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1 Kings Bible Study Questions


1 Kings 1

Who waited on King David when he is old?
A young women called Abishag, a Shunammite (v. 3).

What did Adonijah got for himself? Did his father rebuked him?
Chariots, horses and 50 men to run ahead of him (v. 5).

Who gave support to Adonijah’s plot to be king?
Joab son of Zeruiah and with Abiathar the priest (v. 7).

How did Nathan helped Solomon to be king?
Nathan instructed Bathsheba to go to King David and remind him about the promise he made, that Solomon will succeeed him as the king of Israel. Bathsheba did as Nathan told her and she told the king that Adonijah had made himself king now.

While Bathshaba was speaking, Nathan came in and interceded for her. Then, King David commanded that Solomon be mounted on his mule and brought to Gihon. After that, Zadok and Nathan are to anoint Solomon as king of Israel. Finally, the people are to blow the trupet and shout “Long live King Solomon”. They did everything as King David said and Solomon was crowned king at Gihon (v. 11-40)

What is Adonijah’s reaction when he learned from Jonathan that Solomon was crowned king?
Adonijah was frightened. His guests dispersed. He went to take hld of the horns of the altar and refused to let go unless King Solomon swear not to put him to death (v. 49-51)

Did Solomon put Adonijah to death for his attempt to make himself king?
Solomon did spared Adonijah (v. 52-53).

1 Kings 2


How did David instructed Solomon concerning God’s commandments?
David instructed Solomon to walk in obedience to God’s commandments and he will prosper in all he do (v. 2-4).

Who did David instructed Solomon to put to death?
Joab, son of Zeruiah because he killed Abner and Amasa in peacetime (v. 5-6). He also asked Solomon to kill Shimei, who insulted him when he was at Mahanaim (v. 8-9).

How old was David when he died?
70 years old because he became king at 30 years old and reigned for 40 years (v. 10-11).

Who did Adonijah request for as wife?
Abishag (v. 17)

What is Solomon’s reaction when he learned about Adonijah’s request?
Solomon was furious because he assumed Adonijah also want to take over the kingdom when he could also have his father concubine, Abishag (v. 22-25).

Where did Joab fled when Solomon’s men came to capture him?
Joab fled to the tent of the Lord and took hold of the altar horns (v. 28).

Who killed Joab? Where did he killed Joab?
Benaiah (v. 34)

On what condition will Solomon spare Shimei’s life?
He gives Shimei one option, that is, he is to build a house in Jerusalem and not go anywhere else. If he leave Jerusalem, Solomon will put him to death (v. 36-37).

Did Shimei keep his promise to Solomon? Did Solomon punished him for that?
No. His slaves ran off to King Achish of Gath and he saddled his donkey to get them back. Solomon learned about this and put him to death (v. 36-46).

1 Kings 3


Who did Solomon married?
The daughter of Pharaoh of Egypt (v. 1).

Where did Solomon went to offer sacrifices?
Gibeon (v. 4).

What dream did Solomon had?
God appeared to Solomon in his dream. He asked him what he wants. Solomon replied he wants a discerning heart to givern his people and distinguish between right and wrong (v. 7-9).

What is the case that the two prostitutes brought to him?
Two prostitutes just have birth to their babies. One prostitute accidentally lay on his son and killed him. Then, she exchanged her dead baby with the baby of another prostitute while she was still asleep. Now, they are quarelling over the baby that is alive (v. 19-21).

How did Solomon solved the case?
Solomon ordered a sword to be brought to cut the baby in two. At this, the real mother spoke up and decided to give the baby to the other prostitute. The other prostitute, who was not the real mother, encouraged Solomon to cut the baby into two. Therefore, the verdict is that the prostitute who said give the baby to other prostite is given back her baby (v. 16-28).

1 Kings 4


How many district governors did Solomon had? What are they responsible for?
Twelve. They supplied provisions for the royal household (v. 7).

