himself from King Achish of Gath?
David pretended to be mad by making marks on the gate doors and letting saliva flowing from the beard (v. 13).

1 Samuel 22


How many men joined David at the cave of Adullam?
400 men (v. 2).

Where did David send his parents?
He entrusted his parents into the hands of the king of Moab (v. 3)

Who told Saul about David going to Ahimelech?
Doeg, the Edomite (v. 9)

What did Saul tell the guards at his side to do? Did they obey him?
To kill Ahimelech and the priests. The guards did not because they feared God (v. 16-17)

Who killed Ahimelech and the people of Nob?
Doeg, the Edomite (v. 18)

Who managed to escape from Saul?
Abiathar, the son of Ahitub, the son of Ahimelech (v. 20).

1 Samuel 23


Did David delivered the people of Keilah?
Yes, David saved the people of Keilah by inflicting heavy losses on the Philistines. He also pundered the Philistines. (v. 5).

What did Saul plotted to do when he knew that David was in Keilah?
Saul plotted to beseige David and his men, thinking he is trapped in a town with gates and bars (v. 7).

Where did David hide after escaping from Keilah?
In the strongholds in the wilderness and the hills of Desert of Ziph (v. 14).

Where did Jonathan meet David and encouraged him?
Horesh (v. 16-17).

Who reported to Saul about David’s whereabouts?
The Ziphites (v. 19)

How did David managed to escape from Saul after Saul learned that he was at Horesh, on the hill of Hakilah, south of Jeshimon?
Saul was on one side of the mountain while David was on the other side. When they nearly encounter each other, a messenger came to tell Saul that the Philistines have come to roaid the land so Saul had to return (v. 26-28).

1 Samuel 24


Who was in the cave that Saul went to relieve himself?
David and his men (v. 3).

What did David do when Saul was asleep?
David cut off a corner of Saul’s robe (v. 5).

What did David warn his men at the cave?
David warned his man not to lay a hand on Saul because he is God’s anointed king (v. 6-7).

What did David say to Saul after Saul exited the cave?
David told him how he had spared his life in the cave, and only cutting off a piece of cloth he cut from his robe. He rebuked him for hunting him down to take his life when he do nothing wrong at all. He knew that God will deal with him for what he do (v. 8-13).

What is Saul’s reaction when he heard David?
Saul wept aloud. He knew that David will be king one day. He wanted David to promise him not to cut off his descendants after he die (v. 16-21)

1 Samuel 25


Who is Nabal? Who is his wife?
Nabal is a rich man from Maoh. His wife was Abigail (v. 2).

How many goats and sheep did Nabal had?
1.000 goats and 3,000 sheep (v. 2).

What favor did David asked from Nabal?
David asked Nabal to share his food since he is shering his sheep at that time. David’s men often help to look after Nabal’s sheep so that they are always safe in Carmel (v. 7-8)

What is David’s reaction when Nabal refused to return his favor?
David was angry. He told his 400 men to strap on their swords to attack Nabal’s household. The rest stayed behind to watch the food supplies (v. 12-13)

How did Abigal saved her household?
Abigail quickly load the donkeys with 200 loaves of bread, 2 skins of wine, 5 dressed sheep, 5 seahs of roasted grain, 100 cakes of raisins and 200 cakes of pressed figs. Abigail apologised to David for Nabal’s mistakes (v. 25). She prayed that David won’t sin by killing innocent people but let God deal with his enemies himself (v. 29).

What happened to Nabal when Abigail told him she helped David?
Nabal had a heart attack and he became stiff like stone. After 10 ays, Nabal died (v. 37-38).

Whose wife did Abigail became after Nabal died?
David (v. 39-42).

1 Samuel 26


Where did Saul and his men rest?
Beside the road on the hill of Hakilah facing Jeshimon (v. 3).

Who accompanied David to Saul’s camp?
Abishai (v. 6).

Where was Saul lying?
Saul was lying beside his spear stuck in the ground (v. 7).

What did David took from Saul’s camp?
The spear and water jug near Saul’s head (v. 12).

What did David say to Saul after he climbed up to the hill some distance away?
David rebuked Saul for hunting him down when he done no wrong at all. He hoped that he will not die in a foreign land (v. 17-20).

Did David return what he took from Saul’s camp?
Yes, he asked Saul to send one of his men to get Saul’s spear (v. 22)

1 Samuel 27

Where did David go to escape from Saul permanently?
The land of the Philistines (v. 1).

Which city did King Achish gave to David?
Ziklag (v. 5-6).

Where did David always go raiding? What did he tell Achish instead?
The Geshurites, the Girzites and the Amalekites. He always kill all the residents of the village so that there is not witness.To prevent King Achish from suspecting him, he told him that he always raid the Israelite villages such as Negev of Judah” or “Against the Negev of Jerahmeel” or “Against the Negev of the Kenites (v. 8-12).

1 Samuel 28

What is David’s reaction when Achish told him he had to fight against Israel?
David was willing to fight against Israel (v. 2).

Where did Saul go to speak to the spirit of Samuel?
A medium at Endo (v. 7)

Did the medium managed to bring up the spirit of Samuel?
Yes (v. 11-14).

What did the spirit of Samuel told Saul?
Samuel told Saul that God had rejected him as king and he will lose the battle to the Philistines. Saul and his sons will go down into the world of the dead by tomorrow (v. 16-19).

What is Saul’s reaction after hearing Samuel’s message?
Saul was so afraid that he felt full length on the ground (v. 20).

1 Samuel 29

Did David follow the Philistine soldiers to fight against Israel eventually? Why?
No because the Philistine commanders argued that David might side with the Israelites and fight against them (v. 4-7).

1 Samuel 30

What did David and his men found when they arrive at Ziklag?
On arrival, they found Ziklag burned down and everyone taken captive (v. 1-2).

How many men follow David to fight the raiding party?
400 men. The rest of the 200 was too tired to cross the Besor Valley and stayed behind to look after the supplies (v. 9-10).

Who led David to the raiding party?
An Egyptian slave (v. 11-16).

Did David manage to restore back the people and the plundered goods?
Yes (v. 17-20).

How was the plunders divided between David’s men?
The plunders were divided between the men who go into war and the men who stayed back to watch the supplies (v. 23-24).

1 Samuel 31


Did Saul win the battle against the Philistines?
No, he was shot by the arcers. Then, he told his armor bearer to kill him because he don’t want to die in the hands of the Philistines (v. 3-4)

Who die in the battle? What did the Philistines do to them?
Saul and his three sons including Jonathan, Abinadab and Malki-Shua. They cut off Saul’s head and hung his body on the wall of Beth Shan (v. 2, 9-10)

Who bury Saul and his sons?
Some brave men from Jabesh Gilead went to Beth Shan and stole their bodies away. They buried them under a tamarisk tree at Jabesh (v. 12-13).

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