What is the daily provisions for Solomon meal?
30 cors of the finest flour and 60 corsb of meal, 10 head of stall-fed cattle, 20 pasture-fed cattle and 100 sheep and goats, deer, gazelles, roebucks and choice fowl (v. 22-23).

How large is the kingdom of Solomon?
King Solomon ruled over the west of the Euphrates River, from Tiphsah to Gaza (v. 24).

Did Solomon’s kingdom has peace? Why?
King Solomon had peace on all sides in his kingdom. His father had conquered and subdued the enemies so that Solomon had peace.

1 Kings 5


Who did King Solomon hired to build the temple? What are the terms?
Solomon hired King Hiram of Tyre with 20,000 cors of wheat and 20,000 baths of pressed olive oil while Hiram supplied him with all the cedar and juniper logs he need (v. 10-11).

How many laborers did King Solomon conscripted?
30,000 men (v. 13)

How do the laborers work in shifts?
The laborers work in shift of 10,000 a month. They worked 1 month in Lebanon and 2 months at hime.

How many carriers, stonecutters and foremen did Solomon hired to build the temple?
70,000 carriers and 80.000 stonecutters in the hills, and 3,300 foremen (v. 14),

1 Kings 6


When did the building of the temple begun?
In the 480th year after Moses led the Israelite out from Egypt and in the 4th year of Solomon’s reign (v. 1).

When did the building of the temple came to completion?
In the 11th year of Solomon’s reign in the month of Bul, the 8th month (v. 38).

1 Kings 7


How many years did Solomon took to complete the building of his palace?
13 years (v. 1).

What is his palace called?
The Palace of the Forest of Lebanon (v. 2).

What is the measurement of his palace?
100 cubits long, 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high (v. 2).

What type of stone blocks are used to make the structures?
High-grade stone that were cut to size and smoothed on the inner and outer faces (v. 9).

Who did King Solomon hired to make the temple funishings? What furnishings did he made for the temple?
Huram from Tyre (v. 13). Huram made all the bronze furnishings including two pillars, and the two bowls of the chapiters that were on the top of the two pillars, the two networks, to cover the two bowls of the chapiters which were upon the top of the pillars, four hundred pomegranates for the two networks, even two rows of pomegranates for one network, to cover the two bowls of the chapiters that were upon the pillars, the ten bases, and ten lavers on the bases; 44And one sea, and twelve oxen under the sea, the pots, and the shovels, and the basons: and all these vessels (v. 41-45).

What other furnishings did Solomon also made for the temple?
The altar of gold, the table of gold, the candlesticks of pure gold, the lamps, tongs of gold, bowls, snuffers, basons, spoons, censers of pure gold; and the hinges of gold, both for the doors of the inner house, the most holy place, and for the doors of the main hall of the temple (v. 48-50).

How much bronze was used in the furnishings that Huram made?
So much bronze was used that Solomon did not weigh them (v. 47)

Where did Solomon placed the things his father dedicated?
The treasuries of the Lord’s temple (v. 51).

1 Kings 8

Where was the ark placed?
The Most Holy Place (v. 6).

Why couldn’t the priests perform their services?
The cloud filled the temple of the Lord (v. 10).

What is Solomon’s prayer of dedication?
Solomon prayed that God will have mercy and answer the prayer of the people whenever anyone pray toward the temple.

How many animals were offered at the dedication of the temple?
22,000 cattle and 120,000 sheep and goats (v. 63).

Why did King Solomon consecrated the middle part of the courtyard?
Because the bronze altar was too small to hold the burnt offerings, grain offerings and the fat of the fellowship offerings (v. 64).

How many days did the ceremony of the dedication of the temple lasts?
14 days (v. 65).

1 Kings 9


What is God’s message for Solomon?
God promised that he will never fail to have a successor on the throne of Israel if he observe his commandments. However, if the king or the people worship other gods, he will destroy the temple and cut off Israel from the land (v. 1-9).

How many towns did King Solomon gave King Hiram of Tyre? Was King Hiram of Tyre pleased with the towns?
20 towns in Galilee (v. 11). King Hiram wasn’t pleased with the towns (v. 12).

What did Pharaoh give as wedding gift to his daughter, the wife of Solomon? What did Solomon do with it?
The town of Gezer (v. 16). Solomon built up Lower Beth Horon, 18Baalath, and Tadmor (v. 18).

Who did Solomon conscripted as slaves?
The Canaanites that are left in the land including Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites (v. 20).

What did the Israelite serve as in Solomon’s kingdom?
The Israelite serves as Solomon’s officials including men of war, and his servants, and his princes, and his captains, and rulers of his chariots, and his horsemen (v. 22).

How many times did Solomon sacrifices burnt offerings and fellowship offerings?
3 times (v. 25).

Where is Solomon’s ships located at? Why do Hiram sent his men to work in Solomon’s fleet?
Ezion Geber. King Hiram’s men and Solomon’s men sailed to Ophir to get gold. King Hiram’s men knew the sea (v. 26-28).

1 Kings 10


Why did QUeen Sheba visit Solomon? What did she brought as gift?
QUeen Sheba visit Solomon for trading purpose and to talk with Solomnon all she had on her mind (v. 1-2).

Did Queen Sheba believed in the reports she heard concerning King Solomon?
Queen Sheba believed in the reports she heard concerning King Solomon after seeing all Solomon’s wisdom, and the house that he had built, 5And the meat of his table, and the sitting of his servants, and the attendance of his ministers, and their apparel, and his cupbearers, and his ascent (v. 4-5).

What did King Solomon used to make supports for the temple and palace?
Almugwood (v. 12).

How much gold did Solomon received every year?
666 talents of gold (v. 14)

How many large and small shields did King Dolomon made? Where did he put them?
200 large shields of hammered gold that weighed 600 shekels each and 300 small shields of hammered gold that weighed 3 minas of gold each (v. 16-17).

What is the throne of King Solomon made of? Describe its appearance.
The throne is covered with ivory and overlaid with fine gold. Six steps led to the throne. The reclining back had a rounded top. There were armrests on both sides. There is a lion standing on each side of the arm rests. There were 12 lions standing on the six steps, one at either end of each step (v. 18-20).

How many chariots and horses did Solomon had? Where did he kept them?
1,400 chariots and 12,000 horses (v. 26).

Where did King Solomon obtain his horses?
Egypt and Kue (v. 28)

Where did King Solomon exported the horses and chariots?
To kings of the Hittites and of the Arameans (v. 29).

1 Kings 11


How many wives and concubines did Solomon had?
700 wives by royal births and 300 concubines (v. 3).

What is the consequence for Solomon of having so man wives?
They led Solomon astray and worship other gods as they are all from foreign countrie (v. 3-8).

Why was God angry with Solomon?
Solomon had turned away from God by worshiping other gods. As a result, God decided to punish Solomon by tearing the kingdom away from him and only let him rule one tribe. For David’s sake, God did not do it in his lifetime (v. 9-13).

Who did God raised up as enemies of Solomon?
Hadad from Edom (v. 14) and Rezon (v. 23).

What did Ahijah do when he meet Jeroboam? Why? What did Solomon do when he learned about it?
Ahijah was wearing a new cloak at the time he met Jeroboam. He tore the cloak he was wearing into 12 pieces and gave him 10 pieces. This is a symbolic prophecy that God is tearing away 10 tribes from Solomon’s kingdom and let Jeroboam rule over it (v. 29-33).

How many years did Solomon reigned?
40 years (v. 42)

Who succeeded Solomon as the king of Israel?
Rehoboam (v. 43)

1 Kings 12


What request did Jeroboam made to King Rehoboam?
Jeroboam represent the people to request King Rehoboam to lighten the harsh labor and heavy yoke King Solomon put on them and they will continue to serve him (v. 4).

Who gave Rehoboam advice? Whose advice did King Rehoboam listen?
The elders who served King Solomon advised Rehoboam to lighten the israrlite burdens. The young men who grew up with him advised that he increase the yoke and scourged them with scorpions. Rehoboam listened to the advice of the young men (v. 6-13).

Was Jeroboam and the Israelite happy with the response King Rehoboam gave?
No. They returned home and don’t want to serve the king anymore (v. 12-16)

Who did King Rehoboam sent out when he learned that the Israelite had returned home?
King Rehoboam sent out Adoniram but the Israelite stoned him to death (v. 18).

What did King Rehoboam try to do to regain back his kingdom? What stopped him later?
King Rehoboam mustered an army of 180,000 young men from Judah and Benjamin to attack israel (v. 21). However, the prophet Shemaiah warned Rehoboam not to go to war against Israel because it is God’s doing (v. 22-24).

What did Jeroboam built to prevent the people from reverting their loyalties to the house of David?
A golden calf at Dan and another one at Bethel. He did this so that the israelite can worship them in their convenience without having to go to the temple in Jerusalem (v. 28-30).

1 Kings 13


What did the man of God proclaimed at the altar that Jeroboam built?
The man of God proclaimed that a son called Josiah will be born into the house of David. He will sacrificed the priests of the high places and burn their bones on the altar. The sign is that the altar will split into two and ashes will be poured out (v. 2-3).

What did King Jeroboam do when he heard what the man of God proclaimed? What also happened afterwards?
King Jeroboam stretched out his hand and ordered his men to seize the man of God. However, his hand became shriveled. Right after that, the altar splitted into two and ashes poured out (v. 4-5).

Did the man of God intercede for King Jeroboam?
Yes. The man of God prayed for King Jeroboam’s shriveled hand and it was restored later (v. 6).

Did the man of God return with King Jeroboam for a meal? Why?
No because God commanded him not to eat bread or drink water or return by the way he came (v. 8-9)

How did the old prophet tricked the young prophet to return home with him for a meal?
The old prophet told the young prophet that an angel told him to bring him home to eat and drink (v. 18-19).

What did the old prophet prophesied against the young prophet? Did it come true?
The old prophet prohesied that the man of God will not be buried in the tomb of the ancestors because he disobedyed God by eating and drinking with him. The prophesy came true and the young prophet was attacked by the lion on the road home (v. 20-25).

Where did the old prophet buried the young prophet?
The old prophet buried the young prophet in his own tomb. He also ordered his sons to bury him beside the young prophet’s bones when he died (v. 31).

1 Kings 14


Why did Jeroboam told his wife to disguise herself?
Jeroboam told his wife to disguise herself because their son is sick and he is sending her to inquire the prophet Ahijah what will happen to the boy (v. 1-4).

How did Ahijah knew who is at the door?
Ahijah was old and his eyesight was gone. God told Ahijah in beforehand that Jeroboam’s wife would arrive and she will ask about his son and he is give the answer he has instructed him (v. 5).

What did Ahijah prophesied against Jeroboam’s son?
Ahijah prophesied that everyone in Jeroboam’s family will be cut off because they led the people astray to worship idols. Ahijah also prophesied that the boy will die as soon as Jeroboam’s wife set foot in the city (v. 6-13).

Did the people of Judah remained faithful to God?
No, the pepole of Judah also set up hhigh paces, sacred stones and Asherah poles and male shrine prostitutes and engaged in the bad practices of the Canaanites (v. 22-24).

What did King Shishak took from the royal palace?
King Shishak took the large and small gold shields that Solomon made as well as the treasures of the temple of the Lord. King Rehoboam replaced the gold shields with bronze shields (v. 25-28).

1 Kings 15


How many years did King Abijah of Judah reigned?
3 years (v. 1).

How many years did King Asa of Judah reigned?
41 years (v. 9).

What did Asa do right in God’s eyes?
King Asa eliminated the male shrine prostitutes, idols and deposed his grandmother Maacah as queen mother because she made an image of the Asherah pole. King Asa burned the Asherah pole in the Kidron valley and brought the silver and gold his father has dedicated into the temple. However, King Asa did not eliminated the high places (v. 11-14).

Whose help did King Asa seek when King Baasha of Israel attacked him?
King Asa sought the help of Ben Hadad by giving him the silver and old left in the temple treasuries. In return, Ben Hadad attacked conquered Ijon, Dan, Abel Beth Maakah and all Kinnereth in addition to Naphtali so that King Baasha of Israel withdrew to Tirzah (v. 18-22).

What happened to King Asa in his old age?
King Asa refused did not rely on God when Baasha attacked him. When the seer, Hanani rebuked him, he was so furious that he imprisoned him. He also brutally oppressed some Israelite. As a result, God punished him with a feet disease. Even so, he did not seek help from God but only sought after the medical help of the physicians (2 Chronicles 16:1-14)

Who killed Nadab and his entire family?
Baasha (b. 27-30).

How many years did Baasha reigned in Israel?
24 years (v. 33).

1 Kings 16


What did Jehu prophesied against Baasha?
Jehu prophesied that Baasha and his house will be eliminated completely, like that of Jeroboam. Dogs wille at the corpse of Baasha and birds will feed on those who die in the country (v. 1-4).

Who assasinated Elah?
Zimri assasinated Elah and kill his entire family when he reigned in Tirzah for 2 years (v. 9-11).

Who killed Zimri?
Omri laid siege to Tirzah 7 days after Zimri overtook the throne. When Zimri saw this, he set the citadel and palace on fire and died (v. 15-19). At that time, there was another group led by Tibni. However, Tibni was weaker so he died (v. 21-22).

Where did Omri reigned in Israel?
Omri reigned 6 years in Tirzah and 6 years in Samaria. He bought the hill of Samaria for 1 talents of silver and built a city called Samaria (v. 23-24).

Who succeeded Omri as king of Israel?
His son, Ahab (v. 29).

1 Kings 17


Who announced the great drought in Israel?
Elijah, the Tisbite from Tisbe in Gilead (v. 1).

Where did Elijah escaped from King Ahab?
Elijah escaped to Cherite Ravine, east of Jordan. Ravens brought bread and meat in the morning and evening and he drank the water from the ravine (v. 2-6).

How did Elijah helped the widowo at Zarephath?
Elijah’s prophecy came true, that the jug of flour and jug of oil did not used up until God send rains on the land (v. 13-14). Later, when the widow’s son fell ill and died, Elijah raised him from the dead by stretching himself out on the boy 3 times and crying out to God (v. 19-21)

1 Kings 18


Who is Obadiah?
Obadiah is the official of King Ahab. He was a righteous man. He hid 100 prophets in 2 caves and provided them with food and water (v. 4).

What favor did Elijah asked from Obadiah?
Elijah asked Obadiah to arrange that he want to meet Ahab (v. 16).

How did Elijah challenged the followers of Baal on Mount Carmel? Who win eventually?
Elijah challenged the followers of Baal to pray to their gods to send fire down on the sacrifice of the bull. Each is to choose a bill and they are not to light the fire but call on their god. The followers of Baal called on the name of Baal, shouted and danced around the altar they made until evening but nothing happens. Elijah called on God and he sent fire down on the sacrifice. Before he called on God to send fire, he built an altar and dug a trench around it. He ordered the men to fill four large kars of water and pour it on the offeringa and wood for 3 times. The fire burned up the sacrifice, wood, stones, soil and water in the trench.

What happened after Elijah seized and killed the prophets of Baal?
There was finally a heavy rain after 3 years of drought (v. 45).

1 Kings 19


Where did Elijah flee from Jezebel?

What did the angel of God call Elijah up to do?
The angel called Elijah up to eat two times so that he has strength to travel for 40 days to Horeb the mountain of God (v. 5-9).

How did God appeared to Elijah?
A gentle whisper (v. 12).

Who did Elijah called to become his follower?
Elisha son of Shaphat (v. 16, 19)

1 Kings 20


What did Ben Hadad demanded from King Ahab? Did King Ahab yielded to his request?
In the first request, Ben Hadad wanted Ahab’s silver, gold and the best of his wives and children. When the messengers came for the second time, Ben Hadad demanded his silver, gold, wives, and children. he also want to send his officials to search his palace and houses of officials and carry off everything of value (v. 1-6).

Did Ahab defeat Ben Hadad in the first battle?

Why did Ben Hadad decided to attack Israel again?
Because they think that the God of the Israelite is the gods of the hills. They thought they will win the Israelite by fighting them on the plains this time (v. 23-25).

Did Ahab defeat Ben Hadad in the second battle?

Why did Ahab spared Ben Hadad?
Ben Hadad promised to return the cities his father captured to him (v. 34).

Why did the prophet tell his first companion to do? Did he do it?
To beat him with his weapon. The man didn’t do it so the prophet prophesy that a lion will kill him as soon as he leave him and it did happened later. The prophet told his companion to beat him because he want to disguise himself to King Ahab (v. 35-36)

Did the prophet found someone to hit him eventually?
Yes (v. 37).

Why did the prophet condemn Ahab?
Because Ahab spared Ben Hadad, when God had determined that he shold die (v. 41-42).

1 Kings 21

Why didn’t Naboth give his vineyard to King Ahab? What is Ahab’s reaction?
Naboth refused to give his vineyard to King Ahab because it is an inheritance of his ancestors. Ahab felt sulked and refused to eat because Naboth refused to give him the vineyard (v. 1-2).

How did Jezebel helped Ahab to get Naboth’s vineyard?
Jezebel wrote letters to the elders and nobiles that lived in Naboth’s city. She instructed them to proclaim a day of fasting and seat him in a prominent place. They are to have 2 scoundrels accused Naboth that he had cursed God and the king (v. 10).

Why did Elijah condemned Ahab? What did he prophesied against him and his wife Jezebel?
Ahab compromised in his wife’s evil action in killing Naboth to get his vineyard. He prophesied that every male in Ahab will beb cut off and his house will be entirely destroyed like Jeroboam and Baasha. Dogs will eat Jezebel corpse by the wall of Jezreel. Dogs will eat those belonging to Ahab in city and birds will eat those who die in the country (v. 17-24).

Why did God relent himself from bringing disasters on King Ahab?
Ahab tore his clothes, wore sackcloth and fasted. He lay in sackcloth and went around meekly (v. 27).

1 Kings 22

Why did Ahab want to go to war against Romoth Gilead?
Because Ben Hadad did not give him back Ramoth Gilead, which he promised when Ahab spared him (1 Kings 20:34).

What did Jehoshaphat sugggest to Ahab?
Jehoshaphat suggested AHab to seek advice from a propet of the Lord (v. 5)

What did Ahab’s 400 prophets prophesied?
The 400 prophets prophesied that Ahab will win the war against Ramoth Gilead (v. 6)

What did Micaiah prophesied against Ahab?
Micaiah revealed that God showed him a vision in heaven, in which, multitudes surrounded God’s throne and God asked who will entice Ahab into war and bring about his deatha and a spirit suggested he will be a deceiving spirit in all the mouths of Ahab’s prophets (v. 19-23).

Did Ahab listen to Micaiah? What did he do to Micaiah?
No. Ahab was stubborn in going to war against Ramoth Gilead. He ordered Micaiah to be put in prison and give him bread and water until he return safely (v. 26).

How did Ahab and Jehoshaphat go to war?
Ahab disguised himself but Jehoshaphat wore his royal robe (v. 30).

How did Ahab die in the battle?
A random arrow shot Ahab, in the section in between his armor. He died that evening (v. 34-35).

Who succeeded the throne in place of King Ahab?
Ahaziah, son of Ahab (v. 51).

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